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  1. Looks like it says both LHSW and LH2D. Nice truck either way, and a 3 stick trans. Awesome find.
  2. I wonder what it’d take to get it running again. Not too bad of a price if it doesn’t require too much to put it back on the road.
  3. In my CF the handles are faced down and they have the same doors as the Rs and Superliners.
  4. I took this in early October 2018. I love this rig and am most definitely in the long line to buy it if he ever decides to pass it on.
  5. In case anyone sees it I’m still interested in tracking this one down. If anyone has any pictures of it that’d be awesome because I’m having a hard time finding any. They don’t have to be new just any picture from any time of this rig will do. I have faith some parts of it are out there somewhere, but at this point I’m just trying to find more info to be able to possibly be able to identify it better. I’m unlucky enough to have never seen it in person or atleast remember seeing it. It’s district due to its square rear box fenders and sedan cab with twin molded roof lights and center dome rotator light. Any help in this is greatly appreciated. I know there’s a lot of guys that would love to see it again after being lost. It mean a lot to them. Thanks.
  6. Well I’ve been so busy these past few weeks that nothing much has been done. We plan on putting the fuel pump back in ASAP which if it isn’t tomorrow won’t be until sometime next week. Some work needs to be done pretty quickly because it almost become a tradition at this point to take one of them to the school dances over at the local art high school, give everyone something cool to look at. This homecoming was the homecoming king and his gang making a grand entrance, we’ll see about this year replacing the CF with the old L. If that goes well we have a few shows that are relatively close we’re going to try to take them both to and if that all works out you can expect to see them relatively often at shows along the east coast. Right now the goal is to get it running and then re wire the driver side headlight which currently doesn’t have any power going to it. Wish us luck. Enjoy some old pictures I’ve found of the two.
  7. I clicked on this so fast expecting to see the Truck 11 & 12 I know and love.
  8. Any clue how much he wants for it?
  9. deshalb sprechen wir kein deutsch. I only wish more people could understand even that much that these men have done.
  10. It is, I think the long chassis one is the new electric mule because it’s always stopped on the side which is something I’ve only seen with electric drivetrains, especially since I’ve NEVER seen a test mule broken down, and they have to stop to take temperatures to make sure the batteries aren’t getting too hot. Just a guess though.
  11. If I had the money right now I’d be real interested in this one, and being so small I know it’d fit in between the other 2 wagons we have if we put them in there right. Unfortunately we just blew a bunch of money and are about to go through some more bringing back our L to true roadworthiness. I’m sure there’ll be others who’d be interested with the finances to get it. If not put me down on the list for in a few years, it’d be a nice project to work on once I’m done with the L.
  12. They take a truck off the assembly line and run it loaded around without stopping it until it comes time to replace the old one which is typically decided by either a breakdown, which is pretty rare, or that the vehicle has put enough miles on it that they decide to make sure it’s stoll the way it should be. Or atleast that’s how Mack does it, basically quality control for the drivetrain plant. They’ve got a few running around at a time usually. You can tell which ones are the test mules because they’re a solid color, are hauling giant cement blocks, and have Mack Trucks Inc. written kinda small somewhere on the truck. The other ones I’ve seen are a long Cassis MR, an LR tractor, a granite tractor, and now this Pinnacle. They really never shut them off unless there’s a breakdown and they never stop but to change drivers and fill up with fuel.
  13. I happen to occasionally see the Hagerstown Drivetrain Plant’s rest mules on their runs, and today they had a new one, a brand new black Pinnacle with a huge sleeper. The only chrome is the stacks. I’ll try to get some pictures the next time I see it. It’s hauling a flatbed with a bunch of weights on the back and in smaller red text on the sleeper it says Mack Trucks Inc. along with the DOT number. It’s a pretty sweet rig.
  14. Do you mean the arm breaker or the crankshaft?
  15. He’s probably just going for that rat rod look... Very rare but definitely one of a kind.
  16. The worst thing it could be is a brand new Chevy Colorado... I think we’d all like to see your latest rig.
  17. Superliner seeing as the hood side is pretty flush with the side of the cab. And it has fenders that slant in the front. It’d be interesting to dig that one out, it’s got a nice paint job on it. Looks so nice Mother Nature decided to take it back...
  18. The 707 is a great engine. When we first brought our LS wagon home the carb was still running a little lean but the governor was still kicking in in 5th on some of the straightaways, if that’s any idea. Even before we brought it home and it was running on 3 cylinders, the handle on the landoll trailer we were hauling it with got stuck and on the 3 cylinders the truck was climbing about a 35-40° angle. It sounds amazing too. After driving around in it you can still feel the beat in you chest for atleast an hour afterwards. Still have yet to get it pumping, though I did see a B with a 707 pumping, and it pumped like a beast, it’s not often they have to yell at you to turn the pressure down. Granted all of my experiences are with fire engines but I’m sure you can get the idea. Wish I could submit videos on here because I have a few of us running around town with it.
  19. I’m fortunate enough to see atleast one R model everyday, the local concrete plant has a couple DMs and there’s a beautiful tanker that appears every so often. All of them are still on the job.
  20. It’s a shame none are for sale, I’m not even there and I already see a few interesting projects I’d like to work on, return some of these to the road instead of to Mother Nature.
  21. It seems like I see more and more of them. My neighbor was constantly having yard sales, and when he did he told people to park on our lawn that was already having problems growing. So we put up a no parking sign. The next morning the sign had been broken off its post and thrown further in. He stopped after the sign went back up and day number 3 of his yard sale was bust after going from 7th down to 3rd in about 200 yards in front of his property in an old Ford we were storing for a local FD. Garbage man had a bunch of bags to deal with the next week, because nobody would buy anything that smelled suspiciously of burnt diesel. We’ve had other issues with him but that was the end of him trying to irritate us.
  22. Yes this is an incredibly unusual truck as before it was assumed that the smaller radiator somehow restricted the L cab from being used, but clearly that’s not the case. It’d also be interesting to learn how many of these were made with an L cab. It also begs the question to know if a CA-31 could be put on most other Bs, the only restriction being the size of the motor in relation to the hood of course. I personally prefer Bs with larger L cabs and if it could technically be available on most Bs then that would be a very interesting discovery.
  23. I was searching through the internet when I found this beauty. It looks like a CA-31 cab on a B that doesn’t have the larger radiator. Just curious if anyone knows about it because it’s quite interesting.
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