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  1. Wobblin-Goblin

    Trump and the auto/light truck industry

    Funny how the news media slant everything to the Left.
  2. Wobblin-Goblin

    U model for Sale

  3. Wobblin-Goblin

    Small Maxidyne engine (237)

  4. Wobblin-Goblin

    Small Maxidyne engine (237)

    Are you referring to a ENDT673? If so....yes.
  5. Back when they were called "lawn and garden" tractors, not "lawnmowers."
  6. Wobblin-Goblin

    1964 B61

    Really nice truck inside and out.
  7. Wobblin-Goblin

    New Mack owner

    Love the R models.
  8. Wobblin-Goblin

    Peterbilt Sales Soar, Truck Maker Eyes Growth

    Around here, I see more Vulvas than anything, followed by Macks and then Kenworths. Petes and Internationals after that.
  9. Wobblin-Goblin

    Small Maxidyne engine (237)

    Looking for a running 237 (T675).
  10. Wobblin-Goblin

    711 engine and parts for sale

  11. I read an article about a testing firm that said the Extra Guard Frams were bad, but the next step up, the "Tough Guard" Frams were decent filters. I've been running the Tough Guard Frams in our Explorer ever since reading that article about a dozen years ago.
  12. Wobblin-Goblin

    Dodge Market News

    Absolutely true. My '03 F-350 XLT has three climate control knobs: fan, temp, and position. Simple, efficient, and you don't even have to look at them to know where they are or what they're doing. By contrast, my parents' 2015 Fusion has 12 different small buttons for climate control. Twelve!
  13. Wobblin-Goblin

    711 engine and parts for sale

    END711 for sale out of a 1964 B61SX. Engine does not run due to faulty injector that burned up a piston. It did run clean and strong until then. Package includes: engine, six NOS Mack 711 pistons, new ringset (6), new head gaskets (2), oil pan gasket, two 711 oil filters, fuel filters, and fan belts. There might be a few other things kicking around the garage for the 711 and I'll throw them in, too. The NOS parts alone are worth quite a bit of money. All that is needed to get this engine back on the road is a 711 sleeve. $4,000.00 OBRO if you pick it all up. I'm swapping this 711 out for a 237.
  14. Heavy spec R models like this one are the best looking trucks of all time, IMO. A perfect mix of toughness and elegance.
  15. I agree with the part about the oil bath being the superior method for filtering and cleaning the intake air. The only reason the industry changed over to dry element replacement filters is speed and ease of maintenance when maintaining entire fleets of trucks. Think about it, what's the difference in time between servicing an oil bath filter vs. replacement filter? Five minutes? If you're servicing 100 trucks, that five minutes is now 8.5 hours, an entire day's worth of labor. That's why truck manufacturers switched. For the person with just one truck, the extra five minutes doesn't matter, which is why I've left the oil bath filter on my B61.

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