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  1. Ran across this photo on the internet. It is one I have never seen before. According to the Model production list there were only 290 of MR's made
  2. VaPatentman

    Mack DE

    Here is a shoot from a sales brochure for the DE Mack_DE_Brochure_1942_Page_1.pdf
  3. VaPatentman

    Mack DE

    I have some info I will send via message when I am able to reduce it in size. In the meantime good luck with your project. Here is a pic of my DE
  4. VaPatentman

    Classy Ford

    After looking closely at the beautiful yellow “Big Job” I wonder if it started its life as a Fire Truck. It was common practice to have spot lights on both the driver’s side and officer’s side. Does anyone know the origins of this truck?
  5. VaPatentman

    Classy Ford

    There were quite a few “Big Jobs” built into fire apparatus. They were a good option for Departments that couldn’t afford custom apparatus. Here is one sitting out in a field in VA. It is in good company with about 20-Macks
  6. VaPatentman

    Police Car in My Lane

    Couldn’t resist posting this. I had a Maryland State Trooper pull me over for the same thing (crossing center line) while driving a tractor drawn aerial-fire/ladder truck. I had a new tiller man following and was trying to cut him some slack. It was like 3-O’clock in the morning and not a soul in sight except for the Trooper. Funny now wasn’t then. PrinceWilliamPolice_Car-.mp4
  7. Not an “E” but close cousin. I have 1942 Model “DE” Mack serial number DE-1-S-3176, Engine Number EN-12-2041 We are the 3-rd owners, and the first owner had it until 2000. I have the original Bill of Sale/invoice from a dealer in Sanford Florida
  8. VaPatentman

    Horrible fire.... :-(

    Sorry for the loss and thankful there were no injuries. However, in a arson investigation course I took the instructor said always look into prior events of those involved. Does make you wonder.
  9. VaPatentman

    Horrible fire.... :-(

    Sad news
  10. VaPatentman

    WWII Hobart Weld Mobile

    I hope it is the one you have. I wasn't in the position to buy it at the time and was heart broken when it disappeared
  11. VaPatentman

    WWII Hobart Weld Mobile

    I've only seen one other of these in all my years. It sat behind a welding shop in DC for years. The guy that owned it said it was previously owned by an airline. It had a much shorter wheelbase than this one. I am not sure if it was a Hobart or some other make. It disappeared when scrap prices spiked in the 80's or 90's, it may be part of a beer can in my fridge😉
  12. VaPatentman

    Grit Equivalent Chart For 3M Scotch Brite

    Actually they have silicon carbide abrasive material embedded in them--not good for glass. I learned my lesson a couple of years ago while cleaning some windows I had painted.
  13. VaPatentman

    Grit Equivalent Chart For 3M Scotch Brite

    I agree, I found out today that the green pads are marketed by two different divisions. The aggressive kitchen scouring pads are consumer division products. But wouldn't it make sense to have two different colors. Most of us just think Scotch-Brite pads are all the same.
  14. I ordered some "Green" Scotch-Brite pads on line and thought I would be getting #6448 but received kitchen scouring pads instead. They are not the same and are more aggressive than what I usually use. For reference here is a Grit Equivalent Chart For 3M Scotch Brite. Grit Equivalent Chart.pdf
  15. VaPatentman

    1937 Type 25 E Series Fire Truck

    Jim, The FD2704 is in and is working fine. It won't say it stops on dime but I have a good steady braking action. Replaced rusty brake lines as well. Happy so far. Thanks for the original part number!

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