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    I’ve been around Mack’s from the day I was born. I hope to one day have a small collection of old Mack trucks. I’d love an old B-75, or an older H with square fenders, or even an old C-600. Once you go Mack you never go back. I also have a knack for steam locomotives and space travel...

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  1. Anyone have a “list” of the W models left? Seeing as there’s so few known I’m waiting on another story like Dr. Bill’s where he found it in a gravel pit on a road trip one day. I know not many were made but I feel like there’s more still out there...
  2. Any clue how an H cab managed to get out on an L model? I really love that look for it, just never figured it could be done, stick a cabover cab on a normal truck...
  3. Found this picture recently labeled as an H model... figured I’d share the fact there’s a rare Mack out there that someone thinks is just a regular H model...
  4. I had figured they were Hispanic... tend to stumble upon a bunch of those who act like they don’t speak English to get out of stuff. Gotta be honest, I prefer my African American stories like the one of the boy from the intercity stealing his brothers bike to camp on the lawns of universities a few days away to apply to them. Clearly a dedicated boy willing to work to get out of his crappy situation...
  5. My dad has a few stories of rich guys telling him and his fire crew to take off their shoes before going in the house... they made sure some of them walked back outside and through the mud... and nobody took of their boots...
  6. Similar to how they still had L parts left over when B production was going, so some Bs got L cabs... my favorite editions of the Bs, and possibly my favorite Macks in general...
  7. Somewhat similar story from another guy I knew, he lived next to a daycare and worked afternoons, so parents were trying to pickup kids as he was leaving for work. Not a big deal until one moron decides to start parking in the guy’s driveway. Dude asked the idiot to move several times so he could leave for work but the entitled parent decides that it’s his right to park in the wrong driveway until the kid comes out. Even tried taking to the daycare owner who said she already talked about it but would remind him, still nothing... So the guy takes one of his trash cans and sticks it at the end of his driveway. The ignorant party rams the trash can against the dudes garage door to park in the driveway. Well now this guy is down a stash can, so he decides to buy another one and filled it with a bunch of rocks before cementing the rest of the way, and once again stuck at the end of his driveway. He called in sick to work that morning because he knew what was coming. Sure enough here comes a parent, smug faced, goes to ram the can again, and totals the car. To wrap things up, kids got taken and a restraining order was filed... Also that first story happened many years ago in a smaller town, cops and judges were a little less worried about following the law completely and cared more about making sure the real jerks got what they deserved...
  8. I knew one clever guy who had a neighbor who liked drifting a pickup truck through the guys yard when it snowed. Atleast once a week during the winter he said he’d find his mailbox laying done with big lines leading through his lawn, over his mailbox, and to the neighbors pickup. Finally the second year, the neighbor left on vacation after hitting the dudes mailbox again, so the guy dug a small hole about 8ft deep, stuck an old rail the local rail line had thrown to the side and cemented it into the hole. Then on top of the rail he built a box with some scrap 1/2” thick steel he had lying around and welded everything together. Then he built up some wood around it all and made it look really nice. Neighbor came home from vacation at about 2 in the morning and tried his same tactic to get into his driveway. Neighbor woke up the whole neighborhood totaling his truck on that mailbox, then tried to sue the guy for the damage to the truck. The guy got that thrown out quickly and countered for the cost of the mailboxes, which he won. Neighbor got thrown out of his house by his family...
  9. I know if my mom was there she would’ve said something to them and when they continued to do nothing about cleaning up their mess she would’ve thrown their tray at them. I know this because she’s done it before. Not a lot of things she gets to angry about, but people just blatantly being lazy and trying to make someone else do everything for them gets her pretty mad pretty quick... and there’s nothing racist about showing a complete lack of respect for staff and other customers of an eating establishment. Besides, by all known measures they're white themselves, just a little tanner... On another note, Rudy’s is great! My family went on a road trip around the country one time, and when we got to Texas my dad got in touch with a guy he used to sail with who told us about it. Had lunch with the guy and all I can say is it’s pretty hard to catch up when you’re stuffing your face full of BBQ...
  10. That’s what I’m working on now, it’s just that putting the info in works better when you have pictures, so that’s what I’m looking for. It’d especially be nice and make it easier to identify which one is which. I mean people made that info public, I don’t see why anyone would be against it. Like I said, I’m really hoping to get pictures of trucks and their VIN numbers to make it easy, but I’m sure I can figure out which is which with enough time and effort. This registry just reaches a wider audience so I figured I’d try and do that. So far I’ve down a few VINs and their basic info and included the rest of the info on company owned vehicles. I’ve already more than doubled the number of Mack trucks on VINWiki and I don’t intend on stopping anytime soon.
  11. It’s the same guys, those videos are all to make money for the app. I added my trucks and am trying to add as many others as I can.
  12. I recently found this thing called VINWiki which is dedicated to learning the story of as many vehicles as possible, all contributed to by anyone interested. Anyways, I hope that nobody minds me transferring the B Model Registry over to this VINWiki service. I tried looking for Mack B models and there were none when I first got on the app, probably because most people add vehicles by license plates, but that method doesn’t work on pre 17-digit VIN #s, so I figured I’d start adding some Macks. Already I’ve doubled the number of Macks on the app. However, It’d be helpful to have some pictures of the trucks, and which ones are which, so if anyone could post pictures of B Model trucks and their models & serial numbers that’d be awesome! Or really any pre 1981 truck... In the meantime I’ll be transferring the info that is on the B-Model Registry over to VINWiki to help spread the history of these trucks!
  13. I hope that nobody minds me transferring the B Model Registry over to this VINWiki service. I tried looking for Mack B models and there were none when I first got on the app, so I figured I’d start adding some. It’d be helpful to have some pictures of the trucks and which ones are which, so if anyone could post pictures of B Model trucks and their models & serial numbers that’d be awesome! In the meantime I’ll be transferring the info on the B-Model Registry over to VINWiki...
  14. So what, if anything, would need to be done other than taking the dump bed off and it's associated mechanism(s) and how hard would it be to reroute the trailer connections up towards the cab? My dad kinda wants a hydraulic trailer anyways so this is actually starting to look like a really good idea...
  15. Me and my dad are still looking for a decent semi that wouldn't require a ton of work to haul our firetrucks with. But I just had a thought, how difficult and how long do you all think it'd take to turn a dump truck into a tractor? We've seen a few dumps that seem near perfect for our wants... except for the gigantic metal box taking up the location of the fifth wheel. We probably wouldn't go with this option because it requires work and the most we want to have to do is paint and little things that are as easy as general maintenance. Still it's a thought I had and isn't completely out of the question...
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