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  1. My E9 collection

  2. Happy Birthday Staxx

    Happy Bday
  3. Its n MB i think dont know year
  4. mack rear end

    Maybe they changed the rear and used old brakes
  5. Pictures of the Week

  6. Where's OD and the Pics of the week???

    Who cares what her name is!!!!!!
  7. Stainless E9 injection lines, failing

    They were made by Wimmers inj i believe that Rocken in Cal might make them to.
  8. Happy Birthday FWD

    Happy Bday
  9. E9 Manifold Fix

    Had alot of practice filling in when i read the tap measure wrong.
  10. E-9 Exhaust head pipe

    Sorry i thought you were talking about the manifolds. You could get the steel flanges and make your own.
  11. E9 Manifold Fix

    You know what they say if you can walk across it you can weld it.
  12. E-9 Exhaust head pipe so far so good with this
  13. Stainless E9 injection lines, failing

    Yes if you take the nozzle of the body there is needle inside the nozzle that comes up against the stop plate. would have to figure out how much it moves now then cut off how ever much more you want it to move . you dont want to cut the little nipple that go threw the plate that will change the spring pressure.