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  1. Hey guys, anyone remember seing a cat 1693 powered superliner? it was probably repowered this way. the same guy had another one with a detroit 8V?? in it. From what i heard they ended up somewhere in Wisconsin or Michigan.
  2. unit pump

    can we interchange the EUP from etech to AI and AC? what is the difference?
  3. Mack 13 Speed

    and me i want the old 6 speeds of your cruise-liner
  4. I have a Mack RM 6x6 if it can help you. We also have DMM mack with transfer case and front driving axle but the ratio will need to match your rear end ratio
  5. Superliner bunk

    there is no cut out on it. it was in a good shape. the blue interior was clean. It's a good deal at 500$ for sure
  6. hi

    do you still have the fuel pump and turbo setup of that engine?

    1. seensee


      I have the turbo set yp and manifold but the turbo needs a rebuild. Do not have the fuel pump

  7. EM6 P7100 swap from E7

    i think it fit. I know there is different 'adapter' between the pump and block but a friend of mine made it.
  8. Cruiseliner windsheild

    MH and Cruiseliner are totaly different. I have a NOS pair i was able to get for a future project. No longer available from Mack. let me check if i have one or two sets of each...
  9. Mack F model. Mack MB

    what shape you want both to be in?
  10. Mack Warranty

    just a quick idea without real thinking to back my statement. can you just put a pinless bridge like earlier etech have and get going?
  11. Mack Dog Posters

    jealbros@hotmail.com many thanks! i have the flame dog poster but it's pretty faded now..
  12. Mack Dog Posters

    how much you sell them for? i am interested.
  13. Ediberto Mike Ruiz posted the picture on may 28th in the Mack Superliner group. that's his uncle truck he said. i hope it will help you if you find him.
  14. there was one guy sled pulling a superliner with a N14 on facebook... you might give a try on youtube to find him. it was less then one month ago.
  15. looking for AI-400

    anyone know where i can find a good A1-400 to fit in a MR?