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    I’ve been around Mack’s from the day I was born. I hope to one day have a small collection of old Mack trucks. I’d love an old B-75, or an older H with square fenders, or even an old C-600. Once you go Mack you never go back. I also have a knack for steam locomotives and space travel...

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  1. Well that’s to this quarantine I’ve had some extra time on my hands... finally edited my footage from PPP last year for YouTube. As soon as it’s public (should be very soon) enjoy! Also, don’t mind the music towards the end, I needed to fill the noise void and that was the best I could find while avoiding a potential copyright lawsuit...
  2. I told the guy a price on an old Mack and he was 3 seconds away from buying it thinking it was going to make him a fortune, pretty quickly I told him nobody who knows what they’re talking about would pay nearly that much for the thing... he realized quickly that old trucks aren’t worth all that much...
  3. If they got a battery to it and got it to crank over a few times, even if it didn’t start I think that’d raise the price a bit... usually if it turns over you haven’t broken anything too bad... scrap price sounds really good for the moment, but I’d star negotiations a little lower, maybe $2000-$2500
  4. I thought so too, until I began trying to get a better look and noticed the second axel... it’s hidden by a number of things...
  5. This one is the most complete... you can certainly take pieces off the other ones though!
  6. I’ve been told it was a test mule. Basically a tandem Superliner 2 with Superliner 1 body panels. If you want it, be sure to bring some hedge trimmers...
  7. That’s the only day they’re not open unfortunately... their hours are 8-4 during the week, and 8-12 on Saturdays, but they usually stay a little later chatting away...
  8. Not really, frame on the officer side is bent up right around the motor, he’s keeping the engine and trans for a rollback he’s building, he’s putting the rear end and drive shaft for his collection of those parts in case people need them, the body is all rusted through you just can’t see it because I’m good at hiding just enough to make it look nice in the pictures... It’d need a lot to restore... like, you’d need an entire other truck just to restore this one, only thing I can think of is maybe somebody could hack up some of the front metal for replacement panels to weld on an F cab (I learned today trying to rip that big chrome front off that it’s basically an F cab with the old grill covered up, I always thought it was just a different cab with the top half of an R model used)... and if you were to go through that trouble you might be able to get just a few more things off of it... the pump was also all rusted through and I got what I could off it which was just a few valves... what’s left that’s nice on that truck you’d have to destroy to get it off thanks to all the rust... we cracked the one windshield trying to get it off because of how bad the thing was...
  9. Just stay away from the DC area and Baltimore, then you should be alright...
  10. I’m sure you’d be able to find something, I haven’t dug through everything but there’s plenty back there...
  11. That’s the owners mentality, he basically tells a few guys he knows to come get what they can off it because he doesn’t want to waste anything still good on it... especially if someone needs it!
  12. That one came with the rear end messed up, that’s how it ended up in the yard to begin with... the owner kinda likes the thing, he just doesn’t have the time or reason to put it back on the road at the moment, he had it running a few years ago... that’s one of the few where if someone needs a piece off it then as long it’s not something important he’ll let you have it, but leave it in one piece for the most part. He’s got other Superdog parts in his back lot if anybody wants stuff like that...
  13. Saved as much as I could off this old girl... everything else is either destroyed or would have to be destroyed to get it off... she goes for scrap in the next few days... sad to see her go but sometimes these trucks are beyond usefulness to anyone. Thing fought me as I tried to save what I could though, and now I’ll end up with a nice scar on my right hand as a trophy of trying to treat her as an organ donor when she wasn’t ready to die yet! Something on her water pump has been pained not quite firetruck red with a chunk of my knuckle and then some more😆... Unfortunately everything already has a taker in case anyone was interested... wasn’t much left by the time it was decided she’d be scrapped...
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