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  1. I bought a set from Australia. They are beautiful.
  2. I tried a set of those. Had to return them. They have two bolt holes centered instead of the four holes that the b model handles have. I bought a new set of b model specific reproductions from tylden heritage and installed them today. They work flawless...
  3. Do you need to take the interior access panel of to change the exterior handle or can you just unscrew the two screws on the outside and take it out.
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1930s-Mack-Truck-Radiator-Hood-Badge-Emblem-7-x-3/202809154425?hash=item2f385e1b79:g:-sgAAOSwn5JdkrHa
  5. Everything is for sale if you have enough money!
  6. Does the b-61 style floor mat from watts fit in a b-81 cab with the lower floor pan?
  7. you can still get those new from mack
  8. Trucktoberfest is in Allentown at the customer center and museum. The factory where they build the trucks is in macungie
  9. ekennedy21

    R795 V8

    I get the functionality in the cities, but that tractor could use about 3 feet of length between the cab and tandem.
  10. Continental spreads it around. They are still buying Mack’s.
  11. I believe you have incorrect information. Joe is correct, your r686 was built with a maxidyne 300. Your r688 likely had a 12speed transmission and your 686 likely has a 7 speed.
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