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Power steering


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I looked around for the correct box that was used on a B, but no luck so I added a box I got off a Mack firetruck and part of the steering column from an R model it was quite involved I didn't want air assist steering, I drove different trucks with that setup and not for my truck. If memory serves it is a Shepard brand box that Mack used. And you will need either a pump on the end of a generator or alt. or do like I did and find an air compressor that takes a pump on the end. Good luck,

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I have a Garrison hydraulic assist unit on '60 B that was easy to install and works good. I just had the unit and cylinder rebuilt by Power Brake X Change in Pittsburgh. Both had leaks but worked fine. Not long after getting the truck I was lucky enough to find the complete PS set up not far from home.

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The previous owner of my B81 put "shop built" power steering on it from a much later year Mack R model. The steering column is not original to the truck so I assume its from the donor truck the pump and steering gear came from. My truck also has a 237 Maxidyne in it so mounting the pump was not an issue. Heck, maybe the my engine, steering column, and steering gear all came out of the same donor when I assume the original thermodyne engine gave up. I have no way of knowing as it was all done when I got it. It looks like a very "professional" install, but to the trained eye it is easy to see its not original to the truck. It works extremely well though turning that massive 12.00x24 rubber even when the truck is not moving. 

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