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  1. Anyone know what kind of starter motor was used on the Bulldogs that were equipped with starters? ron
  2. AB Mack. Not sure of the year but has about 1930 AB six cylinder engine. Engine excellent running, no bad noises, good oil pressure, starts easily. Dump works well, fair to good tires. Runs, drives, five speed Mack trans. Good radiator. Dump bed rusted thru in one place, otherwise good running truck. Located Vallejo, Taxifornia. ron 707 333 8863
  3. Thanks Mike, the fenders appear to be earlier so I thought the engine was a replacement, also has a five speed transmission so mu be a later replacement, really a nice engine though.
  4. 1wonton

    AB Mack

    Yes, definitely an AB, can't tell what year.
  5. AB Mack for sale in northern ca. Not sure of year but appears 1920's with 6 cylinder engine, probably a replacement. Engine runs beautifully, no knocks, bad sounds and zero exhaust. Truck has Mack 5 speed transmission, chain drive, runs well, stops very good. Old Mack has seen a lot of miles but still runs very well. Dump bed pretty beat up and rusted out as seen in pictures but works very well. Hydraulic dump. $7500. ron 707 333 8863
  6. 1wonton

    AB Mack

    Looking for AB engine in decent shape, West coast. ron
  7. Can't get my damn phone to send pictures, old shot Firestone tires say 1100 x 24, I have to assume that's a 24' rim but I didn't measure it.
  8. I'll give them a call. Sorry for the misunderstanding; I have Budd hubs, Budd ten-hole wheels on the truck, not Daytons. Just looking for something as close to the original 1100-24 diameter, doesn't matter 24.5 or 24 since I could use either. 1000-20 are smaller than what I want. Thanks again.
  9. Thank you. I looked at the CEAT website but didn't find these tires. I tired calling but the number wont work. Are you saying that the 1100 24 tire is available form this company? I can buy used Budd 24.5 rims for $15 a piece, maybe the easiest thing would be to convert to this size. Where would one find a US dealer if the 1100s are available?
  10. Sorry for being so dense but when you say "easiest thing to get new 1100-24 rubber on it" do you mean 24.5 rims and tires? ron
  11. Thanks, I went to Speciality tires but it did not show the 11.00-24ml listed. I wanted to replace the old 1100x24 tires on this old lj wrecker. Wouldn't be using it for anything just wanted it to look authentic and driveable. I know the 24 in antique tires are available but they wouldn't look right and way to $. If I changed the rims (Budd) what would be the tallest tire I could find (probably 24.5 rims)?
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