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  1. Here's our 1965, C609T1785 currently being re-restored
  2. Last time I was there there were 5 lettered for him
  3. I can't get oldmacksrus to work, assuming the site is gone. How do I see a copy of the registry ?
  4. Were are you located and how much are you asking $$
  5. What are the Mack museum hours tomorrow ?
  6. How many people have a complete set of f models ?
  7. Were exactly do you cut the body? Do you have more pictures ? Very good info so we can rebuild the old round latches instead of using the square ones which aren't original to B models
  8. Awsome truck. What's it's history , somebody took good care of that over the years
  9. Was this the green B61 that spent some time on EBay ?
  10. Got a 1961 B81 that takes atleast 5 minutes to build 90 pounds. I took the line that goes to dryer off and it seems to be supplying air well. There are no leaks anywhere so were is the air going. Could it be a problem with dryer or something simple like the governer ?
  11. That B42 dump came from Kemps right ?
  12. Can we see some pictures of your trucks please ?
  13. Awsome can't wait to see it at Macungie
  14. This is a great thread. Didn't realize there were that many f models still out there unrestored. Any more pictures ?