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    I’ve been around Mack’s from the day I was born. I hope to one day have a small collection of old Mack trucks. I’d love an old B-75, or an older H with square fenders, or even an old C-600. Once you go Mack you never go back. I also have a knack for steam locomotives and space travel...

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  1. If it's an older Mack Transmission I know some had syncros so if it was put together wrong it'd probably be out of sync which would cause it to grind and not shift. If everything is put together right all I can tell you is practice...
  2. Will do when I get back to it, still gonna replace the old fuel filters though, we’ve been meaning to do it anyways, if it still doesn’t start we’ll try your idea!
  3. It’s a diesel, and to be fair we were just trying to squirt a little up through the small air inlet on the side which began leaking out back out after a bit... i think it hit the air cleaner and refused to go any further... it ran perfectly fine on Saturday and then Wednesday it wouldn’t even start.
  4. One last thing I just remembered, the carb on the L needs to be rebuilt, so if anyone knows of a good place we can send that out to let me know! It’s an old 707 and after inspection and some research we realized that if we rebuild that carb we’re gonna be in good shape. I’ll also be in Strasburg, PA for the show over the weekend but evidence by the back firing and the need to rebuild the carb, unfortunate my truck won’t be there... I’ll be sure to take plenty of pictures to share though!
  5. Shut off isn’t stuck and the pump was pumping, and no leaks can be found, we spent an hour looking for the simple things we could think of, that’s what leads us to believe the filters are clogged, we haven’t had the time to check yet, we also added more fuel to the tank to try to pressurize it some, nothing came of it but the fuel gauge rising... it’s been kinda stressful this week and we haven’t had the time to check it yet, plan is to do some more investigating next week. Just wanted to know if there was something small we over looked, we’re not mechanics after all, just enthusiast fire engines with basic maintenance knowledge.
  6. It’s fine we checked that, it’s a manual component, and was actually one of the first things I thought of... really the only electrical components on that engine from what I read are the starter and alternator...
  7. That old L tiller tractor is pretty cool, if I had it I'd just clear coat it that way and use it to haul the R they've got in front of it now. Best AC system out there is just having no roof! That Green L is also pretty slick. I'm also quite fond of that little green B model with the gooseneck trailer. Great pictures overall!
  8. Well now that the L is in almost perfect mechanical condition the CF has quit on us. Seems like it's not getting any fuel because it turns over and keeps turning but doesn't do anything else. I'm at work right now and had some time to write this up to go ahead and see if anyone has any idea what the issue could be. I can't remember what motor it is right now just that it's a 6 cylinder Mack engine. I should add that it smelt like an electric motor burnt out to me but the fuel pump is mechanical and seems to still be working but we're not sure. We even tried kicking it over with starting fluid but not even a spark. Current thought is that the 19 year old fuel filters are clogged but who knows, it hasn't been run that much in that time. Plans for the future with it include having the hose bed rebuilt and the whole thing repainted, it also had the pump panel and fenders rebuilt by 4-guys so replacements of those are a hope for the future, as well as replacing a few valves so she'll pull a draft again. Only other thing I can think of that needs to be done is fixing the front suction valve that apparently never worked and they just kept a butterfly valve on the front, so either fix the valve or find a new butterfly. Over all it's never given us any problems until just yesterday so I hope it's nothing too serious.
  9. Well bringing it to the firehall for the funeral made us realize she needs to be tuned again, we were going up South Mountain at 15 MPH back firing like crazy the whole way, so on the way back home we dropped her back off at the shop she's been spending a whole lot of time at lately, and then the day of the funeral the CF, which has never had any problems starting, refused to fire up after an hour and a half of trying. She tuned over just fine but it seemed like she wasn't getting fuel... If anyone has any clues on what that could be let me know. It's a shame that right after my grandpa passed both his dogs are now sick...
  10. Latest news is I had my SO contact someone from the old fire company at Greystone and they said they don't know who owns it but they're certain it went to a collector so I pray it's still out there. I really hope I can bring her back to Frederick so she can join her sister once again. At this point I care less about owning it myself and more about just knowing it's in good hands. That being said I met a few guys at my grandpa's funeral yesterday that would love to either have her themselves or at least help bring her back to her former glory.
  11. Pulled all the old hose out of the hose bed and it’s nice, got them both ready for the funeral on Wednesday, he’ll get to ride in them one last time like he wanted to.
  12. Yeah I saw that too, just labelled it they way they did for a minute... the builder's plate says it's an RD not a DM...
  13. That or the owner had second thoughts about selling it... pretty understandable, it was a pretty sweet rig!
  14. Looks like a good truck for running daily, no sleeper though... not mine. https://www.govdeals.com/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=9951&acctid=6250
  15. Nicer old pumper that can't pump anymore. Not mine... https://www.govdeals.com/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=1&acctid=16353
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