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  1. Here’s some more pics of my Transtar when I had it leased to the same company I’m driving for now. These were taken back in 1995.
  2. Here’s a pic of my old 1976 Autocar A64B I use to show. Had a 290 Cummins with a 13 speed. I was the second owner of the truck I had it for 19 years before selling it.
  3. Here’s a pic of my old Autocar A64b dad and I restored before he passed away. I sold it 2yrs ago I had it for 19 years I sold it because of my severe Arthritis and I could no longer keep the truck in the shape I want it instead of keeping it and rusting to ground I sold it to someone who is going to keep it going.
  4. Did you like that V8 Mack Engine? I never ran one. I drove a 1964 Mack B with the Thermodyne and a Triplex wish I could remember what size that engine was. Thanks for sharing I enjoy reading what us older Truckers had drove brings back memories I just can like these new trucks but like you I enjoy the Power they have now.
  5. Never pulled those lowboys my hats off to you and those guys lots of respect for them. I’ve drove Mack’s most of my career it’s nice to drive one with Air Ride but it still rides like a Mack I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  6. Not really pull the pin drop the airbags pull out from under it. I’ve been in the intermodal trucking for 24 years with the same company never had a problem. Been driving for 31 i’m a fourth generation trucker
  7. Parallel parking a Chassis to be stacked earlier this week
  8. After 7 years of sitting I finally got this old girl running this Spring. Here’s some pics of it working
  9. Here’s this week’s. I’m getting a load of AG Equipment to Brazil
  10. Here’s a pic of me unloading a mixed load of wine from overseas. The wine had to stay chilled at 69 degrees Fahrenheit
  11. Some more nice Gateway pics. I’ve tried to catch that Yellow Super Dog but he’s always going down the highway and I can’t catch a pic of him
  12. That’s what I did when I sold mine. Got it Running. Glad you adopted that Puppy. Keep us posted
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