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  1. Looking for a cab roof for the early small steel dash cab. New or used.
  2. Pm me if you are interested they all are in the Mack bags. I also have the heater cover non Ac. They are for the tan color interior.
  3. I have a set of diamond plate fuel tanks for sale if anyone needs a set. Pm for more details.
  4. I have the pulley for the 673 if you still need it PM me.
  5. Good Evening, I see you have adds all over for these rims. How many do you need, new ones can be had just expensive.
  6. Goodyear still makes them, look in jersey. Or yokahama makes a cheaper version if you wanna go new.
  7. Good Evening, If these parts are still avaliable pm me. Thank You
  8. Good Evening, Private message me may have a complete pump on a 237.
  9. What are you looking to get for this truck in a box.
  10. Have one which is a diesel version.
  11. The engine i have is 1979 235 with spin on filters. It's the later model. If you would like a picture of it PM me and i'll send it right over to you. As for the fuel curve gentleman. If the pump on the engine is set up for a six speed lo-hole which most of them were cause the 18 speeds went away in the early 70's to my knowledge but i could be wrong. The 18's and triplex's we are all talking about operate from 1500-2100. The lo-hole with the triple countershaft operates around 1200-1850. So the timing on the injection pump for the fuel delivery is different. Hence the term fuel curve.
  12. I have a decent 237hp that would go right in there minimal mods and minimal rebuild. You need to do the injection pump over for the right fuel curve.
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