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    I own a auto and truck repair and body shop. I do mechanical and body repairs on autos and collision repairs on class 8 trucks. I worked for flag city mack for 12 years and have built many Mack trucks over the years from ground up builds to simple repaints. I am currently restoring a 72 R 600

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  1. Well my old R hauled it first load in quite a few years . I just put a new fith wheel on it and a fresh frame paint job , have to give it a fresh paint job yet . I need to take a break from painting everyone else's truck and paint my own . For a 45 year old truck it really still works well .
  2. I was wondering what was the purpose of the white painted triangles on front bumper ends back in the day ?
  3. Well I got a contract painting these knuckleboom cranes and I needed to truck them back and forth so the old R has a job to do again besides just sitting in the barn . I started trucking these in January but I didn't want to get salt on the old girl so I used a ch and a cxu to haul them . Well this is the first load I have ever hauled on this truck and the first time I have ever used a maxidyne to pull a load and I must say these old 675 can get the job done just as well as anything . I was amazed how well it did compared to engines with twice the horsepower . The ch I used had a e7 427 with a ten speed and the cxu I used had an mp 7 with a 13 speed Both did a super job . However the 675 237 hp had plenty of that low end torque to get the load moving I think it had more out of the hole than the others . But with a five speed and 417 gears the top end suffers. But you don't need to move a load at 80 mph anyways . I've seen many questions on here if an engine with 237 hp can get the job done and I would say hell yes and you do not need 500 hp or more to pull a load with ease down the road
  4. The question I have is my 72 R is wired positive ground so can it be plugged into a modern trailer ? If the trailer has regular sealed beam lights it should work because incadesant lights can reverse polarity . However led lights only work wired negative ground I have tried tried . Is anyone fimiliar with this ?
  5. That is fantastic ! That would have made me emotional , I would cherish that gift ..
  6. I had no problem with hagerty they insure my old r models and would be available in your state
  7. Thanks guys for the input , Maddog you are correct I did have my blue 72 up for sale awhile back . The guy backed out on me and anyone after that wanted to give me 2,000 bucks for it heck I have more than that in rubber and batteries on the truck all the tires are good and virgin rubber so I said forget it I'll just keep it and give it to one of my three sons 😊
  8. well here are my 72 and 69 r685 trucks , as you see in my previous post I just finished an RWS Orange for a customer and now I want to get my own trucks looking good . I plan on painting both of these trucks two tone . I would like some oppions on colors for the cab and hood wheels hubs etc and schemes .
  9. This is my latest project I just finished , the old cab was extremely rusted , replaced with a new service cab we found that had never been installed on a truck , the truck spent its life hauling heavy equipment and was retired and parked in the back forty . Now has a new home and a new look
  10. My 69 R has the old pinned shoes on the rear and six in drums what needs to be done to update to 7 in drums and modern brake shoes ? Thanks
  11. Super easy I've changed hundreds unhook leveling valve rod open the hood so you don't jack the cab into the back of the hood unhook the air supply hose in the bottom of the air bag jack the cab with a bottle jack and the bag unscrews from the top bracket they can be a bear to get out by hand so have a pair of large Chanel locks to turn it out then thread the new one in lower cab hook up rod and air supply and done
  12. Thanks so much , the sticker on the dash shows exactly what you say it shows direct and overdrive that's it . As soon as I get the supply pump,back. From being rebuilt I will be able to get this ole gal running and try it out
  13. My 69 R 600 I just purchased I have the factory build sheets it shows the trans is an. Trdxl 107. I have seen many posts on here referring to the trxl 107 what is the differance of the trxl 107. And. Trdxl 107 ?
  14. The engine is an endt 675 237 trans is trdxl 107 two stick . J Hancock you are exactly right the second intake pipe is for warm air from under the hood there is a control in the cab to shut it off during warm weather . And Dave 41855 I did steal it I gave 1,800.00 for it I they was offered 1,500.00 for scrap I threw that out there just to see if it would stick and they accepted I couldn't write the check fast enough
  15. T Grrrl, have you ever heard one of  the anti truck citizens say get rid of trucks send it all by rail! Makes sense to me! After all the steel wheel is the cheapest method per ton at present to expedite freight,also the least polluting. Keeping that in mind, where in you're backyard shall we put that siding!!asshole. And who will pay for it you and I of course we've been paying for the subsidized railroads for decades! In addition to my 3 million miles of trucking I have four years as a freight car repairman at one of the only self supporting railroads in AMERICA.the Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Mckees Rocks Pa. The P and L E's number 1 customer was Jones and Laughlin Steel Corp. So when the major steel companies took the profits the United Steel Workers generated and bought new state of the art mills in China,Brazil and elsewhere( under a different name of course) Our railroad went under.You almost would have to be a railroader to understand the abysmal condition of our railroads and their roadbeds and infrastructure!

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      Mack man, that's amazing that a Napa clerk was that clueless,of the "chain" parts stores Napa caters to commercial accts. Most of the clerks are older and understand paint and body supplies, etc.Would expect that at AutoZone or advance! Alvada is near Findlay,couldn't place it used to stop at the Pilot there. I agree about two tone Daytons with chrome Mack hubcaps or bearing caps on early Macks!