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  1. Mack Superliner tri-axle dump -E9-500 V8 -10 Speed -329,000 Miles -58 Rears -80% Tires and brakes -Aluminum Body -Pintle hook W/ Air to the Rear -Double Frame -New Tarp -Runs and Drives like new it’s ready to go to work Call or text me 845-542-9842
  2. 1977 r-700 Mack Tri Axle 866 375 v8 Maxidyne transmission 44rears 260k miles 16 1/2 body/ Double Frame Very clean inside and out Tires - 85% Pintle hook with air to the rear New: clutch, heads, radiator, canvas tarp, brakes, batteries, air cleaner runs and drives great for pics go to the link it wouldn’t let me upload a pic https://hudsonvalley.craigslist.org/hvo/d/mack-r700-dump-truck/6400793855.html
  3. 1962 b-81 Mack Dump Truck 673 with a turbo 5 & 4 transmission Air assist steering 58K rears Double Frame(no split) New tires and brakes Motor was rebuilt Truck is all restored Showroom Condition inside and out Call or Text me 845-542-9842
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