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  1. And SOMEBODY styled it. It would be interesting to know if that person's still around. Would love to see the design process it went through. Surely there are renderings or photographs of prototypes somewhere. Seems we'll never know.
  2. The Brockway thing was discussed way back at the beginning of this thread.
  3. Thanks guys, especially AZb755v8. This is helpful stuff. Yikes! So you say about $7k-ish for new wheels and rubber? And an equal amount for frame blasting/painting? This definitely isn't a poor man's hobby, is it? It amazes me when I go to truck shows and see how many guys have "toy" trucks that don't do anything but go to shows. Many have more than one! And then to haul or drive those trucks long distances to shows! Yowza, that some serious coin! More power to ya! Hope to join the fun some day. I realize it helps a lot if you're already involved in trucking somehow and have access to the equipment to be able to mess around with big toys. Unfortunately, I don't have that "excuse" to have an old truck. If anyone else has additional feedback on their experience with buying or refurbishing their hobby truck I'd love to hear about it. I'm sure some of you have been in my shoes before.
  4. I've been a fan of the old truck hobby for decades but generally only as a spectator. I've always hoped to one day get in on the action so I'm now hunting for a hobby truck of my own, preferably a Superliner. Over the years I've collected a few antique pickups but never personally owned a "big" truck of my own. I'm not in the trucking business like many of you but I have driven big trucks off and on over the years and have a life-long passion for them (esp. Superliners!). As I look at trucks for sale I find that most of the ones in my price range need some "sprucing up." I'm trying to get a handle on what it might cost to have some of this refurbishing work done since I don't really have a clue. I'm sure many of you have tackled these kinds of projects before. Can anyone give me ballpark costs for some of the tasks below? I'd just like to have a general idea of how much $$ I need to allow for these things as I plan my "toy budget." * Professionally polish all the aluminum on a tractor-- 6 (or should you just do all 10) wheels, 2 large fuel tanks, battery boxes and air tanks. Do polishers do stacks, grilles and mirrors, too, even though they're not necessarily aluminum? * Sandblast and re-paint a frame. I know that's a loaded one. I'm talking about doing a pretty thorough job-- removing all the wheels, fuel tanks, air tanks, battery boxes (or somehow covering them). Then covering the cab and engine so the entire length of the rails could be primed/painted uniformly from end to end. I don't know how else you could paint a frame without it looking half-assed (like just doing from the back of the cab to the end of the frame). Of course, the frame behind the cab would have to be done inside and out, including the rear axles and suspension. A big project! * Install new air lines and other rubber/plastic that might be degraded from time. * New tires-- what kind of money does it take these days to put a nice, new set of 10 matched American-branded tall tires (say 11Rx24.5s) on a tractor? Include mounting, please. Thanks, guys!
  5. Interesting. I was thinking the E6-350 didn't come in Maxidyne flavor but wasn't sure. Yes, this emblem had studs through the hood. Wonder if someone just changed out the Econodyne emblem for a Maxidyne one. The whole thing just didn't seem right to me for some reason. So can anyone tell if this engine is an Econodyne version or not? Refresh my memory.... Econodyne had a lower RPM range than the standard engines?
  6. I looked at an RW2 the other day with an E6-350 engine and a Maxitorque 9 speed. This was a supposedly-unmolested, original 300k mile truck. On the drivers side of the hood it had a Maxidyne emblem. The passenger side was not drilled for an additional emblem. I didn't think Mack put 9 speeds behind Maxidyne engines. True? See engine tag photo. Something didn't seem quite right to me. Perhaps the hood has been changed? By the way, did they put the Maxidyne and Econodyne emblems on both sides of the RW2 hood.... or only the drivers side? Thanks!
  7. Aaaah... the light is coming on now! Thanks, j. hancock!
  8. I'm talking about the 4th and 5th digit in these codes. For instance, what's the difference between a 32 and 33? Or a 52 and a 53? And what's a 43? These are all different model engines, correct?
  9. Can anyone tell me what engines each of these RW model numbers designate? I realize some of these were very low production variations. RW612 RW632 RW633 RW643 RW652 RW653 RW712 RW732 RW733 RW743 RW752 RW753
  10. Does anyone have a photo of the shaft drive/bogie assembly in one of these early tandems?
  11. Are loose R model doors very easily rebuilt or tightened up? I've seen some trucks that the door just shakes in its frame as you drive down the road. I didn't know how hard it was to remove this slop in the hinges and/or related assemblies. That is one thing I like about old Pete's with their piano hinged doors... they do seem to be less prone to slop. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  12. sodly

    Last LTL?

    Really cool! I'd love to see more, too!
  13. sodly

    Last LTL?

    So what's the story behind Joseph Equipment? He always has cool stuff for sale with no prices. Then when you call or email asking for more info and photos you get no response (even when he says he will send the stuff). I'm stumped. If he is a collector, does anyone have photos of his collection? Would love to see his "keepers" if this is the stuff he's letting go of.
  14. I received my copy of MACK in the early 80s when I wrote to Mack Trucks as a kid asking for brochures for my collection. Much to my surprise, the president of the company, Jack Curcio, replied with a care package of both Montville books, a bulldog ash tray, hat pins, truck lithographs, brochures and I can't remember what else. Still have all that stuff. I would love to see an updated version of MACK with more info on the 80s and 90s models.
  15. I've always been curious about the Luberfiner thing, too. Seems I only see them with a Cummins. Were they ever offered with other engines? If not, why not?
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