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  1. Robin Lynn runs four clean L9000’s.
  2. Trio of dm’s and a couple granites, included the granites as they could be older than the first two dm’s.
  3. Two of about 30 seen over the past week.
  4. Love the look of granites with spokes, great mix of modern and old. Realize they are not the most practical wheel but they remind me of my childhood. The only granite I have seen in St. Louis with spokes is below. Would love to see pictures of other granites rocking spokes.
  5. It’s no Mack but I really like this truck.
  6. There are still a ton of fords operating in St. Louis as dumps, mixers and roll offs. Here are a few from the past couple days. I love old workhorses rocking spokes.
  7. Love seeing a Kenworth or Peterbilt with spokes.
  8. Breckenridge still runs the plant and it’s as busy as ever with all the development going on in the city. Never heard of laclede, was born in 81, when were they around and have any pics of their trucks? The fallen flags I know are fix mix, winter brothers, interface materials, red bird, five star and riley ready mix.
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