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  1. What did happens to Schlumberger? they are selling tons of equipment and there is no phone number good to reach them in Tx?
  2. we have a B42 in the yard. been sitting forever. if you dont find and need one badly i can look if it's good.
  3. last time i heard it was at the same spot. It need a motor and was a bit pricy
  4. Hey group I bought a mixer truck in Fountain Colorado, It's 32' long, 12' high. Probably in the 22k pounds. I need it the closer possible to Champlain NY but I can get local guy to take it in the upper ny or jersey area. It run and drive but need to be hauled. I need a RGN with 32' in the well. 450-803-7211 for more info.
  5. Why Scania engine isnt an option engine in north america?
  6. make sure the coolant line are closing properly to the heater radiator. The air is pushed to both radiator before exiting in the cab .
  7. staxx, is Mack helping you with ecm programation or you do all this on your own?
  8. we will take it back here this summer. After that I will tell you whats the top speed
  9. Being a Canadian, with a goofy prime minister, all the news channel are making a bad press on Trump. They make him the bad guy because he's not helping us with China and the Huawei story. They keep bitching him and now they want him to do our Goofy prime minister job and resolve the story. WTH, Justin Trudeau had one job to do and can't do it, he's weak and Trump even told him last year
  10. early 80's mack DM single frame. motor and transmission is gone, cab is junk, frame is perfect with a set of 44 on camelback 40's 4.17 ratio. 138'' from the back of the cab to the end of the tandem according to my memory, remeasurment is needed. It's perfect to reframe an old rusted double frame DM. 1200$ located in Joliette Quebec, we can help with shipping. Make a reasonnable offer, we don't want to scrap it. call/text for pictures and info
  11. there is probably a way to fool the econovance system on the vmac1.
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