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  1. Are loose R model doors very easily rebuilt or tightened up? I've seen some trucks that the door just shakes in its frame as you drive down the road. I didn't know how hard it was to remove this slop in the hinges and/or related assemblies. That is one thing I like about old Pete's with their piano hinged doors... they do seem to be less prone to slop. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  2. Last LTL?

    Really cool! I'd love to see more, too!
  3. Last LTL?

    So what's the story behind Joseph Equipment? He always has cool stuff for sale with no prices. Then when you call or email asking for more info and photos you get no response (even when he says he will send the stuff). I'm stumped. If he is a collector, does anyone have photos of his collection? Would love to see his "keepers" if this is the stuff he's letting go of.
  4. I received my copy of MACK in the early 80s when I wrote to Mack Trucks as a kid asking for brochures for my collection. Much to my surprise, the president of the company, Jack Curcio, replied with a care package of both Montville books, a bulldog ash tray, hat pins, truck lithographs, brochures and I can't remember what else. Still have all that stuff. I would love to see an updated version of MACK with more info on the 80s and 90s models.
  5. I've always been curious about the Luberfiner thing, too. Seems I only see them with a Cummins. Were they ever offered with other engines? If not, why not?
  6. Daily digest email

    I must be blind. I sure don't see that in my profile.
  7. Daily digest email

    How does one shut off the daily digest emails from BMT? I can't seem to find the OFF button. I want to be notified of activity of posts I've made but don't need a daily digest of activity. Thanks.
  8. Anyone have MPGs of E9s bobtailing or pulling empty trailers? How about E6s? Kinda makes me wonder if Timmyb is right. Perhaps lightly loaded (or empty) there wouldn't be much difference at all.
  9. Sorry... what is "bugger all"? Ignorant American speaking here.
  10. I'm wondering if anyone knows which engine would be best for MPG in a hobby truck that will be lightly loaded 99% of the time (maybe hauling a couple of antique pickups on a drop deck trailer or a fifth wheel RV or similar). Not looking to haul 80,000 lbs on a regular basis, if ever. Logically, I would think an E6 would return the best fuel economy pulling light loads but you often hear people say that large-displacement, lightly-stressed engines actually outperform the small-displacement engines for economy-- although I'm assuming that's pulling full-gross loads. Does anyone have any experience with these motors pulling lighter loads like a hobby truck typically would? I've always thought an E6 would make a lot of sense in a hobby truck but I want to make sure I'm not missing something. Thanks for your input!
  11. RB

    So they came in an offset cab version, too? I've only seen the regular cab on an RB.
  12. Yes, I remember this truck from a magazine cover. I have the photo somewhere. I think it may have been American Trucker rather than Overdrive, though. Where is this located? That almost looks like a KT Cummins to my untrained eye.
  13. Saw this AC under construction at Mahan's this summer. Appears to have turned out very nicely!
  14. RB

    I never thought of the RB as a very popular model which is why it seems an odd choice for a last R model. In fact, I don't really recall seeing any RBs until they quit building R models. Then I started seeing some around. Did their production run overlap with the regular R models much? Or were they a late addition to the R lineup?
  15. If memory serves, the RB was the longest-lived R model. I'm not sure what year production ended but it was several after the regular R model ended. I've always wondered why this was. Is it simply because it was a set-back front axle model and Mack didn't have another one in the line up at that time? Or what was it about the RB that convinced Mack to keep it around so long? I rarely see them here in the Midwest. Was the RB a heavier-framed version of the R like an RD? Or was it light-framed like a normal R? Inquiring minds want to know?