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  1. A pallet jack dose a decent job of removing tires and spoke hub/drums as one.
  2. 41- is that using the cam out of the 400 motor or dose the 300 cam somehow have the ability for the straight key way?
  3. Thank you for looking. That is interesting to have the same compression and use the same nozzles. Ill give the parts man a call tomorrow.
  4. My 90 RB has a mechanical E7-300L, 12513 Eaton with 4.64 rears. I have a 91 CH with a mechanical E7-400. My question is could the parts from the 400 (pump, turbo, injectors) be put on the 300 block or are there internal differences like different pistons, compression etc. Would be nice to have more hp and rpm.
  5. How old, any shine left and what make are the rims? I would take the other 6 if not to far away
  6. An ‘01 with less than 500k on a etech 350 mated to an 8ll...? One of the best combos ever. If takin care of even just a little should be good for awhile yet. My 01 ch with a 427 and a 15spd Eaton has 1.2 million in it and was only rebuilt once at 600k. The E-7 is a tough motor. Cams and liner issues are some if any of the “major” concerns. Rebuilding is reasonable when the time comes. And the best part- No emissions.
  7. I’m all Mack. I don’t look at anything newer than 2003. When we can’t keep them running time to close the doors. They haul the same loads time and again. I know it’s not an option for everyone, but for my operation it’s the best way to maximize our money. I feel for everyone running newer equipment that is unreliable.
  8. How’s you’re dad like the section of I88 between Oneonta and Cobleskill? To say it’s rough would be kind!
  9. I’ve got a 20001CH with a setback front axle and my hood is in need of replacement. My question is does anyone know of a vision hood would work on this truck? My guess is it won’t but maybe someone else has some definitive answers.
  10. I don't think it matters what wires go to what terminals. It's a coil inside looking for ground to resist against, generate heat and in turn heat up your coolant.
  11. Most of the time the thermometer is also a sight gauge, meaning the hydraulic fluid will be visible in the thermometer if at the same level.
  12. If it's a Jake I think there a diagrams on there website.
  13. We still know it's you! Mine got messed up to but luckily it's not my password to anything. I have confidence Barry will have things sorted out shortly. I can't even imagine trying to run a site like this.
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