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  1. I am not a huge Heat Pump fan however, because I grew up with gas. I live in a neighborhood without natural gas. I heat my detached garage with a geo-thermal (closed-loop) unit and the house with an 18-seer air-to-air 2-speed condenser unit a variable speed AHU. These are not your father’s heat pumps (Oldsmobile commercial) they actually discharge warm area! I installed both units myself and may have performed research, calculations and installation quality others may not have performed. In my opinion one key to efficiency is upgraded insulation and a smart thermostat (pricey $450). We are in central Virginia with R-60 blown fiberglass in the attic. My energy bills are lower than several friends that heat similar houses with natural-gas. (me=all electric vs them=gas + elec) Hold the installers feet to the fire when installing and conform and verify all bullet points in accordance with the manufactures installation requirements. In closing, if you have the room and the time a geo-thermal horizontal slinky coil loop is the way to go if you plan to stay there for a while to reap the rewards of payback. I agree with others the sweet spot is above freezing, do research knowledge is wealth--GOOD LUCK
  2. I very seldom comment on current events. However, it really got under my skin that all criminal charges against Jussie Smollett have been dropped. Imagine the resources that were expended on this hoax? How do the countless families feel that were impacted by violent crime while the PD was chasing their tails over someone unhappy with his salary? Smollett should have at least been required to pay restitution to the City of Chicago. If he turns up in any show in the future we should immediately boycott it and the sponsors. What ever happened to “Being responsible for your actions?” Kimberly M. Foxx the elected State's Attorney for Cook County who routinely rules against the Police should be thrown out of office. Hope she isn’t reelected next time. I now close my rant!
  3. I talked with a fellow at an event a while ago who told me an inventory had been done at Duncan Trucking near Columbia, VA. late last year. I kick myself for not getting his contact information! I have not seen or heard anything about an upcoming auction. This would be an auction I wouldn’t want to miss. He told me there are 1,000’s sign and memorabilia items as well as all the trucks we can see from walking around the property. Many of which have had their photos posted both here and on other sites. If anyone hears anything please post what you hear. There may be more trucks here than were at Kemp’s
  4. This may help you out. It is Mack production numbers Mack---model production 1905-2000.pdf
  5. Saw this on www.truckinginfo.com Mack Trucks will partner with Republic Services to build and operate a fully electric Mack LR refuse truck to help the refuse fleet achieve zero-emissions goals. Benefits of fully electric trucks include zero carbon emissions, reduced noise, and environmental sustainability. For refuse hauling companies, the ability to operate quietly during the early morning hours is an attractive feature of electric vehicles, according to the truckmaker. “Mack looks forward to partnering with Republic Services to test the benefits a fully electric LR can offer in its day-to-day operations,” said Jonathan Randall, Mack Trucks senior vice president of North American sales and marketing. “As a leader in refuse and alternative solutions, Mack is uniquely positioned to offer a proprietary, integrated and fully electric solution for North America.” At this point in the development of electromobility technology and infrastructure, Mack believes a fully electric vehicle will work best in a closed loop application in which the truck returns home every night – such as in the refuse industry. “Given we operate one of the largest vocational fleets in the U.S., we are continuously evaluating innovative approaches and technologies to improve the performance, economics and environmental impact of our fleet,” said Don Slager, president and CEO of Republic Services. “We are excited to be working with Mack in the development of an electric garbage truck as it would represent a significant step towards a cleaner, safer, and more efficient fleet while helping to preserve our Blue Planet for future generations.” Further details about the specs and testing will be announced at a later date. Additionally, in early 2018 Mack announced the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) also will test a fully electric Mack LR model, which will be operational in 2019. Those specs and details will also be announced at a later date.
  6. Does anyone know anything about this show to be held June 26-29, 2019? Saw it advertised in the AACA Jan/Feb magazine. I'm thinking of heading up if people think it is worthwhile. In the ad there are 3- points of contact for registration etc.
  7. Just received an e-mail from Eastwood ALERT!!!!!!! "Free Shipping on orders over $99 I don’t have Alexs or an Echo to listen in on my conversations so they maybe they are BMT followers!
  8. I was a 3-1/2 ounce spot weld tip for a mig welder. I figured hoped Eastwood would use priority mail or another reasonable method
  9. I purchase quite a few items from a major restoration supply company located in Pottstown, Pa. I was going to order a 3.52 -ounce item that cost $11.99, at checkout the 4-8 day delivery to Virginia was $16.86, for a total of $28.85. I thought this was out of line. For the most part I love their products and the videos that they develop and will continue to buy from them. At one point they offered free shipping for orders over $99.00, but doesn’t show on their website anymore. This a yet another example of what drives so many people to Amazon. I may be just whining because we all know our hobby isn’t a cheap one. Has anyone had similar experiences and have been able to get a more reasonable shipping quote?
  10. Bought on Friday, installed on Sunday tried to return on Monday, if Home Depot had their way in probably would be 48-minutes. He actually had it in his possession from Friday 8:30 PM until Monday 8:15 AM-- 59-hrs, 45-mins. I till think it is a crummy policy.
  11. FYI: I helped a friend yesterday install a Bosch dishwasher he purchased from Home Depot on Friday. Immediately after installing we tried it and it leak profusely out of the sump. Unhooked it and tried to return to HD first thing this AM. We were informed the HD policy is that an appliance must be returned within 48 hours. After which time you must have it fixed via a service call. So we reinstalled and will have to wait 4-days for Bosch service to arrive. I haven’t been a big fan of HD since they quit honoring the 5% Lowes discount if you used your HD credit card this is another reason shop less at HD. Just wanted to let others know and not get stuck as my friend did.
  12. Does anyone know the color or paint code for the interior of 1937-1942 ED’s or DE’s? Having trouble finding the correct color. Some say Pebble Beige a Ford color with code of AE-4015, but doesn’t look quite right based on the color exposed when I removed the dash. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  13. Ran across this photo on the internet. It is one I have never seen before. According to the Model production list there were only 290 of MR's made
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