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    From what I can see the cab sits up higher which makes the fenders more flat, and it looks like the front axel is different. Other than that it does look just like and L.
  2. Just wanted to share some photos of the in progress restoration of my old LS. Right now she runs but very poorly but that should be fixed in a few weeks. After that it’ll take a while before any metal work or paint gets done which it will most certainly need.
  3. CaptainCrutch

    L Fire Engine Restoration

    I was just at the mechanic today, the guy rebuilding the heads has been sick and now that he’s finally better he realized that some code on it doesn’t match up right so he has to rebuild them based on measurements. Should have it back on Friday. We’re so close.
  4. CaptainCrutch

    Liz Warren

    Citizens of Salem Massachusetts: We got ourselves a new Courthouse! High time we had a hanging!
  5. CaptainCrutch

    Trump and Immigration (Illegal Immigrants in the US)

    I will say, most of the time when a child is separated from its parents during deportation is when there is suspicion of whether or not they are actually traveling with a parent. It’s the idea of stopping human trafficking which is surprisingly common based on what I’ve read, not necessarily them catching human traffickers in this fashion but human trafficking in general. They have apparently caught a few human traffickers thanks to this though, and the way I look at it, if just one more human life is saved then I don’t care about the resources being used.
  6. CaptainCrutch

    FDNY CF600 Spec Sheet

    It’s possible that her first few years of service used a 5-speed manual. If it’s not crossed off the list (like power steering on the build sheet for my L) I’d assume that’s how it was delivered. It’s possible that an automatic Allison wasn’t even available at the time because the 4 speed automatic wasn’t made until 1970 and the actual truck automatics weren’t made until 1973 according to what I’ve read. I’d say it’s safe to assume was installed later on by FDNY.
  7. CaptainCrutch

    telesquirt information

    I wonder if it’s the same as that on an L. That picture looks like the one off an L, but the one for a B looks different, having the top bars curved up so they rest higher. If you do need the L bell I’ll be able to get you pics Monday. L Model B Model
  8. CaptainCrutch

    Republic Services Goes Electric with Mack

    I will say the loudest part of a garbage truck in the morning is it dumping the bins, but I do like the idea of a fully electric truck by Mack. I’ve though about what a good idea it’d be to take and old cog driven Mack and put an electric motor on the cog, but I’d love to see what Mack does here. One method is literally just replacing the engine and transmission with an electric motor or putting and electric motor on every axle/wheel. The best part about electric motors is that they’re insanely torquey but lack too much speed, which is perfect for the application of a truck, yet everyone seemed to go with a car first. I’ve been looking into this industry for a few years now and was really excited at the prospect of a Tesla Semi, and even after it was shown off I wanted to see it in commercial use. Glad Mack is jumping on board the electricity train.
  9. CaptainCrutch

    Some Superliner Pics.

    I saw this one rolling through downtown a while back. Hauling a small flatbed trailer.
  10. I really love these models of trucks because they have the B fenders I love with a huge radiator and the option of an L cab that I also adore. I’m just wondering what the difference is between the B-73, B-75 and B-77. I plan on trying to buy one at some point in the future to haul my antique firetrucks with I just can’t at the moment.
  11. CaptainCrutch

    1989 Mack R Model Fire Truck Extended Cab

    It’s kind of funny being able to say you’ve got 5 pedals when you’re talking to someone who doesn’t quite understand fire apparatus. You always say the other 2 are for the siren and you alsways hear “what’s the 3rd one for?”
  12. Olsons just sent us our gaskets, they’ve got a few left. I’d try them first.
  13. CaptainCrutch

    1989 Mack R Model Fire Truck Extended Cab

    Of course I do, to be more specific they were volunteers at the time but were working on becoming career. They treated her like they would in a real emergency. I wish I could see an antique rush to an emergency again. There’s nothing quite like it. Hopefully my L comes back from her trip to the vet sometime this week, then we’ll be able to have some fun, seeing as the snow is melting now.

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