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  1. are you going to make a MACK fly ?
  2. What is wrong with people today?

    "CLICK"............"BOOM"..............PROBLEM SOLVED !
  3. 12 speed shift knob

    Seattle Mack used to sell two kits for them, the minor parts kit (std. kit you get now) and a major kit (included the shift drum) I used to get them in the late 80's thru the early 90's
  4. 12 speed shift knob

    do you remember the part # for the drum inside of the shifter as well ?....I don't need one this is just a test ! I can never get a parts man any more to get one, only the soft parts kit + the detents
  5. My truck won't start.

    when you say it wont start, and you are checking battery voltage I assume you are saying it wont crank over ? If this is the case, you could have a cylinder full of coolant (caused by a cracked head or failed head gasket as a result of the overheating ) or you could have spun a main or rod bearing due to the low oil level .
  6. 12 speed shift knob

    P.M. Sent
  7. Paris under attack

    hell I'm just impressed some one can spell "trebuchet" properly ! I knew I was butchering it but figured everyone could figure out what I was saying !
  8. Paris under attack

    I heard tonight on the radio that the annual pumpkin chucking contest is suspended pending a lawsuit from a injury caused at last years show. my question is why cant we get the guy with the big treburgie and load this terrorist into the contraption and give him a fling?......problem solved+ entertainment !
  9. E9 oil pump pressure relief spring

    its amazing that the low rpm pressure is that good with a broken spring, the pressures that your e-9 runs are the same as mine.
  10. LT-RV

    Mack needs the DNA of the guys who designed these rigs and implant their current designers ........well according to me anyways , just need to make sure this time they are over 6 foot tall so the cab fits
  11. Turn signal

    on a 2 light system brake and turn use the same filament in the bulb. so the turn signal switch separates left from right by sliding a plate across deferent contacts inside the switch. that said your problem could be inside the sw. or someone could have things wired for a 4 light system and didn't do it right !! 2 light = tail low filament turn/brake high filament light per side of vehicle = 2 total 4 light = one light is tail ( it gets confusing here) and circuit of choice brake or turn 4 light = second can be or not, a redundant tail, then either brake or turn ( which ever one isn't used in light one the tractor is typically wired 2 light. the 7 wire trailer plug is normally set up for a 4 lamp system. now you need to see where it goes amuck ! could be in the turn signal sw. or it could be caused by someone doing improper wiring between the two systems. will need more info on what truck this is on, maybe I can help
  12. E9 Manifold Fix

    did you modify the elbow where it leaves the turbo ?
  13. E-9 Exhaust head pipe

    What are fellow E-9 guys using to replace the cast elbow when the mating flange to the turbo wears out and don't seal ? are you just welding a starter flange into an street elbow or is their someone supplying the drop elbow arrangement? its no longer available thru Mack.
  14. anyone know much about hydrostatic drives

    have you removed the tube line at the rod end of the lift cyl. to see if you get a rush of oil from either cyl. when trying to lift the boom ? On another note I just got off the phone with my buddy that has the A-car, it has either a 262 or 250 in it and its stuck, but only oil in the crank case, he got the truck for the engine so he would have part for his old skoop mobile loader, he has since sold the loader so the truck and eng could be available.
  15. anyone know much about hydrostatic drives

    I have a753 I think or 743 ( I can never remember unless im looking at it) Anyhow there is a red knob on the right side of the operators platform that is a dead machine boom lower by pass valve, could it be stuck in the bypass position? other than that you may have failed a cylinder piston packing or stuck port relief. I take it the bucket tilt function still works properly ?