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  1. Rowdy, how many threads do you have to ruin? Now can we get back to our regularly unscheduled discussion of the F150?
  2. Did the 18k axle even come out of a Mack?
  3. Rowdy, I know some of you guys are having a hard time accepting that you lost the civil and culture wars. And now you're trying to turn the tide in the war on manual transmissions? Give it a rest, and quit arguing for the sake of arguing- We're both agreed that the F150 should have a manual transmission option.
  4. Was at a tractor pull/threshing bee today and saw a V8 Superliner absolutely shame a pair of Petes. Had headers and was obviously cranked up a bit, but still quite streetable- It was driven to the pull and home and is owned by a local excavating company. Dragged the sled over 300 feet and probably could have gone farther, but there was a lake in the way. Petes were absolute junk- One kept overheating and shut down in the middle of his first pull, the other one was so overfueled that it was blowing inch sized chunks of carbon out the exhaust!
  5. So Rowdy, are you so assured that no woman can authoritatively argue the virtues of manual vs. automatic transmissions that you automatically assume that woman is a he? Diana
  6. Rowdy, if we're hiring someone to run the water system, it doesn't matter if they can drive a stick shift or not. At the water operator training the other day every municipal truck in the parking lot had an automatic. I drove my own car there and was probably the only attendee that shifted gears to get there! You might also note that the law also protects people with disabilities from discrimination, which means if our best applicant didn't have two functional legs we'd have to provide an automatic transmission vehicle.
  7. A menacing mob of people with automatic weapons and murder by car are not free speech.
  8. Wish it were that simple... Usually you get a half dozen applicants, a couple of whom are just plain unqualified and the rest ranging from maybe able to fake it to overqualified, the kind of guy who could write a training manual for the job. If the overqualified guy can't drive a stick, you'd be a fool to hire the "fake it 'til you make it" guy just because he does. And given that driving a stick is nowhere near an essential skill for the job, you might get sued too!
  9. I like manuals, but after eight decades the automatics have caught up. And training time is a factor too- I was at a training for water system operators the other day, and was amazed how much training it takes to run a water treatment plant properly. So should we give a new water system operator a weeks less training in running water systems so we can teach them how to drive a municipal truck with a stick shift?
  10. That's pretty tasteless- A peaceful protester was murdered with that car by a white supremacist.
  11. Sure it's a 2007? 2006 was the last year for the 427 HP Mack engine, and in fact the switch over to the Volvo engines occurred late in 2006.
  12. Thought you milk haulers ran day cabs...
  13. I came across an article that says the Ranger is the best selling pickup in Europe, but Europeans prefer vans to pickups and while the Transits sell well there, I suspect VW's vans sell even better.
  14. Are you saying I should fear for my safety if I meet some of the BMT members in public?
  15. Hard to honestly complain when those confederate statues were taken to safety on a Mack truck!
  16. The sad truth is that several of our founding fathers took advantage of slavery, and in weighting their accomplishments that horrible sin must be subtracted.
  17. It may be a glider, but the front axle and frame came from Mack so the dealer should be able to find and supply parts.
  18. Agreed! IMHO it'd be OK to keep it fairly stock and run it in amateur local pulls, but it'd be a sacrilege to hack it all up to be competitive as a pro puller on the circuit. Pretty expensive too... Building a top pulling semi truck will easily run into 6 figures!
  19. First off, read the rule book... No point in spending thousands on a pulling truck only to find it doesn't meet and take advantage of the rules. Then, do some "engineering"... Are the length of pulls limited by traction or wheelstands? That will tell you if you need weight in front (cabover) or back (conventional). As for using a V8 or 6, will the V8 just spin the rear wheels more?
  20. Actually, the ultimate moderator here is the Volvo Trucks Code of Conduct, being as our host is a Mack dealership as long as they meet the standards of Volvo Truck. Most applicable to this thread and forum is this language from page 3: NON-DISCRIMINATION All employees shall have equal opportunities based on competencies, experience and performance regardless of gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political opinion, union affiliation, social background or ethnic origin. All employees shall be treated with respect. Discrimination, physical or verbal harassment, or any illegal threats are not tolerated. So if you want to keep our host in business to serve our old Mack parts and service needs, lose the immigrant/gay/woman/race/etc. bashing and treat everyone with respect.
  21. Even in it's hayday when fuel was cheap, the Detroit 2 stroke sold mostly because it and it's parts were cheap. Today a 2 stroke Detroit is thoroughly obsolete.
  22. I've been called worse on this site, and the threats from some of the neo nazis and such in the old truck community are real enough that I've had to attend events incognito. So if the mod(s) throw off Teamsters Rule, they'd be throwing off the name callers and threateners on the other side too.
  23. Your numbers are off- less than a million served in the Confederate forces and many saw the stupidity of the Confederate position and deserted. Something less than half your number actually served in Vietnam, and many avoided combat as much as possible. The military's attempted genocide against the American Indian was a disgrace. And how come you've ignored the servicemembers who fought in the wars we had to fight such as World Wars One and Two?
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