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  1. Rare old mack for sale

    our local vfd had one with 3K gallon tank .......the truck never knew it was there !.....don't miss the 49 mph response speed, we nick named her Godzilla! almost needed a shoehorn in order to put her in the hall !
  2. Mechanical E7 skip/pop

    swap injectors with a different hole and see if the problem follows, how tight are the valve guides ? ........or possibly a sticky valve bridge. perhaps a broken valve spring .....enough pressure to close it most of the time....but not all the time.
  3. CAT on it's back

    Dang the little D-2 is a cute critter ! kinda strange seeing chain guides on one without a blade. the binder looks good too !
  4. E9 head gasket failure after 2500 miles?

    I faulty injector will cause a tick also a miss as you have described, a slipped helix in the injection pump that results in over fueling of one cyl. will also do it.
  5. Body-on-frame [light] trucks refuse to die

    2016 dodge 4x4 megacab 2500 cummins diesel 21 mpg, 86 ford ranger 4x4 v6 5sp. 25 mpg. ranger can haul me and one other + one med. sized dog in the cab "packed" mega cab 4 people 2 dogs still have elbow room, and can pull a trailer.
  6. E9 head gasket failure after 2500 miles?

    wash off the oily area and run the eng, see if it reappears. no coolant loss ? or bubbles in the radiator? did you retorque the heads after first running the eng. ?
  7. Down the road pictures

    Vlad really enjoyed seeing more of your part of the world, nice pictures !
  8. 13 speed Fuller

    Damn hasn't this been a hoot to read ! that trans is bigger than a 900 series unless the input shaft has been changed stock should be a 1 3/4 shaft. with a 300 and those slow speed rears and a solo truck you should be fine with a twin countershaft trans the only issue I could for see would be soft spongy ground where you could really put the torque to that trans, my advice would be check with the parts man and find a clutch that will only hold a 1000 foot lbs. of torque chances are it would slip before you blow a trans. btw nice clean looking R model ! any woods truck that age that is still that straight has been maintained and cared for. doubt too many terminal UPS drivers could keep one looking like that in the woods, enjoy the ol' dog !
  9. Mack Log Trucks

    what size Prentice? .... I don't need one but I'm always in contact with local loggers here in the Okanogan Valley.
  10. King of the mobile cranes

    WHEW......glad I'm not the oiler on that machine !..........don't think the cable chives mid span would get greased !
  11. Super Dozer

    only burns 400 gallons a day !....... thought it would be bigger actually , but I could sure have fun on it for a day !
  12. For when your left boot is slippery

    should have taken pics of our Rd's we had two short drivers so I had 2" x2" zip tied to both the throttle and the brake pedal. I would get in the things to drive them in or out of the shop and my knees where around my ears !
  13. Calif. Steering Wheel Holder

    I'm with Ranch hopper on this one ! I think the driver was a little too pissed of when he started "school" for the 4 wheeler and took him a little too far up the road to clam he didn't see him ! I schooled a few in my younger days when driving dump truck around Seattle. I would pinch them against, the guard rail for a few hundred feet when they would merge between the truck and trailer, they would claim that they never saw that "blinking" light on the trailer tongue!
  14. It is not how well you mow

    its just missing the "B" between the L and the G and a rainbow decal !...........ya I know way off topic for this form but shoved down our throats daily !
  15. It is not how well you mow

    just think 40 years ago when we seen the letters we L G T we thought lawn garden tractor ! .........boy how this country has changed