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    I’ve been around Mack’s from the day I was born. I hope to one day have a small collection of old Mack trucks. I’d love an old B-75, or an older H with square fenders, or even an old C-600. Once you go Mack you never go back.

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    1973 Mack CF-600

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  1. CaptainCrutch

    What is wrong with people today?

    What also doesn’t help is when schools have begun replacing classes like wood shop with classes like requiring a 4th year of math by which point everyone is now learning how to graph 3 dimensionally, something that will never be used in and career any of them will ever pick other than being a public school teacher. At a local public school they’ve even replaced gym with dance class (mostly because it’s an art school where they don’t have enough money to have a building with a gym and instead have to use the floor designated for the dancers to fulfill their physical education) and have to rent out space in 4 other buildings within 2 blocks just to have space for normal classes and even so they can have a cafeteria for students to eat. Everyone makes it work but it’s still unfortunate that these talented kids who had to earn their place at this school must walk outside in the snow so they can get to their lunch while at school. But I will say at this school students must try out and prove themselves to get in and all their grades must be C or above, with all honors or AP classes, otherwise they’re removed. Atleast there’s some hope there.
  2. CaptainCrutch

    What is wrong with people today?

    I know that many school systems have begun using symbols like check marks and plus signs instead of actual letter grades, but so far it’s most been only in Elementary schools. It’s still ridiculous either way.
  3. CaptainCrutch

    ENF-330 front main seal leak

    I’d just give whatever you feel is right. They run off donations so if you’re going to use their services and can you should. Think about all the time spent looking through 100+ years of information on every truck ever built. They go so in depth that they found sales record from 1984 when my L was up for sale. If they have a record of what you have they will find it, and it’s all volunteer work. But i will say, if you’re really scrapping money together to get your project done, or the money could be better spent, it is not required, wed just like to see this reasource which benefits so many people stay around for as long as possible, and the only way to do that is for them to receive donations. It really is up to you how much and even if you donate.
  4. CaptainCrutch

    L Fire Engine Restoration

    The key word with this project seems to be ‘should’. The guides for the heads were supposed to come in at the beginning of last week but they came in Yesterday. At this point we’re praying we can get it back by the end of the week but with an upcoming snowstorm on the way it’s not looking good, and we definitely won’t risk taking it home with slick roads. ‘Should’ be sometime next week at the latest but who knows at this point. It ‘should’ have been done before the end of last month, but good things come to those who wait, so patient we must stay.
  5. CaptainCrutch

    ENF-330 front main seal leak

    If you want the maintenance manuals I’d submit the VIN# to the Mack Museum, they’ll give you all the information they have on the truck. That info has certainly helped us as we finish up our 707 motor, it had to be torn down to the block with many parts being rebuilt or replaced.
  6. CaptainCrutch


    From what I can see the cab sits up higher which makes the fenders more flat, and it looks like the front axel is different. Other than that it does look just like and L.

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