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  1. Awesome I’ll look into that today! Thanks for the help 👍
  2. Hey everyone, I am looking for a set of the one piece, horizontal radiator shutters, (complete as an assembly preferably) for our 1964 B-75T. I’ll include a picture for reference, thanks for any help in advance! - Phil
  3. price is a starting point...we have a B75 that we will be restoring that is next to it...a few R models as well...only U model we have around is a rolling chassis w/a 237/5spd, the 237 will be going in the B75 once we get going on it!
  4. just checked it out, truck has a 7.00 ratio. it was a dump, the fifth wheel is just resting on there, does not come with truck.
  5. not sure. posting for my father. I will try get a number off of the rear ends and get back to you. This was a dump truck, i would guess it is approx 7.00 ratio, we never took it down the road.
  6. Mack B61SX for sale. Triple frames are spread over tandems(have seen much worse but will probably need repair), Truck has 58K rears, 20K fronts, 250HP turbocharged diesel that runs excellent, Quadruplex trans shifts smooth. also has great factory power steering. Sheetmetal is in pretty good shape, all glass intact. 11.00/22 rubber on rears w/ 11r24.5 on fronts. truck has older maxi brakes. We bought it not running, pulled it 20 feet and she fired right up. this truck is a very solid start for a restoratoin, or a great truck for parts to upgrade your B61! No title for this truck, but if we get
  7. for sale: not sure of the year, we believe it is a 1946 or 1947 International KB7 truck. 6 cylinder gas engine, 5spd trans with 2spd rear end. Steel flatbed body with large PTO driven winch. Truck belonged to a rigging company, and has a post system that mounts to body to lift objects onto bed. We have not had this truck running, it has hydraulic brakes which do not work. original condition. sheet metal is pretty good for year, some rot on fenders and door bottoms, but overall the sheetmetal is in really good shape.Truck rolls freely and goes in and out of gear Please call 603-497-3972 betwee
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