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  1. Driving a loaner today while my gets a new Steering Wheel put on at 220000 miles the wheel started coming apart I miss those old steering wheels that last
  2. This is the only Set Forward Mack Sleeper truck the company has and it to was a Corporate truck
  3. Thanks for posting it’s nice you have held on to it all these years wish I would have kept some of my Mack T Shirts I wore in the late 70s
  4. Thanks That R700 model has a rare wide grill for the bigger radiators use out west this is the only pic I’ve seen with the wider not longer grill
  5. This is one my boss bought from Allentown PA. It was a corporate truck the salesman to me one of prettiest trucks we have when is clean
  6. Thanks I also noticed they have less bolt hole than a RD or DM. Can’t wait to see some pics of it after the paint
  7. That’s a first never seen a HD Superliner Bumper sure looks like a DM
  8. Here’s one more I order this from The Mack shop back in 2014
  9. This one is getting closer to the shelf
  10. Now that’s a sign like to have a 1970s one about half that size for the front of my garage
  11. Here are some pics of my first gear trucks that I’ve collected so far
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