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  1. @RFCDrumI have his number, unfortunately he’s not able to do it, but it is a good starting point Bob thank you for your kind words. I have wanted you bring one over for quite some time and this opportunity arose so I thought why not. My big baby is now on the water on her way, should be interesting to see what happens in Baltimore
  2. Vals327 i’m originally from Enniskillen in County Fermanagh. My “big girl” left Zebrugge this evening and she arrive in Baltimore around February 5. I was speaking with a guy in Ireland this afternoon who tells me that there are going to be another couple of Scania 143s coming into the country in the next few weeks. As I said to Redhorse they are not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s what I wanted, we shall see 😀
  3. Scania V8 thank you for the information I have just sent them an email. RedHorse and Alex, i’m originally from northern Ireland however I’ve been here on the East coast for 23 years, i use to drive Scania trucks All over Europe and I always found them to be super reliable. Personally I think they are superb vehicles, I understand they are not for everyone. Additionally there is also the “rolling billboard” effect on driving a Scania V8 Cabover on USA roads, it will certainly be noticed 🙂
  4. Alex I have a small transport company based on the East coast that delivers motorcycles so I will be using it as part of the business probably using a 48 foot Kentucky trailer Hayseed I had contacted several companies in Holland where the truck is coming from and nobody would touch it which is why I was asking on the forum, hopefully I can find the software to do it best wishes Bernie
  5. I have purchased a 1996 Scania 144L 530 and I will be importing it here to the states. Apparently in Europe it is a trade secret on how to either remove the speed limiter or increase the speed. Does anyone have any idea on how to do it or could you point me in the right direction. Any assistance you could give would be greatly appreciated It is my understanding that the engine inside the truck is: DSC14 13 530hp Euro-2, intercooled, Bosch EDC (Electronic Diesel Control) Best wishes bernie Adamson
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