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  1. There are 2 fuse boxes , one on top of the dash and the other by clutch pedal inside on the fire wall.
  2. Mackpro

    mp7 code spn 105

    For the Nox code being FMI 13, replace the outlet nox sensor, it will be the one with the black connector . On nox sensors always remember , "Grey in the front and Black in the back". The newest nox sensors have a raised fence around the outside of the body , casted into the housing , remember to do a learned data reset or sensor calibration after changing sensor
  3. Mackpro

    mp7 code spn 105

    Pull the intake temp/boost sensor and blow the soot off of it and retry. If no luck I gotta bulletins on SPN 105 FMI 2 . It says to replace turbo wheel speed sensor , doesn't make sense but that's what it said
  4. Bigger engine and bigger hood = more weight. I'd say 98% of our customers here have no problem with 505 being the biggest HP they can get. They are more interested in how much the total package weighs. Less truck weight = more freight, corn , wheat or what ever you can haul.
  5. Mackpro

    MP7 looses its prime

    Sad thing is Volvo has been using this same set up back in the D12 days(12-15 years ago or more).
  6. Mackpro

    MP7 looses its prime

    A few months back they had us quit using graphite paste and only rub some oil on the injector seating area. Last time I checked, we are back to using graphite paste but only a very very small amount. I need to pull it back up in Impact and see if they changed their minds again! Lol
  7. Mackpro

    MP7 looses its prime

    Nope . Other than at school, we have never pulled the valve cover off a common rail engine here. A few Particulate matter sensors and software have been the only problems so far . And we have several running around here.
  8. Mackpro

    MP7 looses its prime

    I just put cups in a 2017 pre-common rail engine last week. It can happen to any of them.
  9. Mackpro

    2003 mack ai460

    Welcome to the wonderful world of the AI engine. What's the last 6 of your VIN and I can check some stuff on it in the morning
  10. Mackpro

    Regen issue

    Did you flow test the 7th injector? When testing it with tech tool it should "chirp" and pulse/mist fuel. Not a constant stream of fuel
  11. Mackpro

    Truck Manual

    I believe Mack still has the manuals on E-media on their website. I bought 5 or 6 different service manuals for the Freedom right before the truck came out. Turns out between our 3 dealerships, we only got one Freedom truck to sell.
  12. Mackpro

    Regen issue

    Your correct , you can't on a non SCR truck. I think we had to update the dash cluster software onthe older ones. Let me check my notes in the morning
  13. Mackpro

    Regen issue

    There is a bulletin on soot ratio stuck on 140% and it is do a crystal sublimation regen and soot ratio will drop
  14. Mackpro

    Regen issue

    I think you have to do a crystal sub regen to get soot to drop on some of the trucks.
  15. Mackpro

    Regen issue

    What is the soot ratio before and after the last regen? Those temps sound good.

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