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  1. I have recently been in the same situation that you are contemplating. My B61 was purchased for $3800 in the condition of the photo on the right. After 1000 hours of work; the final cost for the restoration was between $15-$18k. This does not include new wheels or tires which I have not yet purchased. I would not sell it for less than $25k. It was a lot of work and time but it was worth it. There were times when I thought that I was in over my head. It is not a "show" truck but it turned out ok. Good luck and have fun with it.
  2. I made the mirror arms myself. They are stainless steel. About $100 of material cost ( tubing and laser cut flats) and about 6 hours of labor for the pair. They turned out really nice. I added another stainless plate on the inside of the door with 3 welded stainless bolts to make the connection to the door more rigid.
  3. Thanks for all of the kind words. It will be fun. I just need to figure out the shift timing so I don't grind too many gears
  4. It is almost road worthy.  Waiting on fuel tanks and mirrors and it is good to go.




  5. Truck is finally going back together. A few more Saturday's left to finish. It has been quite some journey.
  6. Thank you all for the input. Now at least I know what I am looking for and where to attach them when I replace the link and ball end connection on axle. The shocks themselves still seem to work. Just no link of connection to the axle. Do I really need them? I will only be hauling a 40 foot flat bed with antique tractors weighing no more that 12,000 lbs. Short distances at low speeds. I don't want to spend a lot of time and money on something that I don't really need. Thoughts?
  7. Hello All, I need some info. on my B61 Mack. I am new to the Mack world and this is my first truck. The front end has a ball-joint arm on both sides of the frame that do not appear to go anywhere. I think I am missing something but cannot find any literature on it. Can someone help guide me to what I am missing and what parts I need to correct this problem? Attached are pictures of the arm. Thanks, All Dan.
  8. Did you get my PM on the parts pricing Mr. Goblin? Let me know if you are interested. I hope the message was sent properly. Regards. Dan
  9. Hello Mr. Goblin, Attached are the items we discussed. Ash tray has been sandblasted and primed on the outside. Inside painted black. (3) B61 badges. 2 rough, 1 pretty nice. I could blast the (2) rough ones and paint them black. That is what I did for mine. I also have some new Thermodyne and Diesel emblems that I planned to use but the studs did not line up with my hood and I did not want to elongate the holes. There are also (2) short stainless trim pieces for the hood if you need any. Let me know.
  10. I will take pictures tonight and send them to you with pricing. Sorry it took so long to replay. Not a regular on this site yet!
  11. I have an ash tray. The outside bracket is not there. I have some B61 badges as well. They are used but not broken.
  12. Your story sounds almost like mine. I am into antique tractors and steam engines as well and wanted something interesting to haul them to shows. I purchased a B61 last summer and I am in the process of restoring it. I found a perfect specimen in Ohio. 1959 B61 single axle Thermodyne Duplex. It was in driving condition with many extra parts the owner had collected over the years as his plan was to do the same thing. Haul tractors. I am about 1 year into the restoration and I am getting way deeper that I originally planned. It will be nicer that it should be for a truck I plan to use. It is
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