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  1. 1wonton

    Spring brakes

    10/4, thank you, I'll check it out.
  2. 1wonton

    Spring brakes

    Adding spring brakes to my old trailer. Have service brakes only now, what components do I need? Have relay valve on truck (B75 Mack) for truck spring brake: do I need another relay valve on trailer, or what? Simple diagram for a simple man, please.
  3. Trailers do not require insurance in California. Insure the truck with JC Taylor and don't say anything about pulling a trailer.
  4. 1wonton

    AB Mack

    15 bolt. Need water manifolds also. ron
  5. Looking for heads for '26 AB Mack. Some low-life crack-head stole parts off my truck, anyone have any leads? Thank you. ron
  6. ATHS is not as inclusive or interesting as ATCA. ATHS does not permit any truck on it's cover that is not "restored". Many beautiful antique trucks are out there but the bloated ATHS does not recognize them but they do constantly beg for money for their headquarters. Most issues of the publication are devoted to modern trucks and as such has no interest to me. JMO. ron
  7. 1wonton

    another bulldog in ky

    I thought only the AC Mack was caled a "Bulldog"; is evry Mack a buldog?
  8. Thank you, Sir, I'll give tem a call. Shipping may be too much for me.
  9. Where can I have my old solid tires replaced here in California? Anyone have experience with this? Thanks. ron
  10. 1wonton

    Split rim question

    I torch all the rh-5 I come across, these are the real "widow-makers". The three-piece rims are safe just make sure the locking ring is well seated and don't stand in front when airing them up.
  11. When did George pass? A real gentleman. He used to have an open hoiuse once a year down at his yard, haven't seen him in a few years.
  12. 1wonton

    mack ab

    Can you contact me at greencorn@prodigy.net, interested in heads. Thank you. ron 707 333 8863
  13. 1wonton

    mack ab

    Are you selling engine parts? ron
  14. 1wonton

    Protection valve

    Thanks guys, I took mine apart and cleaned it up.
  15. 1wonton

    Protection valve

    Can someone tell me where I can find a truck/tractor air pretection valve for my '65 Mack b75? ron

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