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  1. Changed the purge valve and that solved the problem. Thanks boys.
  2. I had a remack engine E7-427 installed in 2008. $22,000. Still runs like a champ. A few small issues...injectors, EUPs, etc. but doesn't use oil and likes to pull. I'm still using original turbo and exhaust manifold off the old engine. If Mack made glider kits I would love to take this engine with me and put it in an Anthem.
  3. I have an AD-SP. I've always had to change the cartridge twice a year. Even through different compressors (and a reman engine) I've always had a dirty system. I do local dump work so that won't help things.
  4. Anyone use/install a steer axle damper/stabilizer? If so what brand and did it do what it's supposed to?
  5. 1998 Ch 613 The purge valve was stuck open the other day and I lost air (compressor running). I knew I had a filled up air dryer cartridge. I change the cartridge twice a year as my system has always been "dirty". So I put the new cartridge on and it seemed to solve my problem for a few days. But for those few days the purge seems gradual and long not that quick psss you normally get. Now it seems to be sticking open again. I lose air but not as fast as before. Is the dryer/purge valve shot or do I need to start looking somewhere else? Thanks in advance.
  6. Welcome Glenn. I to am getting ready to retire; spent most of my time on an engine and some on a tower ladder. You know what we say about you rescue guys (squad guys here in the midwest)? You guys have real short __________!!!! (attention span? fill in the blank. LOL) There's a lot of great guys on this site and they appreciate truckers banter which is similar to the firehouse banter.
  7. You guys have any suggestions for decent cab shocks? 98 CH613 day cab....I used to get mine from the Mack dealer. Expensive but ok. Don't know who makes those. My last round were Gabriels. Only lasted 16,000 miles. I may try Monroe next unless you guys have another suggestion. Bouncing around the quarries doesn't help but I think I should be doing better than 16,000 miles. Thanks in advance.
  8. Is the pick up tube in the deep part of the pan?
  9. I've never changed an oil pan before. What am I checking for...the tube hitting the bottom of the pan and not allowing it to come in contact with the block? If this is the case can the tube be changed or shortened?
  10. I’m getting ready to order a pan from them too. My current stock pan is 33 quarts. The one they have that matches is 28 quarts. Is this something I should be concerned about?
  11. So I call my Mack dealer and my oil pan is unavailable. They can't get them anywhere. The price would have been $1900...OUCH I'll take a stainless steel one for $1600.
  12. How much difficulty am i going to have getting the old bolts out? Should I put new bolts in it or do can I get a bolt kit for it? I had a nightmare last night of breaking the bolts off. Should I Lock-Tite the new bolts?
  13. What kind of silicone and or contact cement? Like a Permatex type product?
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