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  1. See on youtube common practice in china or japan
  2. Does anybody know the oil filter # or another filter that will work in this canister for this truck . Model # 505A Chassis # 505 A 1016 Its a 6 cyn gas Thermodyne Asking for a Friend
  3. Yes didn't really need this part of it but took it anyway . Might see if the Museum might want it.
  4. Supposedly was 900 hp with inline pump , 2 piece steel top pistons , Front counter weight is different and flywheel is weighted different , cam does not have lobe for dyntard . Going to have friend read the cam to see what difference there might be . motor was in pieces when i got it
  5. Twin turbo for e9 marine appears yo have water cooled exhaust Make offer
  6. 5 New e6 2v rod bearings and i think e6 turbo make offer
  7. my guess is they all happened on the same rock or whatever
  8. Have a guy that does this to them and use's PDI Cummings style seal seams to work pretty good
  9. Got my call about a month ago my rate actually went up some.
  10. Switched mine to 12v spins it just fine . If i remember right think it is 48 mt
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