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  1. Does anyone have the break down for engine codes ? For example R685, R686, R795. I thought it was listed on here but I can’t get it. Thank you
  2. How to you tell the difference between 55k & 58k rears ? If my truck has 22 inch spokes what does it involve to convert it to 24 inch spokes ?
  3. Do u have any pics of his recently aquired DM800 ? What color is it ?
  4. I now own the D model that was at Ken Robinson’s. I purchased it at the Remilard auction in the summer of 2017. It’s on the list to be restored.
  5. Deep reduction is on the dash
  6. I have a 12 speed transmission that’s get stuck in 1st gear. You can fiddle with it and get it working again but I’m thinking something must be worn causing this problem. Thank-you
  7. Does anyone know if the heads from an 865 to 866 are the same. Are the 4 heads on a V8 different from one another. Could I take the front head off and switch it to the back ? Thank you
  8. Does any one have any information on an END465 ?
  9. I got a 73 R700 that doesn't have the crease and a 74 R600 that has the crease
  10. What year did they change to the new style latch ?
  11. What are your plans for them ? Any more pics of the dump ?
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