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  1. Some more nice Gateway pics. I’ve tried to catch that Yellow Super Dog but he’s always going down the highway and I can’t catch a pic of him
  2. That’s what I did when I sold mine. Got it Running. Glad you adopted that Puppy. Keep us posted
  3. Here’s the last pics I took of your truck about a year before you bought it. I was in love with that truck but I knew with my severe arthritis I could never restore it like I did my Autocar. Glad you got it and it wasn’t scraped or parts out.
  4. I think they still have one in Troy Illinois at the Freightliner education center that’s the one I used to go to a lot it’s in September I can find out for you the show dates in St Louis. To bad you didn’t find my Autocar before I sold it I think you would have really liked that truck.
  5. That’s neat he was still showing it in 2001 that’s the first year I started showing my 1976 Autocar. I’ll try to find those pics or I know a guy who might. Here’s my old Autocar I’m sure your dad will recognize the paint scheme or you will
  6. Yes they did and when driving them it seemed to me it wasn’t as wide as most Cabovers were like some of the old White Freightliners I drove
  7. Here’s a pic of a 1964 Emeryville my dad drove. The truck was new when my mom took this picture. The kid on the truck is my older brother I didn’t come off the assembly line till 4 years later.
  8. It had a 430 Detroit (2 Stroke) with a Fuller 13 speed I can’t remember what rear ends it had and it also had a Reyco suspension. This Detroit was a Boat anchor I wish it had a 318 older style I never had trouble running a 318 but this 430 was a piece of junk.
  9. Here’s a pic of me and my 1970 International pickup. I was 16 years old in this pic quit school bought this truck and started trucking with it. I would work this truck during the day and go to GED classes at night so I did finish my education after all.
  10. Here’s you a couple pics of my old Transtar I used to run
  11. Here’s my old International Transtar I used to run when I was leased to the company I’m driving for now. This was back in 1995. My company started to starve me out to drive for them so I finally gave in and sold my truck been with them for 24years
  12. Here’s a couple of young “Pups” I caught in Bonne Terre Mo.
  13. This was a couple years back I was getting unloaded at Valmeyer Illinois in the caves
  14. Glad to see the old girl go to a good home I used to pass this truck every day after work on old 21 highway I almost bought it a time or two but instead I sold my 1976 Autocar A64b and quit restoring trucks due to my physical Health. Hope to see it at a truck show some day. I might have some pics of it when the guy would show it at the antique truck show at St. Louis Kenworth and when I was a kid around the 1980s I would see this truck working around St. Louis.
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