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  1. I believe they're all the same cabs..at least the shell is anyway. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, aren't all the CH, GU, CV, GV, FBI, Vision, Granite etc all the same cab based on the original CH cab of 1988?
  2. But why would it start all of a sudden? Have you guys heard of this?
  3. This is a do over from a past post. 98 ch613 with a E7-427 (remanufactered by Mack in 2008) has about 150,000 miles on the engine. Anyway, idles fine when cold, kinda rough when hot, real rough after getting off expressway. Runs and pulls like a mother%$##^%$^. No trouble codes. My local guy doesnt know whats wrong ( and hes real good) He said take it to the Mack dealer. Mack dealer cant figure it out but told me they see this all the time and run it as is. Just all of a sudden idles like sh*&^. Changed fuel filters a few times same issue. Had a bad injector and Eup. Changed them but no change in idle. She does seem like she's trying to smooth out.....sometimes it does and will idle fine for a minute or so but then back to roughness. Sometimes sounds like a misfire or only running on 4 or 5 cylinders but when i get moving she gets up and goes with no problems. Any ideas? Thanks!!
  4. We had all manual transmission MRs years ago at Waste Management. all 5 speeds. A friend of mine drove a MR front loader in atlanta with a 10 speed manual.
  5. Wm is still running a few new LEs out of their pershing/cicero yard.
  6. I run semi dump in the south suburbs of Chicago. I'm slowly starting to see more Anthems going up and down I-80 and I-57. Not dozens a day but a few more every week. Lmackattack you're right. Everyone ran Macks by us back in the day. Most of them were R models....then CHs, then Visions and Granites, then they went to KW. Prarie Materials used to run all Macks and they still have some old RDs on the street. They're starting to buy KW now. I saw a new one at CIT Kenworth in Mokena yesterday. I don't know...are 8 airbags better than 4?
  7. So the truck starts fine and runs great but idles like a pig. Could this be caused by not putting in the cal code?
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong. After installing a new eup,doesnt the shop have to reprogram the computer with a code or number from the newly installed eup?
  9. Once I place an order for a new day cab how long until I take delivery?
  10. I appreciate everyone's input. I wasn't entertaining an Allison only because there were a handful of guys around me that run semi-dump that went to the Allison and complained about the fuel mileage so they all went back to manuals. Doing clutch adjustments is a non issue for me since I do it so infrequently. I am familiar with Allisons however. Every 3rd day I drive a fire engine with an Allison. Of course I can't make a comparison with that and a commercial truck as far as MPG since it's geared differently and we do a $H%$ ton of idling. The display says we're averaging 2 miles per gallon (dont tell the tree huggers that
  11. Few years from now I'm looking to buy a new truck and I'm torn between an AMT and a manual. I run semi-dump around Chicago (lots of stop and go and bumper to bumper traffic) and my E7-427 with 10 sp Eaton is fine. I average 1 clutch adjustment every 2-3 years. My question is do the AMT clutches require more frequent clutch adjustments or are they even adjustable?
  12. I had a brake job done on the rear of my tractor 98 CH613 (new drums, shoes, hardware). The truck wobbles now between 25-55 mph driving and gets worse when braking and it doesnt stop smoothly its very jerky. I think I know the answer but not sure. I'm guessing the drums are out of balance but the funny thing is it looked like they tried to balance them at the manufacterer as a small part of all four drums had a section ground off about 4 inches by 2 inches. I got them from my Mack dealer and I never have a problem with their parts.
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