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  1. Diameter is 1 inch. Length of tube is 2.5 inches long including where it fattens out at the bottom.
  2. the cast cones are way better looking then chrome covers. If your set on it, weld a bolt to the center of the cone and drill a hole through the chrome cover and sandwich it between a nut on the inside and a chrome acorn nut on the outside. Thats how I have seen it done (and personally removed) .
  3. That was fake news. I priced one then and it was about what they are now.
  4. those engines run real good with a Stromberg SF-3 set up properly. I switch from a zenith and it made a huge difference.
  5. No, but I am going down to NJ to see Gary Mahan in about a week. I will ask him, and he will certainly know.
  6. Also, on those later serial numbers the 4AC signifies that it is a 4 cylinder and 6AC signifies a 6 cylinder
  7. medium duty 6-9 ton built between feb. 1932 and aug. 1934. I would guess a late 32 or early 33.
  8. SX- S means that its a tandem drive rear axle. X means severe service, spec'd with heavier then 50,000 rears. On rd 800's they could be built with up to 150,000 planetary drive rears.
  9. I noticed a lot of the smaller trucks aren’t listed in the auction. The Ed and De etc. perhaps they might still make it around to some shows
  10. Universal vintage tire, but they are around the same price. I believe Coker owns the molds and produces the tires. The reality is that tires are expensive and producing them in small batches to meet a low demand is costly. The problem with trying to find used ones is that they will most likely be dry rotted junk due to the fact they are so outdated. I have bought several sets from Coker and I am storing them in a cold dark place for when Coker deems them no longer feasible to produce
  11. My guess is that is a smaller m series. One, because of the three built, only one was converted to prime mover from a haul truck and it is located on Long Island and two, that one appears to have the wider two seat cab that was on the m45 and smaller.
  12. Only two of the surviving AP's were used at the hoover dam. The dam was constructed with a lot of AP's and AC6's but a lot of Internationals as well (lighter but faster trucks). There is at least on other AP surviving that I believe is in a field in Pa. The AP and AC-6 were originally shipped with longer AC style hood, but due to overheating they designed the more open style bonnet.
  13. still on the radiator, its just that the radiator is behind the motor.
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