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  1. Please feel free to post pictures of newer Macks in your area that you find interesting.
  2. Here is a picture of the cockpit.
  3. You are right, it is aggregate. Most trucks around here run either 46k or 52k rears. Rarely see anything with 58k or higher.
  4. Threw in the other few granites I saw today. Never seen an all white republic truck, must be an inherited truck from an acquisition. For a national fleet republic has a nice livery.
  5. 4900sb, neat seeing differences between similar models in other countries.
  6. Many of the smaller companies are pay by load plus they can’t afford new equipment. Amazingly these trucks deliver concrete just the same as a shiny t880.
  7. It is the front of Washington University, they are finishing up a huge project. Underground three level garage and added six new buildings.
  8. The city’s streets division loves to load their trucks heavy.
  9. Talk about a stout truck. https://www.truckpaper.com/listings/trucks/for-sale/20855687/1970-mack-dm800
  10. St. Louis weight laws are not strict, triaxle dumps can gross 120k and tandems 80k local. Most triaxles run big rubber.
  11. That truck operates in far western parts of St. Louis county and is good for 66,000 lbs. In the city with that same setup you can gross 72,000 lbs.
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