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  1. I have my own customers You've seen me at Thornton. I'm usually the only red Anthem there.
  2. Some of my customers use Sid occasionally. It's like ordering Dominos pizza. The load shows up with in 30 minutes. I said I can't do that, call Sid again. LOL
  3. Wilbur are you the one that Danny is always up your ass for being able to get 25 tons on?
  4. I had bought a used CH613 with dual exhaust. Complete pain the ass. DISCLAIMER: Chicago winters not good for trucks and I haul bulk road salt. Anyway, the Y or T pipe always rotted out, the elbows always rotted out. Was replacing parts of the exhaust system every 2 years. By 2020 I couldn't get the right parts for dual exhaust....so converted back to single. It came from the factory with single exhaust.
  5. Does anyone know much about ceramic coating? Would you spend the money and put it on a brand new truck? Can the truck be lettered after it has been coated?
  6. steepest probably 6% or so. Freightrain, I had the same thought.
  7. It would be in a tractor. Max weight about 73,000lbs yes it would be a double over.
  8. Would a 3.79 and 13 speed fuller be a decent setup for local dump work? Or would the ratio be too numerically low? The other choice would be a 3.98. Thanks in advance.
  9. But if all the Mack dealers have the same owner I wouldn't think I would get different quotes from them.
  10. I'm looking to order a new day cab. I want to time it so it comes in about Feb 2021. My question is this however...what kind of negotiating power do I have if all the local Mack dealers are owned by the same company? Or do I have to negotiate with a different brand and tell the Mack salesman what I can get from, let's say Kenworth?
  11. Hey guys just wondering your opinion on the difference or preference between the Mack T300 series (13 speed) vs. an Eaton (13 speed). Ive always driven Eaton-Fuller manuals and never a Mack manual trans. thanks
  12. I had weird problem the other day. I just left the yard and a block down i lost all electrical power. She was dead as a door nail for about 2 minutes. All power came back and she started fine. I did check all connections and they were tight. Got going again and another block down she lost power again. Same thing again. Few minutes later powered back up again. Limped back to the yard. I did something a few days prior that I didn't think would do anything. On my batteries i have one of those 3 terminal power cables with a stud on the top of it to connect the positive cable to the truck. I always used this top stud but moved it because it doesnt let the battery box cover sit flat (it's covered so the metal stud doesn't come in contact with the metal box cover). So I moved the positive cable to the middle battery stud and then put this three way power cable on top it. So I switched it back and haven't had a problem. All batteries tested good. Can someone tell me what happened? thanks.
  13. Nah. I did check that already. I got them off and they were beat up pretty good. One was frozen even though I greased the $%^& out of it.
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