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  1. We were thinking more of a smaller sleeper so we can over hang the ass end of of of the firetrucks over the front edge of the trailer without fear of it hitting the truck... just so we can get away with a 50’ Landoll for instance. The two trucks combined are just a little over 50’ If I remember correctly and obviously you don’t want them touching... and we’ve been talking and another truck that we feel like would fit what we want is a Superliner if any of those are for sale for a pretty good price... this has all come to light because we’ve been having problems getting the L places and it’d just be easier to have a truck and trailer so we’re not having to call up friends and dish out a few hundred dollars every time we want to take it somewhere, and it’d just be nice to expand our Mack collection...
  2. It was awesome seeing that old Bulldog out and driving around, but boy could you smell it, even after it was shut off and just sitting for a while. A beautiful rig though, absolutely loved seeing it, put some of even the newer ones to shame on it’s driving capabilities...
  3. In case anybody wants a really great video that has been run through Twitters awful compression here’s a link to the many videos of the parade that’re on my Twitter...
  4. Just my pictures that I took at the event... I’ve also got a video of the parade coming through but it’s over 20 minutes long and I’m pretty sure I can’t put any video on here...
  5. I can only imagine after the stories people had about those cabs having no space that the concave one would make a driver stand outside the truck to be able to maneuver into anything... though you could probably rest your hands and just drive with your chest for a while...
  6. What’s the location and who should those interested contact. Looks like something my dad’s been wanting and the price is pretty good... only other question is what’s the engine and trans in it.
  7. Yeah I saw it but it looks like a bit too much work since we’re still trying to get the L running right...
  8. Basically what I’m saying is if either of these trucks come up for sale let me know, we’d really like a truck like one of these... That green and white LTL is actually perfect because it’s got a nice patina and it’s the colors of the firetrucks it’ll be hailing...
  9. I think it’s standard for gas engine trucks around this time as Ls and Bs have one just like it if they have a gas motor... so that should help broaden your search...
  10. That cab over looks sick, if it drove I’d just put a clear coat on it and leave it as it is...
  11. Really the only requirement for them are they have to be tractors and the B-75 has to have an L cab, were cramped enough in the L cab I can only imagine the B cab. The others such as sleeper and Mack motor are just things we’d prefer. They don’t even have to look nice as we like a good petina look sometimes...
  12. Turning radius is not a problem, we’ve had a triaxel up here to trailer the L and we’ve had lumber trucks as well when we were building it back deck. Besides we’re not just in it for hauling the fire engines, we also just want a sharp semi that’d be fun to take to shows and drive around. One more thing to add is that we’d prefer a truck with a Mack motor.
  13. Well for the right price we wouldn’t hesitate... the ultimate goal is to have a decent truck to haul the firetrucks, since firetrucks are geared to go fast in the city, not so much on the highway, and we’d like to be able to trailer them places without having to call 50 people we know with trailers to see if they’re not busy. That and we have a firm belief that why would anyone have a back yard when you could have a Mack yard.
  14. Me and my dad aren’t really in the market right now but that doesn’t mean we’re not looking, nor does it mean we wouldn’t snag one up given the right deal. We either want an LTL or a B-75 with the L cab, tractors, preferably with sleepers but that’s not a must. Not really picky about everything else, just as long as it doesn’t require a ton of work.
  15. Well as it turns out the truck needs a tune up so it runs nice but it needs to get to the shop for such a tune up, but it needs the tune up to get to the shop. So I’m sure that paradox has baffled many as to how we’re gonna fix it, we’re hoping the local mechanic is willing to either come down and get it or we’re gonna try to call some friends with a flat bed and see if they’ll help get it there. Another reason why we want to get an old semi and a flatbed of our own one day, we just certainly don’t have the funds now... in the mean time thanks to Loadstar I found some old pictures of the truck. This also gives us a good view of the original fleur de le on the fenders.
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