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  1. Mack F model. Mack MB

    what shape you want both to be in?
  2. Mack Warranty

    just a quick idea without real thinking to back my statement. can you just put a pinless bridge like earlier etech have and get going?
  3. Mack Dog Posters

    [email protected] many thanks! i have the flame dog poster but it's pretty faded now..
  4. Mack Dog Posters

    how much you sell them for? i am interested.
  5. Ediberto Mike Ruiz posted the picture on may 28th in the Mack Superliner group. that's his uncle truck he said. i hope it will help you if you find him.
  6. there was one guy sled pulling a superliner with a N14 on facebook... you might give a try on youtube to find him. it was less then one month ago.
  7. looking for AI-400

    anyone know where i can find a good A1-400 to fit in a MR?
  8. New Dog

    they know each other for sure... short wb E9 and hendrickson spring!
  9. Neway air ride panhard bar question

    newer model and they are servicable now. when they get loose you can just replace the bushing on the press instead of the whole arm. I like the idea because when you get one built and they don't make the new one exact same lenght you can mess your axle alignment. Way to go in my opinion.
  10. Mack E7 from Vmac1 to mechanical

    do you think just the back of the pump can be swapped?
  11. Mack E7 from Vmac1 to mechanical

    what i was thinking is taking the electronic governor off the pump and install a mecanic one. the solenoid between the fuel pump and block control the timing, but it can be locked. if you remove it and install the fuel pump direct you'll need all the injection tube. about 150$ a piece...
  12. getting sick of the code in the dash and poor performance of my E7 with Vmac1. anyone ever made the change to convert it mechanical? I think just the back end of the fuel pump where the governor is can be swapped and linkage installed. I will lock the econovance and set the proper timing.
  13. E-7 timing selinoid

    it's fic module. it is the black 'computer' in the cab.
  14. E-7 timing selinoid

    check your fuse in the fuse panel. code 6-3 is FIC module normaly. when that fuse blow some truck wont start, some will start and die, some will run ruff as hell. i can't remember wich fuse it is... I assume you have the V-mac1 module for a early 90's to 97 model?
  15. Big Mack with Flames

    this truck made mack calendar when new.