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  1. Tjats what I thought also. I called them today about these few things and I'm thinking the Saturday parts people didn't want to do the research. He told me the drivers seat was a discontinued item, I argued with him and said no way!!
  2. The Gray/Black. I call it gray but Mack calls it black
  3. I have recently added to my fleet a 2001 RD688S. I am looking for a few small misc items and local dealer is not coming through. 1st item is the small dash panel that the ash tray sits in. (Not the ash tray itself just the plastic dash part) 2nd item is the little square insert that the light socket plugs into, for the parking brake indicator. 3rd is factory drivers and passenger seat with the Bulldog logo on it. Or any better ideas for the seat, I'm open but really like putting things on that it was born with. 4th is just stupid misc Interior items like aluminum floor board sill plates, dash board screws, etc. 5th factory complete upholstered door panels. This truck just has the steel doors with no panels. It has the back and headliner, just not the doors. Thank you!!
  4. I've always been a dual exhaust guy, always. If it's considered a "fashion statment", then it's a statement about me and my company. I know it has it's cons, and makes no more money, but its just something I like. I wash and polish my trucks regularly and am known in my area for having some of the cleanest well taken care of older trucks. And as far as buying a Pete?? Please.............
  5. Does anyone know if there is a complete kit to install dual exhaust on a 2004 Granite CV713? I'm wanting to install one with the muffler, heat guard, and grab handle, just like the passenger side. Thanks in advance
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