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  1. anyone know much about hydrostatic drives

    have you removed the tube line at the rod end of the lift cyl. to see if you get a rush of oil from either cyl. when trying to lift the boom ? On another note I just got off the phone with my buddy that has the A-car, it has either a 262 or 250 in it and its stuck, but only oil in the crank case, he got the truck for the engine so he would have part for his old skoop mobile loader, he has since sold the loader so the truck and eng could be available.
  2. anyone know much about hydrostatic drives

    I have a753 I think or 743 ( I can never remember unless im looking at it) Anyhow there is a red knob on the right side of the operators platform that is a dead machine boom lower by pass valve, could it be stuck in the bypass position? other than that you may have failed a cylinder piston packing or stuck port relief. I take it the bucket tilt function still works properly ?
  3. anyone know much about hydrostatic drives

    EZ, a typical hydrostatic system is closed loop, that said the oil in one side will basically stay there except what is expelled thru the case drain lines. They may have inline filters in them to protect the rest of the system in case of pump or motor failure, With that said, you may have a plugged case drain that has caused an air locked motor thus resulting in a intermittent operation. if the machine only acts up in one direction it could be a stuck circuit relief valve. .........after looking at this and looking at your previous picture, what I just told you wont mean squat ! Does the linkage "Feel the same" L vs. R when actuated ? if not perhaps a roll pin failed on the swash plate control, had a new Holland do this once. does the book show you a test port for charge pump pressure? if so you could test that to see if it stays constant. if it does then im afraid the "glitter" is most likely the hydrostatic pump has failed.
  4. anyone know much about hydrostatic drives

    stupid question......could you have crossed the hoses between their correct ports and now one cylinder is trying to extend while the other side is trying to retract ?
  5. E9 air compressor, pushing oil out the intake

    also check the engine draft tube, if its restricted it might do this as well. to eliminate the air cleaner on the compressor you could drill and tap the engine intake crossover pipe and then run a hose from it to the compressor, I have a 92 e-9 and that's how the factory eliminated the air comp. filter. (just a thought )
  6. birthday present

    what's the old saying "their is no replacement for displacement" horsepower is way over rated "torque" is what gets it done ! I think a buddy of mine has another 262 in an A-car but its on the wrong side of the country for you.
  7. 49 IH fire truck-CL

    nice looking KB if I was independently wealthy I would get it to keep its older brother company
  8. birthday present

    cummins powered candles I would guess ? give her some fresh wax and pull the decomp. for a few rolls and see what happens next !, nothing a 8.3 wouldn't fix.
  9. birthday present

    well HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! .........damn im lucky to get a edible cake, you must be living right to get an A Car ! hopefully her candles light when you crank her up !
  10. long awaited work shop finally started

    best of luck, have the guys cover the slab with concrete blankets if its going to drop below 34 as the water leaves the slab it travels upward and if the top freezes it will delaminate and you will have a exposed aggregate floor. I say 34 because the weatherman is seldom correct. leave the blankets on for a week or so ,,you can uncover the pad during the day when temps are above freezing to aid in the drying. I did my floor in the 20's but kept it covered with double blankets and no issues.
  11. E6 vs E9 MPG

    my e-9 loaded one way (98,000) and hauling empty apple bins as a back haul (46,000)13.6 high avg. 15 gal/ hr.
  12. Congrats Mr & Mrs Slpwlkr!!!!!

    Congrats Slpwker , thought of you several times this last month as I was pulling the hills on 84 hauling apples to the Yakama area. I remember you saying how much you enjoyed them
  13. My oldest tool that gets used every day...

    amazing that the spare jaws are still around ! looks to be as handy as fencing pliers !
  14. Rare old mack for sale

    our local vfd had one with 3K gallon tank .......the truck never knew it was there !.....don't miss the 49 mph response speed, we nick named her Godzilla! almost needed a shoehorn in order to put her in the hall !
  15. Mechanical E7 skip/pop

    swap injectors with a different hole and see if the problem follows, how tight are the valve guides ? ........or possibly a sticky valve bridge. perhaps a broken valve spring .....enough pressure to close it most of the time....but not all the time.