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  1. VaPatentman

    1937 Type 25 E Series Fire Truck

    Jim, The FD2704 is in and is working fine. It won't say it stops on dime but I have a good steady braking action. Replaced rusty brake lines as well. Happy so far. Thanks for the original part number!
  2. VaPatentman

    1937 Type 25 E Series Fire Truck

    Jim, The FD2704 actually has 1/2 bore vs 1 1/4 bore for the FD2951. That said, I think it will stop OK. If the FD2951 was the original part number it is obvious the 1-st or 2-nd owner replaced it at some point with the main concern probably being the bolt pattern. Thanks for the info. I will add the correct part number to my replacement part number matrix I have been working on since I bought my DE.
  3. VaPatentman

    1937 Type 25 E Series Fire Truck

    The Master Cylinder of my 42-DE started leaking after a drive on Saturday. Upon removal I found casting marks reading 2704. After some research I found it to be a Master Cylinder that was used on many IH models as well as some B Model Macks. Does anyone know it this was original or installed by one of the two previous owners? In any event I found one on Amazon, Cardone Select 13-40661 for $37.95. I’ll post how it works out after it arrives on Thursday.
  4. PETA =People Eating Tasty Animals.
  5. VaPatentman

    Pictures of the Week

    Looks like a Municipal or State project based on curb cut and roadway and maybe a case of another inspector not enforcing the rules. Her sneakers are the least of the safety violations, the most glaring one is the idiot running the saw, no eye protection, no gloves, no dust mask or hearing protection. Then the other idiots starring at the operation without eye protection. In a couple of years we will see them on the TV bitching about blindness or respiratory problems and how they were harmed by their employer. Having been required to wear complete PPE in my occupation I think it is important and saved me more than once.----just my two cents!
  6. Have had good luck with LaView with 6 cameras from Amazon. Can access from my phone. I hard wired it with a underground conduit to garage. I would suggest using Cat5e Outdoor Waterproof Ethernet Cable for Direct Burial Shielded (Pure Copper) in conduit. I ran conduit for two reasons , #1-if anything goes wrong you install another cable easily #2 gives me a pathway to install additional alarm wires if needed in the same raceway
  7. VaPatentman

    1937 Type 25 E Series Fire Truck

    I was looking at it long and hard. Glad it has gone to a good home! I talked to the seller as well about the overall condition. From the YouTube clip it sounded pretty good. It is comforting knowing it won't be destroyed. I saved all the images and was able to zoom in on them and overall it looks like just heavy surface rust. Good luck and I look forward to hearing more after it is delivered.
  8. VaPatentman


    I had actually ordered and cut the stock to length months ago but wanted originals. Just decided to finish them the day after my post. The whole process for each piece, grinding the ends and sanding/polishing only took about 25-30 mins each and I took them to the platter the same day. You revealed my lack of patience, especially for these after looking high and low
  9. VaPatentman


    I didn't have any originals to work with. The groove I cut in the back side of the strips allow them to mate up to the badge much like your picture shows.
  10. VaPatentman


    Patience, grinding wheel, files, 1200-2000-3000-grit wet and dry. They are made from 3/16" x 5/16" Grade W1 Steel Ground Flat Stock available from Fastenal in 3-ft lengths for $8.15 (shipping was more than material). I made a mock-up of the hole pattern from the hood so I could lay it on the workbench. I did discover the holes in my hood leaves are not consistent, I don’t know if this was a Mack issue from 1942 or if someone else re-drilled the holes. Drilled shallow holes on each end and used a thread forming screw to allow for connection points for the chrome process. Had them chrome plated locally here in Richmond @ Hanlon Plating Company. In a conversation with Tom Hanlon he said they do a fair amount of plating for antique trucks and tractors . GOOD LUCK and let me know how it goes.
  11. VaPatentman


    Ended up making my own hood strips. Just picked them up from Hanlon Plating Company here in Richmond, VA. I am so pleased with the quality of their work and the reasonable pricing I will be chrome plating additional items soon. I will post additional photos after I install them.
  12. VaPatentman

    What is wrong with people today?

    Sick individual, my wife turned to me when he was pleading on TV the other night and told me she didn't have a good feeling about him. Women's intuition?
  13. VaPatentman


    Thanks, Bob from Reno, I will give him a shout.
  14. VaPatentman


    Jim, I agree they are like hen’s teeth. I will probably go the same route and fabricate my own. I feel pretty lucky that they were the only trim items missing from my truck. Over the past year I have seen members posting pics of restoration candidates completely void of trim and the grilles. Locating these items will be a daunting task for these guys I wish them success in their efforts.
  15. Does anyone know where I can get the small chrome hood strips that install adjacent to the Mack logo? I have searched high and low, auctions, flea markets, online and Carlisle. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I need them for both side (4 small pieces total) 1938-1944-ED 1939-1942-DE

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