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  1. Wish Eastwood and Summit would be more honest on their shipping. I have ordered from both of them on many occasions and will continue to do so. Recently, I have ordered items that weigh no more than a few ounces. Yet Summit charged $10.99 and Eastwood charged $15.26. In both cases they could have been sent in an envelope with 2- stamps. Oh well, I will get off my soapbox….
  2. VaPatentman


    Here is another good site about ships https://www.marinetraffic.com/
  3. If anyone who has an interest in International Trucks you may want to check the site listed in the hyper-link. There are thousands on International Truck images, brochures and specifications In the Wisconsin website. https://www.wisconsinhistory.org/
  4. I bought one from them at Carlisle for my 42-DE and it fit fair;y well. I rubbed a little bit in the top corners.. I got a super deal on a chrome one , but they also make them in primed.
  5. As Jim said they used Continental engines in some trucks. My "DE" has one made by Continental with "MACK" cast into the side of the block.
  6. I did a consulting gig for a contractor that works regularly in the Liebherr facility in Newport News, Va. a few years ago. I almost felt guilty billing them because I was like a kid in a candy store every time I went there. I have had the opportunity to spend time at Cat, Deere and Liebherr and am in awe with all their operations. Living off of I64 between Richmond and Newport News I have been slowed many times for a behemoth leaving Liebherr and always wonder where it is headed.
  7. Saw this on Facebook PGFD page from the Johnny Floyd II collection. He has thousands of pics available on a CD he sells including many old Mack photos that various Fire Departments own/owned.
  8. My wife thinks I need a hearing aid at times. The Fire Service of today is quite different than that of the 60’/70’s, where we rode on the back-step or the side of a piece, seat belts weren’t present, ran into burning buildings with no SCBA-some even held a cigar between their teeth to filter the air, no hearing protection, never cleaned our gear-the dirtier it was indicated a badge of honor of how much smoke we ate or fire we fought. Geeze what were we thinking?
  9. Here is a pic of Riverdale's truck sitting on the ramp, Prince Georges County Md., just outside of Wash., DC
  10. It seems odd to me that in photos of it in front of Co-5's station and in front of a neighborhood store it's number is also #3 if it wasn't actually Franconia's piece. I realize many departments may have had a piece of apparatus numbered #3.
  11. Maybe it survived because they didn’t feel it would be used to compete with them because of its unusual attributes. Lessons learned, Greyhound and Trailways would sell their old buses to anyone. The buses they sold were soon competing against them. I could never figure out why someone would sell a piece of equipment at a fraction of what it cost them to ultimately contribute to their demise.
  12. Carl, I think you are right on target and MVFD makes sense! My wife wanted me to buy it when it was on E-bay. Here is a pic of it in front of Fitzgerald's Store The shelf/ledge on the right look spot on with the detail over the wheel well of the Franconia piece. The booster reel also looks the same. I will text my nephew and have him send me some shots of the photos hanging on the walls. "C" shift works next on Thursday. I assume Mount Vernon still operates their own FD with Operations and Maintenance staff?
  13. I am not a huge Heat Pump fan however, because I grew up with gas. I live in a neighborhood without natural gas. I heat my detached garage with a geo-thermal (closed-loop) unit and the house with an 18-seer air-to-air 2-speed condenser unit a variable speed AHU. These are not your father’s heat pumps (Oldsmobile commercial) they actually discharge warm area! I installed both units myself and may have performed research, calculations and installation quality others may not have performed. In my opinion one key to efficiency is upgraded insulation and a smart thermostat (pricey $450). We are in central Virginia with R-60 blown fiberglass in the attic. My energy bills are lower than several friends that heat similar houses with natural-gas. (me=all electric vs them=gas + elec) Hold the installers feet to the fire when installing and conform and verify all bullet points in accordance with the manufactures installation requirements. In closing, if you have the room and the time a geo-thermal horizontal slinky coil loop is the way to go if you plan to stay there for a while to reap the rewards of payback. I agree with others the sweet spot is above freezing, do research knowledge is wealth--GOOD LUCK
  14. I very seldom comment on current events. However, it really got under my skin that all criminal charges against Jussie Smollett have been dropped. Imagine the resources that were expended on this hoax? How do the countless families feel that were impacted by violent crime while the PD was chasing their tails over someone unhappy with his salary? Smollett should have at least been required to pay restitution to the City of Chicago. If he turns up in any show in the future we should immediately boycott it and the sponsors. What ever happened to “Being responsible for your actions?” Kimberly M. Foxx the elected State's Attorney for Cook County who routinely rules against the Police should be thrown out of office. Hope she isn’t reelected next time. I now close my rant!
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