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  1. Back in the early 80s I worked for a logger and learned to drive on what I thought was a b series Mack. We used it hauling To the landing for the mill trucks that just couldn’t cut it in the deep wood/sand and swamp country. I want to say it was a b series 1958 But I could be off on that part. It was a true 6x6 with Wet kit , locking diff. all three axles.Were lockers as well. Quadra-Plex and a thermodyne 711 no front brakes boss said it factory spec that way, I seem to recall a sx designation, .if you could accomplish 45 going down grade with a load pushing you were moving out and that truck was feeling a bit sketchy and screaming bloody murder. Feeling a bit nostalgic and was telling wife about it and can’t find a match anywhere. . I have seen one other in a bone yard about 20 years ago. . Was this a special one off, Any help greatly appreciated I’m positive it was a 1958 b series but ahh the fog of teenage years lol. But one thing not foggy, this truck was an absolute beast. It took the Brand new auto cars and westerns to school daily. I swear there were days it thought it was a bulldozer.
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