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  1. Thanks,don't suppose it gives a pattern, or just start on the inside and work my way out
  2. What is the torque lbs. for exhaust manifold bolts on a 865 V-8
  3. Looking for a pair of tow hooks for a 78 RL700Land a pair for a 78 cruiseliner
  4. I thought many someone would have a used one I could buy,I don't want anything shiny,fancy,or new.
  5. Looking for a air intake snorkel/ram for a 1978 cruiseliner
  6. 1984 superliner,all wires missing for reverse switch,need help on how to wire in replacement,mainly hot wire into switch,I think I know where wire to lights is located in harness.
  7. Have got six of them off a EH diesel hood,not sure if they are the same size,call if you are interested Jerry 320 296 1057
  8. I have a 78 cruiseliner going to the scrap yard. Send a picture of exactly what you need. If they match up, they are yours. Just pay shipping.
  9. Truck is1969 MackDM607Ss ,looking for something used,nothing fancy.
  10. Need positive ground 12volt fuel gauge and matching sending unit.
  11. Restoring 78 cruiseliner 285 /676 ,engine bad,have e6 250 from 81 r model I want to use,inter cooler mounted on radiator which won't fit behind grill on cruiseliner,can I convert to tip turbine style intercooler off 285to the 250 engine?
  12. Need air filter assembly for 84 superliner with 350 E6 ,mounts on top of engine,also need ducting. Located in Minnesota,any help would be appreciated.
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