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    I’ve been around Mack’s from the day I was born. I hope to one day have a small collection of old Mack trucks. I’d love an old B-75, or an older H with square fenders, or even an old C-600. Once you go Mack you never go back. I also have a knack for steam locomotives and space travel...

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  1. It’d be nice to see it with all the lights on, seems kinda like the idea me and my dad have for Christmas parades in our green and white firetrucks... only they’ll be able to roll and not held to the ground by wires...
  2. If it drives and he doesn’t take it I just might...
  3. As rare as these are I’m certain but you never know... especially with that decal they’ve put on the doors.
  4. That old W-71 there looks like Dr. Bill Comcowich’s... here’s some video of him and his rig. They’ve got the same paint and configuration atleast...
  5. Did anybody ever end up buying this rig or were you all too busy bickering over the condition that it's in? It's nice to see such a rare model still exist, and the price should be high so you know the person buying it has the dough to put into it, I'm sure it wasn't exactly in pristine condition when Superdog purchased it... I wish they made more of this model actually, my dad really likes it, and he's a big fan of old LTs so this COE version he likes a good bit since he started out driving old CFs, and we just don't have them money to buy a decent LT or the money to restore one that may not be so great, let alone one of these rare Ws! Maybe one day after he finally retires or me or my brother strike it rich somehow...
  6. It really is a shame FDNY didn't renew the system and let it retire. For being such a specialized engine it was used surprisingly often, even towards the end, from one of the charts I saw there were a few years it responded on average more than once a day. It was brought about for a reason and more than proved itself in the cases it was built for. I agree with the rest of you in saying I wish the pumper had been taken up by a real museum dedicated to this type of device that actually have the will and way of restoring it to competely operable condition. In the meantime the best we can due is wait for the current owner to go bankrupt or croak and someone with quite a lot of cash to pick the thing up and get her back to the condition she should be in. I know a few guys who've said if they ever win the lottery that's exactly what they'll do... heck, I know by DC with a sizable collection that he prides himself in and more than enough money to take on the projects. Atleast the tender seems to be in good hands...
  7. I can't find it and I've tried a few different ways of searching it. Good info on the loss of steer on the tender, and excellent pictures of the two in operation! Really shows how badly FDNY needed it at the time if they sent it into action before they had even completed training on it. Makes me even more giddy to try and get a group together to get her pumping again... if only I had the time or money...
  8. Anyone have "brochure" for that W71? Reminds me a good bit of the old Bullnose Kenworths.
  9. Anyone know what happened to the tiller on the tender, and subsequently why the tender had a backwards facing tiller while the pumper had none at all? I've been doing some research on the SPS and all the models and some photos show it with a tiller but most of the photos, especially modern photos show it with the tiller removed. Other than that I just wish the pumper would get fixed, even if it took the current owner starting a GoFundMe and a majority of us would donate, and the tender meet up with the pumper so we could see how the system was supposed to operate, instead of just having the pumper sit around useless and the tender having to be pumped by 4 other engines... It's a real shame that the Super Pumper was retired and a successor was never purchased. I can find no footage of the Super Pumper living up to it's name and pumping! If anyone can find and that'd be awesome.
  10. I remember seeing that one up for sale a while ago when I was looking for an old LTL for my dad, and remember passing on it just because the radiator isn’t the LT kind that he likes... nice to hear it’ll end up in good hands! Good luck with the retrofit!
  11. I was trying to see if this unit was still around, could only find anything about the Super Pumper and feared this was scrapped! So glad to see it's still around, I just wish they could get together sometime and give a presentation of how they operated back in the day...
  12. I think it's perfect just the way it is, other than the rear bumper looking bare and I'm partial to a dual stick Mack drive train... but as Mrs.Mack said the main negative I see is it's not mine... What do you plan on doing with it once it's done? I see you've gone through a good bit of trouble building that box for the trailer lines...
  13. I know from experience that there’s an electric fuel pump in the back close to the fuel tank on those, and the line is too long for one fuel pump to work. Make sure that’s working before you go too much further... you can pretty easily pump through the old mechanical pump, so honestly if you do need to stick one on there just do as yarnall did with his. We took entirely too long to figure out that the problem was an electric fuel pump we didn’t even know about...
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