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  1. Back In Black Pulling

    Bully Dog

    Neighbor has one loves people but not other Dogs
  2. Back In Black Pulling

    Making noise in the Woods

    No matter whats under the hood its Just Cool
  3. Back In Black Pulling

    E9 Fuel In Oil

    A cracked Barrel will put 3 to 5 gallons in the pan in about a half hour or less . plus will loose prime fast also.
  4. Back In Black Pulling

    Gerharts 2018

  5. Back In Black Pulling

    Best E9 clutch

    Can get a Lipe with higher rating There's a guy western Pa that will make what ever rating you want Joe Richie is his name can try to get his number if you want
  6. Back In Black Pulling

    4 years ago this week

    I talked to him a little at Port Royal on Labor Day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZLU4lDADcY
  7. Back In Black Pulling

    4 years ago this week

    Where was that ? Can Hear Brian Yeager announcing. Not careful you get hooked
  8. Back In Black Pulling

    E9 Block

    Found in the TnT Mag http://www.truckntrailer.com/ebook/09-14-18/34/
  9. Back In Black Pulling

    Allentown Fair

    Never thought of that
  10. Back In Black Pulling

    Allentown Fair

    Just the 2 of us to put on a show
  11. Back In Black Pulling

    Allentown Fair

    For those who couldn't attend or make through the 100 or so diesel pickups Allentown Fair pull
  12. Back In Black Pulling

    Allentown Fair

    Not Sure never pulled there before
  13. Back In Black Pulling

    Allentown Fair

    Planning on making a pull at the Allentown fair on Tuesday night if any body is interested . Starts at 6:30 http://www.allentownfairpa.org/index.php/fair-entertainment/grandstand-shows
  14. Back In Black Pulling

    james j neiweem happy birthday

    happy bday
  15. Back In Black Pulling

    Back in black

    Thats a good pic Thank him for me

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