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  1. All I need is ONE sleeve for my 711. This guy at JobbersInc in Philly says he's got one Mack 711 engine "kit" left and he won't break it up. It has, and I quote: "pistons, sleeves in .012 oversized, outside diameter (not sure what that means), rod bearings, main bearings, thrust washers. Need to locate ringset yet. you could use yours." I asked about the rings, and he said, "I've got some in another warehouse and I'll throw those in." Wouldn't rings already be a part of a "kit" and not have to be "thrown in?" Also, I asked about head gaskets, and he said pretty much the same thing about finding a couple and throwing them in. If he's so adamant about not "breaking up the kit," why aren't rings and head gaskets already a part of it? He wants $3,950.00 for it all and my spidey senses are going off. What if I buy this stuff and have it shipped only to find some of it (like those rings and gaskets he will "throw in") isn't for a 711?
  2. http://www.jobbersinc.com/mack.htm They are claiming they have parts I need for my B61, but don't take credit cards and all sales are final with no returns for any reason. Is that typical?
  3. 19XX Mack B61 T Chassis

    What's the engine?
  4. Macks in DE, CT

  5. Mack built trucks in California?
  6. So 'Mater blew a piston....

    Bookmarked. Thank you.
  7. So 'Mater blew a piston....

    The injector malfunctioned and burned a hole in it.
  8. So 'Mater blew a piston....

    I have everything but the liner now.
  9. Sleeper cab on LJ / LF

    1951 LJ Mack with a sleeper. 220 Cummins.
  10. I've been there a couple of times. It's more like a club now, which is pretty cool in its own right. A bunch of old codgers get together on Wednesdays and have coffee and pastries and shoot the **** for a couple hours in the morning. The very last Super Liner "End of the Line" is there, as is a bunch of other stuff, but from what I've been told, the vast majority of trucks has been gone for a while now. I was never a fan of Super Liners back in the day, but I have to say that the one in Canterbury at Yaworski's museum is absolutely gorgeous. A stunningly handsome truck.
  11. So 'Mater blew a piston....

    Finally found a source for parts. A parts guy my uncle deals with found a complete set of six genuine Mack NOS 711 pistons. They are being shipped from California. The Mack dealer out there would not break up the set, I had to buy all six. My parts guy said these must be the last NOS Mack 711 pistons in existence, because he spared no effort or expense trying to find them for me. I also am buying a cylinder kit, rings, injector, main bearings, and all the gaskets needed. Had to take out a second mortgage to do it, lol. Looks like the 711 will stay for a while longer.
  12. Old Noah Comes Home

    Well, after a year's worth of tinkering, Old Noah was road-worthy enough to be entered into today's July 4th parade. It doesn't look like it, but a LOT of work was done to the truck over the last year. My dad (the original driver of the truck before I was born) drove it today in the parade. This is just a partial list of things I can remember off the top of my head: All new brake lines from stem to stern Completely new floor Cab grafted from another B model from the dash pillars all the way back to behind the seat Transmission drained and refilled OIl/filter changed Greased New exhaust Door innards swapped out with another B model Brakes adjusted Concrete jack hammered off the truck all over
  13. I'm going to start using Howe's from now on.
  14. I had been using the silver bottle diesel kleen for a couple years in my 711. Last fall a piston melted because (presumably) an injector malfunctioned and wasn't spraying fuel properly. Not being a mechanic, I can't say what caused the injector to do that, so I'm not blaming the additive, but I was hoping that good fuel with a good additive along with regular filter changes would give me reliability out of this engine. So, is the silver bottle additive good stuff (it is plentiful and can be found at NAPA and Wal-Mart around here), or is there something else that I should be using to treat the diesel in my B61 (and 7.3L and 5.9L Powerstroke and Cummins engines)?