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  1. I was out riding my motorcycle and got stopped next an old Mack farm truck at a light. I think it was an R series but the Mack logo was on the grille not above it like the pics I've seen. What's up with that? It sure sounded good, rattle, rattle,rattle.
  2. I saw an old GMC for sale, I think in the Truck Paper. Only pics were from when it was new. Been stored for years, low miles $7500.
  3. When did Mack start using air brakes and air suspension? Were they options at first? Thanks!
  4. Curious to see how long before it sells at that asking price. I had an old shotgun of my grandpa's that someone once told me was worth some good money. I sold it 15 or so years later thinking that. I had 4 four older guys come look at it, they showed me why it was nuttin special. Same thing happens with trucks too. I can't remember what kind of shotgun it was now. Harleys are the same way now, don't hold the value they once did.
  5. Not sure I know what you mean by "lay down". I've never been one to go with the trendy crap most folks do. I think that's why I think outside the box so much. I like what I like and really don't care what others think. I like the R models styling, kinda what I saw on the road most as a kid.
  6. $12,000-14,000 sound reasonable? Or more yet?
  7. I see where a 62 Mack with flat bed trailer didn't sell on eBay. High bid was $9600. It had been repainted and motor rebuilt. Looked nice to me but I'm new to this stuff. What you think it was worth for the combo? Had 460,000 miles, motor had 180hp, 10 speed trans.
  8. Thanks guys! The single axle trucks are more uncomfortable? Never would have thought that.
  9. Yes that helps. Do the R series from the 70s have air brakes?
  10. Will I need a CDL to drive an old R series Mack? I've never driven a big rig just a dually pick up. I can use a manual, hell I learned on one and ride motorcycles with clutches. I'm in Ohio if that makes a difference.
  11. How did the R series keep the driver comfortable? Was there a floating seat? AC? Good suspension?
  12. There's a show in Ashland, Ohio this weekend too.
  13. No,I have no plans to put it to work just to enjoy driving it and tinkering. I was a manual machinist for 40 years so I have an understanding of how things work. My problem is low back issues make it hard for me to do some things. I can't work for long before the pain tells me "go lay down". There are 4 competent diesel repair shops within 20 miles of me for big issues. I've had diesel pick ups off and on for 9 years but a big rig is a whole new thing for me. I like learning new stuff too.
  14. It's gonna be a hobby truck for sure.I like the fact the engines have such a wide torque curve, I bet their fun to drive.
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