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  1. I believe the one day brockway show has since been cancelled.
  2. The vin specific decal (white one) was like a paper based decal. My decal guy couldn’t replicate that exactly, but then again truck restorations are not judged on the lawn at pebble beach, so it is close enough. Decals were made by a local decal shop off of text messaged pictures with measurements. They turned out good and were fairly cheap to have made. We ended up replicating all the original information decal for the whole truck on a superliner restoration.
  3. Just had some of these made up. They are in different locations on different trucks. Almost at the whim of who applied them.
  4. Diameter is 1 inch. Length of tube is 2.5 inches long including where it fattens out at the bottom.
  5. the cast cones are way better looking then chrome covers. If your set on it, weld a bolt to the center of the cone and drill a hole through the chrome cover and sandwich it between a nut on the inside and a chrome acorn nut on the outside. Thats how I have seen it done (and personally removed) .
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