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  1. I wanted to go to the show this year but am unable to make it. (it would be my first time at Macungie). So I hope to see a lot of pictures posted on here! 😀
  2. I'm thinking the hood emblems are probably worth more than the rest of the truck!
  3. I had been looking for something fun to do after I retired 6 years ago. I am grateful to Pat for letting me help with some projects! When I was young, my uncle had a fleet of B61's and have always had a love for trucks. So much that after I retired, I got my CDL and drove some local and OTR for a while.
  4. Nice. I really wanted to go today but had family things to do. Next time!
  5. Thanks, I came in at end of build so can't take too much credit. Yes, I am sure there are many more trucks to come.
  6. LOL. Try not to figure out where he is at any given time. How did you like the truck? I just started working on these here about 6 weeks ago.
  7. Here is a pic of the Autocar. Very nearly finished!
  8. That's funny jhancock, those are the only two pics I found! I will take pics and document the entire build.
  9. If I get a chance I will post a pic of the Autocar, fun build!
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