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  1. there is probably a way to fool the econovance system on the vmac1.
  2. do you have access to the wiring harness of that setup? Over maybe 20 RB we had, all identical truck, one have this update.
  3. I have a good double fram for a RW700 and one CL713. both are double and very good. both have decent wb.
  4. the new one are made cheap cheap. I had the #6 injector line replace 3 times on an old 2v 300hp engine. they will crack near the double flange. I found a used one and it fixed it forever. I took good care when installing that it was not overtighten, not bent the right way and everything. new lines are just cheap junk.
  5. ask stephen ainey on facebook. i'm sure he know this info. bbigrig here
  6. I cant get enough fuel to make all the boost it should. 30psi was the max with non stock injector and still a lazy dog. I have been trying to find someone that can trick the ecm without luck. I also try to get bosch pump that supply more fuel with the same pulse. If you don't have a Cat, no one want to touch or know how to improve it..
  7. it seems they do good on E7 pre etech engine (vmac1) I have on on my etech and it's too big, I guess it wouldnt work good on a ami either. I will retrofit to a non wastegate 460 turbo.
  8. I don't think mack fitted any Allison to their E9, but I have somewhere a book with all the adapter p/n from Allison to fit on mack engines. You will probably be done before I put my hand on it again.. You might have better luck asking the guy who did the Bandag Titan in Australia (I believe) they made it for sure and might have spare parts
  9. hey guys, looking for a distributor for a 1947 mack EH with a 121hp 6 inline gas engine. the old one was lost at the repair shop. Hit me with what you have or good source!
  10. E9 engine, fuller 15 speeds, double frame is ok, not the original lenght, 72'' rear spread on hendrickson spring. Located near Montreal in Canada. we can deliver on the U.S. side. 14Kcdn currency 450-803-7211 for more info
  11. fullfuel01

    Mack MH

    got sold and resold. it's been posted here i believe
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