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  4. My Friend thinks they still make them haven't put them in trucks for a while because fuel mileage and weight . Says some of the parts are made in Japan
  5. chalmers suspension crak

    Had that on triaxle at work and seen it break. with no warning. Luckily we were just hauling fill on site.
  6. Know someone that would be interested in kt blocks if there is any there
  7. Dead Sea Dogs

    Looks to me like its just the two on this end.
  8. MACK filters

    51791 for the oil don't know what the fuels or water not using the factory fuel filter bases anymore . Supplier should be able to cross mack number
  9. Happy Birthday MACKTRUCKS4!

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  11. Pictures of the Week

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  13. Pictures of the Week

  14. Drive shaft yoke

    Would be my guess
  15. Drive shaft yoke

    Had one i could not get off with 1 inch air wrench till i heated the head.