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  1. are you still in prospect, ct.  I left prospect for Knoxville TN,  never saw your trucks..  you must know Rocky. 

    1. VALS327


      Yes I’m still in Prospect. I know Rocky but do not know him personally. My wife and I moved here 20 years ago. My trucks are stored in Bethlehem. In a few more years I hope to be heading south also. 

  2. Every time I’ve registered a truck in CT with classic plates I had a federal annual inspection done. It makes the transaction go smoother.
  3. According to a quick search on the internet the photo is from Security Road located in Hagerstown MD. The building appears to be in a complex owned by LaFarge Holcim which is a concrete plant/ precast facility.
  4. Awesome thanks, I just hung my 1992 MACK calendar on the wall.
  5. Thanks for the update. I love seeing other people’s projects.
  6. Looking really good but I’m starting to feel like a slouch when it comes to my projects. 👍
  7. I would be interested to know what you come up with when you remount the trim. I’ve been wondering what to use myself. I was thinking about getting a copy of the drawings from the MACK museum and getting them reproduced. Good luck Don
  8. Welcome aboard, yeah I have not seen any Mack trucks while over visiting my wife’s family and I sure have not seen any NASCAR’s while visiting. Her cousins husband is in to rally cars and competes several times a year. They are in Whales just outside of Swansea Take care, Don
  9. http://dcaptain.com/beaconraylights.html The light is a Federal Signal product. Contact the guy at the link above. He is a good guy who has gone through a lot of effort to research and reproduce parts to restore the light. He also sells restored lights. The light you have posted has an optional piece below the skirt for mounting on a pole. This piece will be the hardest to locate in my opinion but it does show up on eBay. Good of luck with your project. Don
  10. Good luck Paul, I thought you left Long Island to get away from people like this
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