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  1. Nice B81. Thanks for sharing your story. I had a '64 B81SX dump that I sold a few years ago. It was in just as good of shape as your new one. The guy that bought it had a garage and I didn't, so it has that going for it now.
  2. I am trying to get a 25 year old Kenworth single axle truck registered with a "Classic" license plate in CT. The last time I did this (with my 1964 Mack B61SX dump truck) I didn't have to first get the truck inspected, now the young man behind the DMV counter is saying if the GVWR of the truck is over 26,000lbs, I have to have it inspected first before they will issue the Classic/Antique plates. Is he just blowing smoke like many tellers do at the DMV, or is this now a thing? The state DOT has already granted me an exception to register the truck as a non-commercial vehicle without DOT numbers and I have insurance ready to go.
  3. Our 2003 Explorer was getting long in the tooth and finally gave up the ghost around Thanksgiving. We had previously done research and testing on comparable new mid-size 7 passenger replacement vehicles. We did not like the current Explorers in almost any respect and ended up going with a new '18 Dodge Durango, which was the closest in design and feel to our '03 Explorer. If the newly redesigned Explorers were out, we'd have looked at Ford again, but they weren't. Either way, we are very pleased so far with this new Durango.
  4. I don't think I'm complaining (then again, maybe I am), but pickups are getting ridiculous.
  5. Here's a better pic of the exhaust, but it's before I painted the truck.
  6. I am putting an '84 237 into my B61 and the injector pump is giving fits. I am assuming this pump would be an exact fit and work?
  7. Yep. My dad drove both back in the '60s and '70s. The B-81s had 673s and 673Ts and the Autocar had a 230 Cummins with a 13spd Road Ranger. He the Autocar was a good truck, but the Mack held the load better and had better gearing with the Quadbox.
  8. Funny how the news media slant everything to the Left.
  9. Are you referring to a ENDT673? If so....yes.
  10. Back when they were called "lawn and garden" tractors, not "lawnmowers."
  11. Really nice truck inside and out.
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