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    I’ve been around Mack’s from the day I was born. I hope to one day have a small collection of old Mack trucks. I’d love an old B-75, or an older H with square fenders, or even an old C-600. Once you go Mack you never go back. I also have a knack for steam locomotives and space travel...
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  1. My CF will be there but I won’t. Some other family of mine are taking it Saturday. Can’t wait to see the pics!
  2. Of course, I’m the ass that would tell the cop I’ll see him in court over that mudflap ticket. Wouldn’t be the first time. I’m pretty respectful to cops until they start throwing fits over non issues so they can fill out their ticket quotas. I’ll put this out there too, my driving record is clean as a whistle, not a spot on it, but I’ve seen more than one cop mess up his own record in front of a judge. Just my two sense.
  3. Both trucks made it to the event and back with no issues. Was so happy with that. But it was just sort of heartbreaking to see how many people were having yard sales today… seems like the “never forget” slogan is thrown out the window these days… Atleast everyone at the event we went to cared. Atleast there’s some hope I suppose… nothing made me more proud than to hoist that huge flag up the ladder trucks, and to see people stand in awe at it fluttering in the breeze. Now to finally replace these tires and do something about this fuel tank…
  4. These were practices started a few years ago, back around the time this thread first started. It was actually done because we couldn’t find a decent replacement for the stock fuel filter so an inline filter out of a race car was put in, and that thing has no issue flowing enough fuel. We check the bowl every time this fuel issue happens and usually there’s a few small nasties at the bottom but nothing that should gum it up really. We always have an extra filter on hand just in case. The only thing that seems to work tho is blowing the fuel line out from the motor to the tank and then we don’t have any problem for a tank or two of gas. Luckily it was only towed once (since we’ve had it anyways) the rest of the times we got it going again on the road. This most recent outing was own of those times. Any more ideas are more than welcome though!
  5. Good thing we only use ethanol free with some lead additive mixed in. Bypassed that issue when ethanol tore up the fuel system in one of our mowers. Our rule of thumb is to not put ethanol in anything with a carburetor. It’s worked well so far.
  6. That’s the plan, although this’ll be the 3rd time dropping the tank since this thread began. I was just never involved in doing that part so it slipped my mind. Talking to some people about just getting a new tank made, considering the last 2 times it was dropped it was tumbled and cleaned (atleast that’s what I was told). Back up plan is just to bring an airline to blow out the fuel line wherever we go with it, for the time being atleast. Sure beats having to call a tow truck if it happens again.
  7. Took the old girl back home over the weekend. The guys there loved to see her. Even got her pumping a little. Now every valve leaks like it’s made out of Swiss cheese but the pump… well… pumps! And that’s certainly a good thing. Had a small issue on the way home, but she’s home safe and that’s all that matters. Something keeps getting into the fuel line and clogging it up, has to be blown out every so often. We’ll figure it out. She’s a beast otherwise, had her climbing Braddock mountain in 5th. Now we gotta get new tires put on. Hope to have her ready to roll again for 9/11.
  8. No offense taken. These days we try to atleast crank up the trucks once a week, usually when someone goes to mow the lawn. Try to take them around the neighborhood every few weeks, down to the gas station and whatnot… all the problems come from when it sat for 15 years before I really got involved. Now it’s just chasing all the issues that caused. Getting closer to where we want it, just takes time. To be fair, the L hadn’t been run in a few months before the latest issue but that’s not for lack of trying… that kinked fuel line wouldn’t let it fire up and we hadn’t figured it out yet. Also, those buckets sound good, my dad thought he knew someone who he could some original ones from, just hadn’t contacted the guy yet. We’ll see where that goes. Not in any rush there right now.
  9. Hadn’t even heard of those until now being honest, I’ll have to take a look at them. Trying to keep the truck as original as possible so I’m still definitely looking for original buckets, but there’s a solid backup plan. Luckily ours aren’t so bad yet, we can put them back on real quick to take it to a show but they’re definitely going to need replacing, the insides are all rotting out…
  10. The real issue with it kinking was the line was a little too long to begin with, long enough we could wrap it in a loop and it still worked. The new shorter line shouldn’t be able to kink because it won’t have to bend that much. But it is crazy, the company the trucks come from have a few members still around who were there at the pentagon, and of course it’s sheer luck my dad wasn’t one of them.
  11. Went to take the truck out of the barn last week, and she just didn’t want to go for very long… started looking at the fuel lines and sure enough the line going into the mechanical pump is kinked. We’ve had to go to a few places now to find someone with both fittings to remake the little thing. And we know that’s the whole problem because when you bend the line back into shape the truck ran just fine. Hoping to have both of the truck out for a local 9/11 event we were invited to, so there’s that to look forward to! Have this pic, shows the passenger wiper and headlights we’re working on aswell… still looking for headlight buckets if anyone knows where I can find them.
  12. They’ve found a new home now
  13. Listen I’m not so much of a conspiracy nut that I think they’re putting microchips in the shots, especially since the shots were developed with help from the Trump administration just rolled out by Biden’s. But I do believe in freedom of choice, and if you don’t want to take the shot, for any reason really but especially if it’s because it hasn’t been tested enough; you’ve definitely got a case there. You can’t roll out a shot in a year and expect it to be tested thoroughly. There’s a lot of conflicting info on the effects of it too, that really makes you think… You know I keep thinking about running for office but I realize they’ll just screw me over like the Dems keep screwing Bernie because I don’t align with either party enough. I just wanna let people live how they wanna live man, as long they’re not harming anyone else why stop their fun? I think a friend of mine put it best: I want to have the ability to open carry and smoke weed at my gay friend’s wedding that they paid for with Bitcoin, plus they’d have to find a priest and cake baker willing to work them. Not saying I would, I just don’t think the government should be able to tell me I can’t. But hey, that’s just my two sense…
  14. Much thanks for the compliments y’all! Not such a bad idea welding the wheels together, seeing as I’ve taken up welding in the last year. Guess I can never have too many burn barrels lying around… Of course that’s assuming some guy with a love of originality doesn’t come along looking for a set of 10r 20 split rims. That’s what my dad is hoping for but I think he’s going to be waiting a while on that one. Guess they’ll get put in the back of the shop with the cracked 707 motor waiting for the same kind of guy. Lol. Trucks will probably make it out this summer, definitely want to try to do Pump Primers in Harrisburg with the CF this year but we’ll see.
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