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    I own a auto and truck repair and body shop. I do mechanical and body repairs on autos and collision repairs on class 8 trucks. I worked for flag city mack for 12 years and have built many Mack trucks over the years from ground up builds to simple repaints. I am currently restoring a 1969 R
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  1. Mack 6speed twin stick trans out of 1974 R 685 was mated to a endt 675 trans worked good when truck was parked. Make an offer . Call Brian 419-595-2512
  2. I have read a post where you have wiring diagram for cv I have a 2000 ch working an cl and parking light issues  wondering if you could email me a copy of diagram   sskinner67@yahoo.com  thanks


  3. I’m having problems posting any pictures to the form It just keeps showing me an upload failed With an exclamation point ? It has been quite a while since I have posted any pictures is there’s something different I need to do than what we have done in the past ?
  4. Yea had I done it again I would have done the same just updated the whole brake system from the spyders out that would accept standard Q shoes
  5. I am currently completely rebuilding my rear brakes on my 69 R 600 . It has the pin on rear shoes with the cast aluminum shoes I had do do some looking to find new linings for the shoes and new bolts . The guy told me they are getting scarce and they were 250.00 per axle plus the bolts so I have 500.00 in just the linings I was surprised by the cost anyone have suggestions where I can purchase some for more realistic costing ? Thanks
  6. Hicrop10 , to paint the frame air tanks etc. I would recommend have sandblasted then use epoxy primer over the bare steel then apply your paint of choice . Let the epoxy primer dry for an hour before applying the paint I would not recommend using a primer surfacer like you use on body panels because that has to be sanded before any topcoat can be applied and offers very little corrosion protection using the epoxy as a wet on wet sealer is the best way to go . I use Axalta products in my shop formally DuPont. I use Montana epoxy then I use imron industrial paint over the epoxy. If you use PPG use shopline epoxy then use ALk industrial paint I have done this many of times over the years it works great and holds up extremely well
  7. Yea it’s going to be just a hobby truck to haul my antique tractors to shows and so forth maybe a couple thousand miles a year . The guy that bought it new passed away and the family wants it to go to a home where it will be preserved and used and enjoyed I was honored they thought of me .
  8. I have an opportunity to purchase a 1973 RS 700 the truck is absolutely beautiful and has been very well cared for over the years has 380,000 mi on it it has the endt 865 v8 with a two stick 6 speed trans I know these engines do not have the greatest reputation and parts are very difficult to find or obsolete. My question is even though the tractor is in such good. Condition and the truck runs and operates perfectly is it worth buying for the fact if you have problems with the 865 and can’t repair it then your looking at a repower and that takes away the cool factor of having a v8 in the first place . Thanks in advance for oppions .
  9. I owned an 866 they are a nightmare to get parts for anymore if you do find them better have a deep checkbook .
  10. anyone who is interested in having a quality paint and body repair on a mack should take a minute to check us out ! have a super day kummererandsonsgarage.com
  11. I do paint and body for a living on trucks I specialize in Mack obviously but I paint any brand . I worked for flag city Mack before I started my own shop I worked for them for 12 years I've Been on my own for 8 years now .
  12. The paint is not original unfortunately it has had one repaint since 1985 . The acrylic enamel back in those days didn't hold up like the polyurethanes of today the hood and roof are checked pretty bad and looks ugly up close . We will get it stripped down primed blocked and respray it black in base coat clearcoat and get it looking good .
  13. 1985 RW 653 . Yes that is documented actual original miles , 3406 cat eaton 13 speed this is next to go in my paint booth for refinishing.
  14. Yes it is not the keystone interior and it came off a 2000 ch I will post some pics in the morning
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