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    I own a auto and truck repair and body shop. I do mechanical and body repairs on autos and collision repairs on class 8 trucks. I worked for flag city mack for 12 years and have built many Mack trucks over the years from ground up builds to simple repaints. I am currently restoring a 72 R 600

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  1. I went to the scrap yard today and I found these old trucks getting ready for the crusher it saddens me to see these old work horses getting scraped so many good parts The 773 is a steel dash and has an old 8V 71 Detroit in it the dump has a plastic dash vin tag was gone not sure what r it is it has the long hood but does not look like a RS hood ? I am going back tomorrow afternoon to salvage some good body components off of these there is a third one that I did not get a picture of it has beautiful doors on it If anybody needs any early r model parts let me know I'm going tomorrow
  2. East aluminum cab sheild

    This has just a little damage on the top left barley noticeable. Pick up only . 350.00 I'm in northwest Ohio
  3. I was in town anyway so I stopped by the grocery store with my sonto pick up a few things.! The people looked at me funny lol
  4. R model hood

    The Mack part number is 1qm5638 on the hood
  5. R model hood

    Stupid AutoCorrect I am fairly certain it will fit a 88 model I will post the Mack part number in the morning
  6. R model hood

    I am fairly certain middle for the 1988 model I will post the Mack part number in the morning
  7. R model hood

    I have a take off r model hood for sale it is a oem replacement hood the truck it came off of was wrecked and this hood was put on and used for around two years and the truck was later parted out and I bought the hood . This hood will fit mid seventies through the 80s the hood is in great condition it has some scratches in the fiberglass but no missing chunks or cracks . The hood hinge area is perfect on this hood . Any questions pm me . I would like 500.00 it
  8. Any mark jrs for sale out there



  9. It is 56'x48' x 14' tall the front door is 20' x14' and there is a door in the back wall it is 10'x10' for my lawn mowers and such . It is not a Morton building I had Mennonites come build it for me they built it in four days there were four of them they were running around the jobsite at times . They did a very nice job . Thanks for all the positive comments
  10. I just finished up my new storage barn this month. I finally have my 69, and 72 r models and all my equipment in one place and all under roof . I'm so excited it's been years in the making
  11. I am posting these for my uncle he is down sizing and selling everything . All three tractors are not running at this time but would make awesome parts tractors as you can see all three are in fairly rough condition . Any questions pm me or call 419-595-2512
  12. Well my old R hauled it first load in quite a few years . I just put a new fith wheel on it and a fresh frame paint job , have to give it a fresh paint job yet . I need to take a break from painting everyone else's truck and paint my own . For a 45 year old truck it really still works well .
  13. I was wondering what was the purpose of the white painted triangles on front bumper ends back in the day ?
  14. Well I got a contract painting these knuckleboom cranes and I needed to truck them back and forth so the old R has a job to do again besides just sitting in the barn . I started trucking these in January but I didn't want to get salt on the old girl so I used a ch and a cxu to haul them . Well this is the first load I have ever hauled on this truck and the first time I have ever used a maxidyne to pull a load and I must say these old 675 can get the job done just as well as anything . I was amazed how well it did compared to engines with twice the horsepower . The ch I used had a e7 427 with a ten speed and the cxu I used had an mp 7 with a 13 speed Both did a super job . However the 675 237 hp had plenty of that low end torque to get the load moving I think it had more out of the hole than the others . But with a five speed and 417 gears the top end suffers. But you don't need to move a load at 80 mph anyways . I've seen many questions on here if an engine with 237 hp can get the job done and I would say hell yes and you do not need 500 hp or more to pull a load with ease down the road
  15. The question I have is my 72 R is wired positive ground so can it be plugged into a modern trailer ? If the trailer has regular sealed beam lights it should work because incadesant lights can reverse polarity . However led lights only work wired negative ground I have tried tried . Is anyone fimiliar with this ?