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  1. those engines run real good with a Stromberg SF-3 set up properly. I switch from a zenith and it made a huge difference.
  2. No, but I am going down to NJ to see Gary Mahan in about a week. I will ask him, and he will certainly know.
  3. Also, on those later serial numbers the 4AC signifies that it is a 4 cylinder and 6AC signifies a 6 cylinder
  4. medium duty 6-9 ton built between feb. 1932 and aug. 1934. I would guess a late 32 or early 33.
  5. SX- S means that its a tandem drive rear axle. X means severe service, spec'd with heavier then 50,000 rears. On rd 800's they could be built with up to 150,000 planetary drive rears.
  6. I noticed a lot of the smaller trucks aren’t listed in the auction. The Ed and De etc. perhaps they might still make it around to some shows
  7. Universal vintage tire, but they are around the same price. I believe Coker owns the molds and produces the tires. The reality is that tires are expensive and producing them in small batches to meet a low demand is costly. The problem with trying to find used ones is that they will most likely be dry rotted junk due to the fact they are so outdated. I have bought several sets from Coker and I am storing them in a cold dark place for when Coker deems them no longer feasible to produce
  8. My guess is that is a smaller m series. One, because of the three built, only one was converted to prime mover from a haul truck and it is located on Long Island and two, that one appears to have the wider two seat cab that was on the m45 and smaller.
  9. Only two of the surviving AP's were used at the hoover dam. The dam was constructed with a lot of AP's and AC6's but a lot of Internationals as well (lighter but faster trucks). There is at least on other AP surviving that I believe is in a field in Pa. The AP and AC-6 were originally shipped with longer AC style hood, but due to overheating they designed the more open style bonnet.
  10. still on the radiator, its just that the radiator is behind the motor.
  11. I put eight inches of 4000 psi with mesh and pex tube for heat. Has been great. Some small cracks from curing, but they say the only way to get concrete to not crack is to not pour it.....
  12. yes, heavy old macks on 24" are tube type. That truck has a 23k front axle. The only tires heavy enough to get the rating are 12.00r24.
  13. B813sx I picked up this fall. Heavy 65k rears. I will most likely have it painted and build a new replica dump body for it eventually. Otherwise, its a very solid truck. My daughter loves it!
  14. Some pictures from inside. A lot of trucks there belong to Pat Camputaro who has a wonderful collection and is a member on here (Patbossct)
  15. finally got the mack rear nameplate back from being redone.
  16. Good eye Jim! They do nice work. similar shape, but taller and doesn't have the holes for the tow hooks. They are actually called a construction bumper, and were fairly common on rw700 series trucks, especially in the northeast and northwest (where they were called logger bumpers)
  17. Besides the paint being in fair condition, there were a few bumps and bruises that needed to be dealt with. There was also some clear coat peeled on the hood. The truck looked better from afar then up close. As for whats next for it, It is going into retirement. I will bring it to a few trucks, and if I am really feeling wild, I may grease up the fifth wheel and tow another old mack to a few shows.
  18. I am just waiting for Pinstriping Guy to come out and stripe it and letter it up with some gold leaf. I will post pictures when its finished.
  19. I can't take credit for the design. I copied the rear bumper and hydraulic tank and connection box arraignment from Lou Deberadinis. He has an RD from the same company (Laquila) that was set up the same way as my superliner. It really came out nice, so I replicated it. It has been a real good machine. I have looked for a long time for a rw with 58k rears and 20K fronts on 24 inch rubber. The thing I cared about most was finding one with a perfect frame. That was more important then engine or anything. This truck certainly checked that box. Really, besides the paint, the whole truck is at the level of the frame. The truck will be completely disassembled for paint. The underside, firewall and under the floor mat will be sprayed with lizard skin sound deadening material. The truck will end up red (both body and chassis with black fenders. As far as the bumper goes, that one shows the signs of having its service life in New York City. Between that and the fact that I am partial to the construction bumper, the switch had to be made. The truck should be done in Feb. or March.
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