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    I’ve been around Mack’s from the day I was born. I hope to one day have a small collection of old Mack trucks. I’d love an old B-75, or an older H with square fenders, or even an old C-600. Once you go Mack you never go back. I also have a knack for steam locomotives and space travel...

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  1. Yup, George certainly narrated the show, seems like someone went through the trouble of picking out the best moments for you! Just keep in mind Carlin had quite an interesting sense of humor and your kids may not be ready to hear his inside quite yet...
  2. News I’ve read says Tesla Semi production line is currently being built, and they hope to start producing the trucks by the end of the year or early next year. It’ll be interesting to how they do in the industry...
  3. I’d like to see Rivian take over this project. This truck is a good idea, it just seems to be led by someone whose bark is bigger than their bite. Rivian has not disappointed, and on a similar note, neither has Tesla. I can think of one example of Tesla setting a goal they haven’t achieved, just many times of being behind schedule in reaching those goals. The one thing they didn’t accomplish was battery swap stations being common as a way of charging your vehicle faster, and they did have a prototype they abandoned, and probably for good reason seeing as their next semi will be able to go 500 miles fully loaded on a 30 minute charge, real stats they’re actually achieving on their 2 prototypes, with production starting soon. I really don’t understand why the media doesn’t cover this stuff more! Oh wait, yes I do, I think I remember something about companies like Boeing and Nikola paying people to write bad news about SpaceX and Tesla, one claiming the rocket is unsafe for humans to fly on, and the other claiming Tesla stoke their design when as its turning out may be the other way around...
  4. Truck still available? Still interested, just not ready to buy it quite yet.
  5. Unfortunately this means that Georgia is no longer immune to fiddle wielding devils. So sad to hear he’s gone.
  6. I’d be all over this truck if I had the money for it, it’s almost exactly what I’ve had my eye set on for a while, with the main exception being the motor. Now excuse me while I try to dig up $10,000 for it :-P.
  7. Crazy how the truck hadn’t been up for sale a day even and already someone has ripped it to try to scam someone out of a few grand... luckily it’s already been taken down due to being a scam!
  8. Yeah we get it up to speed on a nice back road and we’re fine, it’s real easy!
  9. Glad to hear you received similar treatment to me! Never been to either of those places but I’m hoping to head over to this place more regularly...
  10. It’s not hard to steer when you actually get her going, but when you’re stop and go maneuvering through tight city streets it can be quite the workout...
  11. I have a 707, it’s almost all complete minus consumables like fluids and gaskets, there’s a few pushrods that’s have been spent up maybe all of those, and the block has a pretty bad crack in the side of it. Oh, it’s also completely apart. There’s pictures of everything on the thread about my 1953 Mack LS95. Make me an offer and we can go from there. Feel free to message me. Pics here:
  12. Body work and paint should be next, but we might rebuild the last of the fuel lines first, they were fine before but they seem like they might be starting to break down. Who knows, we care much more about getting her operating before making her look pretty, because if she’s out on the road she’ll shine in her own way... arms are tired from turning all through those city streets with Armstrong steering tho, let’s see how long it takes before dad bites the bullet and finds a power steering kit...
  13. Finally got to take the old dog for a much deserved walk... She barked and screamed all the way through the city streets like a bulldog should! So much fun had by all on Saturday. Excuse the purple ribbons, it was for a group of high school seniors whose colors are purple, figured it be a nice little touch for them since they didn’t have a sign to hang on ours like the other apparatus.
  14. Pete still makes 359s and Kenworth still makes W900s. They’ve been updated over the years but they’ve still got that classic look to em. I can’t imagine it’d be too hard to make a classic looking new truck based on Rs, Superliners, Bs, Ls, and Es... If they sold some as gliders I know plenty of people who’d buy atleast one without giving it a second thought.
  15. It’s my fault, everything always seems to go wrong before Pump Primers to make it so I can’t take either of my engines, and this time we were pretty much prepared for anything. Guess I’ve got a whole year to mess something up over here to make sure it goes on next year!
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