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  1. A part of me hated to do this, but there's no other way unfortunately. Does anyone know what happened to any of these trucks? I was trying to find Jake's LTL and unfortunately I discovered that he most likely sadly passed away a few years ago. My dad fell in love with the LTL after trying to find ideas of what he wanted his truck to be in the future, especially since it seemed to match the looks of his dad's old L model firetruck that the two of us have been working on for the past few years. I was hoping that I'd be able to find it on my own but it turns out that plan was more wishful thinking... Any help is much appreciated! For anyone who cares to read this is his Obituary: https://oconnellbenedict.com/obituaries/gerald-jerry-vernon-leonard/
  2. Back in the day you didn't tend to care so much about RPMs just how fast you were going, thus many of these trucks were built without them. So in the more modern age an easy solution was just to stick it on to the steering column or dash board, rather and cut a big hole in the dash for it to sit in.
  3. My friend's trucking company made one using only old trucks but they started doing pickup trucks and didn't have a single Mack! I like the idea of doing a BMT calendar with the highest voted pictures from each month of the year previous to that of the calendar.
  4. I wish you the best of luck finding your grandad’s old trucks. If anyone knows where they are you’re in the right place, clearly you’re grandma’s old H model is still out there somewhere, probably in Massachusetts. That’s just what I’ve been able to gather so far... Make a new topic on the Trucks Wanted section of the site with any other information you have to try to bring a little more attention to your search.
  5. That’s why so many of these old dogs are still working...
  6. Very big... I expect this to be something along the lines of bringing back an old nameplate or an electric tractor... can't think of much else that would be considered "big" by anyone that we wouldn't know about already.
  7. They've got all their most useful parts under cover on palats... Other than that, yeah I love the place, they only work on old iron so the shop is set up for that kind of work.
  8. I went back and looked, I think all the MHs are integral sleepers in this guys yard. If you want the V-Mack one sitting there it looks like it wouldn't be too much work to fix up again. I will say, these trucks are constantly being parted out so if you want to get a truck out of there you've gotta do ti when you can. The MHs and the line of CFs are still sitting where they were in the original pictures for the most part, but some of the other stuff moves around a bit.
  9. I guess I forgot to let you all know where I found this stuff, well I won’t tell you directly yet but all you need to know are in the background of these pictures... they’ve been helping me out with my old LS and I figure they deserve the attention... If you end up there be sure to tell them what you’re working on and they’ll be able to point you in the right direction...
  10. Anybody know what engines and transmissions were in the Mack MH Ultraliners that were owned and operated by Mack for use at their factories? I’ve included some pictures to hopefully help clarify what I’m talking about...
  11. It’s be fun if you positioned just the cab and hood on the trailer as if the thing had its chassis stolen out from under it so fast it left the body in place...
  12. These updates are getting me excited for your rig... maybe even as excited as you! Seeing classic trucks like this get back on the road in such a right way just fills a hole in my soul left by living near a junkyard that stops people trying to preserve history... yet they keep the things that THEY find nice to look at...
  13. Unfortunately these last few years his piggy bank is getting smaller... too many medical bills are making him realize he needs to do the things he’s wanted to do for years before he can’t anymore. Things are starting to look up, they’re just not quite there yet, and I’m trying to figure this stuff out so when he’s ready he can get the most joy out of whatever he decides on... Me, I’ve got plenty of time so I figure I’ll help dad on his projects before getting around to my own... hopefully by that point my piggy bank will be big enough I can do just about whatever I want. Now I’m curious though, how big is a big enough piggy bank for yours? I know a guy locally that has one with a twin stick, but heaven forbid you even bring up the possibility of asking him to part with it... I think I’m more likely to get his working, near factory new, Superdog...
  14. Thanks for you input, luckily I found a honey pot or two for parts, and between them I’ve been able to get every part I’ve needed or in contact with someone who has some for my one of a kind firetruck. The parts sources weren’t just for firetrucks either... But like I said thanks for the advice! I have a feeling my dad wouldn’t mind having a collection just like yours but wanted to find a good rig to haul with first. I actually know of a few really good MHs and a Superliner or two I should be able to get my hands on so it sounds like those’ll be the ones I try to convince my dad to pursue... he just really wants an old LTL like yours!
  15. Things like this make me wish I joined BMT a few months before I did... we messed up our 707 because we didn't think to clean up the engine and gas tank before trying to start it up for the first time... I guess it all worked out though, as the crack in the engine block was there before we got it, we just didn't realize how bad it was, and now that problem has been fixed... and bonus that the new block is easier to maintain, not to mention the Mack logo inscribed on the side of it. Still, y'all would've helped us save a bit of time and money on the heads...
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