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  1. Happy Bday
  2. Happy Bday
  3. For now i have 2 20 gpm pumps still experimenting . Sat had 20 lbs of ice in it and water was warm after one run , going to try 40 lbs next time and turn pumps on until truck before me leaves the line got ports for 2 more pumps yet. The guys i run with are all around 2200 hp so i'm thinking i'm close to 2000 East Coast Pullers has a limited pro stock class for us we are part of Lucas Pro Pulling normally run in Pa Md and Va. we can run any pump or electronics or do any thing to motor but can only have one Turbo limited to 4.1 This was Sat nights pull 1st 5 trucks are street and me and last truck are Limited Pro
  4. Other things i seen and over the winter well i saw this last summer at the Buck . Francis Motor in a competitors truck got to play with some big Legos at work making a wall Made a pulling hitch and installed some 7018 lockers in a couple rears for another competitor building a new truck , seemed like a fair trade for the rears i needed . His motor is alot nicer looking then mine Also saw this piston come out of a c12 at work i think it can be reused
  5. Had a busy winter . Got the motor out on the stand ready to take apart Got Crower Cam had to cut the pistons got it down to 15 to 1 comp and got ARP head Bolts Also did new Bearings , Rings and Rod Bushings . Got the heads back on ready for paint . Also got new Fuel Supply Pump the FASS and factory lift pump wasn't getting it done got it back in the truck after i painted inside the rails and get ready to change rear gearing Not sure what happened here think i got truck on backwards Got this 2 weeks ago after 1st pull , factory air cooler wasn't flowing enough so my friend Jerry found me this ice water cooler. then got old fuel tank at work to put the ice and water in really didn't want to cut my factory tanks , my Son Tig welded it all up for me. That really made a difference .
  6. Glad to hear from you were all pulling for ya
  7. What counts as unnecessary conversation ?
  8. Happy Bday
  9. Happy Bday
  10. Thanks everyone ! not bad day so far except for the rain.
  11. That was when truck was working everyday with all stock parts. Currently i do not use any air filters , but i only go 300ft (at lest thats the idea) at a time. Did have one gauge read dumb kinda like your saying .
  12. I take it you have the stock air cooler ? Should be plenty big for what your doing. Have similar prob , driving down road get steady 50psi ,hook to the sled and flutters between 50 n 60 , trying different air cooler . Martins told me they had same prob on 1st truck they built, I had no problem getting 39 psi with stock parts working the truck with under hood air cleaner . Is that pump from that engine ? is timing set for that pump ? Had different timing settings.
  13. If you got his heads and his headers the boost may be lower because every thing is flowing better. Might not see full boost until you really work it.
  15. Seen this in TnT thought some one on here was looking for one