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  1. Feel free to use any of these pics on Dailydieseldose.
  2. If you want I can post these pics on the everything ready mix facebook page, has 2,100 members, and see if anyone is interested in buying the truck.
  3. Was it an rd? They had over forty mixers, lots of dm's, rd's and some valueliners.
  4. The ready mix companies here are all locally owned and they serve a population of 2.9M people, most trucks owned by local companies in bigger cities in the U.S. are dirty. You should see some of the rigs in New York!
  5. Big fan of unique combinations like that, there was a scrap company here that had a couple of superliners spec'd as luggers.
  6. The site does not allow you to change the title of a thread.
  7. Reasonably priced at $8,000. https://www.truckpaper.com/listings/trucks/for-sale/195886357/1964-mack-b73s?ST=missouri&CTRY=usa
  8. Thank you! I love your website and visit it daily, you have had great posts the past week.
  9. These trucks would be put on the road here in a second, those tri axles can gross 89.6k in St. Louis.
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