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  1. Mackpro

    def problem help please!

    Check engine ecm fuse in kick panel by clutch pedal. We have a test ecm we throw on a truck for problems like this. As theses trucks are getting older , we are starting to see engine ecm' s go out. The new ECM's are totally blank when they come in so it won't even start until programmed.
  2. In the last GU's we ordered with Allisons, you can't get the 505 HP due to no big enough radiator to cool both the engine and trans. However you can get the 505 with any other trans.
  3. Mackpro

    def problem help please!

    Double check battery cables as DEF ECM has its own small power wire and fuse right on top of the battery. See if you can read engine hours on the dash display under trip info. DEF level issue won't keep engine from starting. If you can't read engine hours, engine ECM is not powering up or communication issues
  4. Mackpro

    427 manual

    https://macktrucks.vg-emedia.com/ you can order direct from Mack
  5. Mackpro

    2002 mack

    Should be on the top of the driver side fuel tank. Either the sending unit is bad or the wires from the sending unit to VECU Vechical Control Unit are broken which can be a pain to find
  6. Mackpro

    2002 mack

    Fuel tank sending unit code
  7. Mackpro

    2004 Mack Vision CX613 $6000

    All 2004 and up CH/CHN and CX/CXN have the ASET AC engine. The ASET AI is only in the 2004+ CV, MR and LE and very very few of the last R series.
  8. Mackpro

    Code 3-4 help

  9. Mackpro

    Code 3-4 help

    There is a service bulletin on the 3-4 code SB221037. I believe it's been posted here before.
  10. Mackpro

    2004 Mack Vision CX613 $6000

    At least you won't be doing regens, several sets of injectors and cups, bull gears DEF injection issues like the red motors. Having seen what I've seen personally with the red engines. I'd take a 2004 ASET AC engine any day over a red motor. Even though I used to think that 2004 AC engines were the worst ever
  11. Mackpro

    Anthem = loss market share

    FJH, I'm glad I'm not the only one ready to retire out of this madness that is Mack now. Dealing with corporate is getting worse every day. Only thing good is the pay in which I can't complain. 5 more years and I'm out for sure , if I can take it that long.
  12. At our shop , on our DOT inspection forms , there is no mention of checking for fault codes. However , a state inspection or one done by a actual DOT officer may be different. I have heard of active ABS fault codes causing some trucks to fail some DOT inspections at weigh stations.
  13. I have done it with the engine running, I believe the parking brake has to be set or no road speed detected.
  14. With fault code active , turn cruise control switch off. Push and hold the Acel/Decel switch (either top or bottom) for about 3-5 seconds then release, the yellow lightning bolt will flash out a 2 digit code
  15. A quick search I found this. http://www.trucktransdiag.com/downloads/4gen.pdf This might not be your exact model though. The process is different for each generation of transmissions. I even saw there were YouTube vids on flashing the codes out.

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