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  1. the cast cones are way better looking then chrome covers. If your set on it, weld a bolt to the center of the cone and drill a hole through the chrome cover and sandwich it between a nut on the inside and a chrome acorn nut on the outside. Thats how I have seen it done (and personally removed) .
  2. That was fake news. I priced one then and it was about what they are now.
  3. those engines run real good with a Stromberg SF-3 set up properly. I switch from a zenith and it made a huge difference.
  4. No, but I am going down to NJ to see Gary Mahan in about a week. I will ask him, and he will certainly know.
  5. Also, on those later serial numbers the 4AC signifies that it is a 4 cylinder and 6AC signifies a 6 cylinder
  6. medium duty 6-9 ton built between feb. 1932 and aug. 1934. I would guess a late 32 or early 33.
  7. SX- S means that its a tandem drive rear axle. X means severe service, spec'd with heavier then 50,000 rears. On rd 800's they could be built with up to 150,000 planetary drive rears.
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