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  1. What I would like to do is take like a 2000 CH613 SFA headlight assembly and put it on my RD688S hood. I just think it would look cool. but before I go and jump in with both feet I really need to see a CH613 hood to see how the head light assembly is fitted in the hood. If you step back and look there is a lot of resemblance between the two
  2. That’s what I was wondering how they went together. They look like one piece. But I’ve never been close to look at one just pictures does anyone have one s that can take a picture of the outside then roll the hood over and take a picture of the inside to see how everything mounts
  3. what I was thinking is take the whole light/turn signal and putting it in place of the headlight on my RD688s. Your right those led lights wouldn’t fit I just used that pic for reference
  4. I think it’s just the turn signal and I guess housing is different same headlight tho.
  5. Has anyone tried to put SFA CH613 head light housings on a RD688s. I’ve looked at the housing and I think it would work with a little bit of body work and I think it would look really good thinking about trying it. Whats your guys thoughts?
  6. My reverse switch is on top of the transmission you can pull the shifter boot and look towards the Back you’ll see it. I have 95 RD688s e7 350 8LL 44k rears
  7. My reverse switch is on top of the transmission you can pull the shifter boot and look towards the Back you’ll see it.
  8. JoeH. I don’t think it goes by horsepower. I don’t know exactly what the numbers for the nozzles are for . Maybe It’s the rate of flow over stock nozzles. As far as horsepower that he has?the truck has never been dynoed so he has no idea. And I’m just relaying msg man. I bet one of the techs on here would know. And I don’t think he has 600 plus H.P. she runs good tho.
  9. My friends injectors are stock with the 2 stage tip I think he said 104 tip. There is I think 98,104 ,112 tips. And he has a Detroit 60 turbo witch I believe is a borg Warner s475 but his doesn’t have the smaller exhaust side housing for faster spool so it lags some and smokes. But when it catches up to its self she pullllllllssssss!!! His exhaust manifold I believe cracked from heat. The radiator would help, I think he would benefit from a smaller exhaust housing to make air faster.
  10. Need a full set of E7 427 Etech injectors. Core or used. I’m in Virginia
  11. Ok. I didn’t know if it had it or not. I was just trying to help him out. Thanks for your time and the information fjh Is there anything he can do to keep his manifold from cracking again. He watches the pyro constantly. I’ve heard of changing one side of the turbo to make it spool faster.
  12. Posting for a friend of mine He has a Etech 400 with stage 2 injectors and the S475 turbo. Thing is A beast. It gets a little hot on long pulls. So now his exhaust manifold has cracked. I’ve seen on here somewhere where a guy put a older style E7 manifold on because the ports where bigger. Can anyone help and point me in the direction of that post.
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