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  1. Looks familiar https://www.duncanputman.com/truck-of-the-month/2019/april/
  2. Looks like the box might have come down to fast
  3. https://www.truckntrailer.com/ebook/01-18-19/24/
  4. Neighbor has one loves people but not other Dogs
  5. No matter whats under the hood its Just Cool
  6. A cracked Barrel will put 3 to 5 gallons in the pan in about a half hour or less . plus will loose prime fast also.
  7. Can get a Lipe with higher rating There's a guy western Pa that will make what ever rating you want Joe Richie is his name can try to get his number if you want
  8. I talked to him a little at Port Royal on Labor Day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZLU4lDADcY
  9. Where was that ? Can Hear Brian Yeager announcing. Not careful you get hooked
  10. Found in the TnT Mag http://www.truckntrailer.com/ebook/09-14-18/34/
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