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  1. switching the engine and trans in my superliner from a cummins with a 15 sp fuller to an E9 with a mack 18 sp.
  2. Does the air range shifting on the T2180 18 speed transmission work on full 120 p.s.i pressure or is there a regulator on them?
  3. While I can't say I have weighed one, The block is aluminum.
  4. It doesn't look like it has heavy rears. Six bolt cones are 44k so if it is in fact an sx the rears have been changed. Also that truck weighs 16-18k all day long.
  5. I don't think he is the seller. Just passing along an eBay listing he found....
  6. Every Rw753, rw653 (cat powered) that I have seen, the engine is backed with an Eaton fuller transmission.
  7. Does anyone know anything about the shifter dampener on superliners. I believe it was available from Mack to stop the shifter from jumping out of gear on bumpy roads.
  8. Btw, Tomorrow I am going to take some pictures that will put this 24.5 on R24 thing to bed. Tubeless 24.5 spoke size is the same as R22 tube type. The spoke on r24 is 2 inches to large to fit a 24.5 wheel on it.
  9. Sumitomo are made in Japan. Bridgestone discontinued the 11.00r24 and like Michelin, now only make a 12.00r24. The tires, or should I say tyres Brian has advertised are 325/95r24 which I guess are 12.00r24 equivalents for the international market. He texted me a bunch of pictures the other day, but I never asked what he was asking as they don't have the traditional thread pattern I like.
  10. I just bought 10 Sumitomo st508 in 11.00r24. Pretty much the only good option left.
  11. When ever I turn on an accessory (heat/ac,Lights, etc.) the volt gauge plunges. Anyone have any ideas what may be causing this? Ground issue? Thanks
  12. anyone know the part number for the receiver drier mounting bracket on a superliner?
  13. Its all set. What i was looking for was what terminal on the cab junction box on the firewall you wire the binary switch to. In case anyone else is ever looking its the #4 terminal on the one closest to the driver door. What threw me was the A/C thermostat was also bad so when i was testing them I wasn't gettin power to it.
  14. pre Nov.07, The late 07 to 11's were the worst with emissions.
  15. Getting the A/C going in my Superliner. The truck has the later A/C unit inside in it, but the compressor was gone when I bought it. Where do the wires from the compressor connect to. There appears to be nothing on the motor side of the firewall for the A/C.
  16. Well, it’s not going to work, but I don’t know if I can show it either in the crazy world we live in.
  17. I believe the one day brockway show has since been cancelled.
  18. The vin specific decal (white one) was like a paper based decal. My decal guy couldn’t replicate that exactly, but then again truck restorations are not judged on the lawn at pebble beach, so it is close enough. Decals were made by a local decal shop off of text messaged pictures with measurements. They turned out good and were fairly cheap to have made. We ended up replicating all the original information decal for the whole truck on a superliner restoration.
  19. Just had some of these made up. They are in different locations on different trucks. Almost at the whim of who applied them.
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