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  1. See on youtube common practice in china or japan
  2. Does anybody know the oil filter # or another filter that will work in this canister for this truck . Model # 505A Chassis # 505 A 1016 Its a 6 cyn gas Thermodyne Asking for a Friend
  3. Yes didn't really need this part of it but took it anyway . Might see if the Museum might want it.
  4. Supposedly was 900 hp with inline pump , 2 piece steel top pistons , Front counter weight is different and flywheel is weighted different , cam does not have lobe for dyntard . Going to have friend read the cam to see what difference there might be . motor was in pieces when i got it
  5. Twin turbo for e9 marine appears yo have water cooled exhaust Make offer
  6. 5 New e6 2v rod bearings and i think e6 turbo make offer
  7. my guess is they all happened on the same rock or whatever
  8. Have a guy that does this to them and use's PDI Cummings style seal seams to work pretty good
  9. Got my call about a month ago my rate actually went up some.
  10. Switched mine to 12v spins it just fine . If i remember right think it is 48 mt
  11. I thought Mack Rated the torque differently I dont know for sure ?
  12. Just have to take off the cross over cable and wire both sides to starter( 2 pos and 2 Neg) and wire stater the as it is now as far as the ing wire can disregard the 24 volt charging wire or put on the 12 v alternator your choice should work like that don't have to run new wire to cab on right side they will all be connected on starter
  13. how much for rods and inj lines or everything email me at abrown85500@gmail.com
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