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  1. New Mack for the fall

    Boss man was there at the unveiling, all I got was this pic
  2. 2010 Mack CHU613 ATC issue

    SID 77 is brake demand sensors. They are located on the foot valve on the fire wall. Go to and go to document library and type in SD-13-4869 and choose troubleshooting and down load it. Bendix and Eaton are great about public access to all their manuals . Also RH Sheppard steering gears too!

    Disregard what I said about the rocker arm, that only applied if it was a FMI-7 . The FMI-5 you have means open circuit so chances are harness/harness end or injector
  4. My oldest tool that gets used every day...

    This thin 7/8" Bonney brand wrench works great on water lines on the early 7th injectors. I bought a snap on one befor I realized I had this one in my grandfathers old tool box, I use it weekly

    Could be harness , injector or rocker arm. Cant find the Bulletin on the rocker arm causing the issue. I just remember it was for the non-DPF MP-7 engine only. Ill keep looking. injector Harness end connectors.pdf
  6. Pictures of the Week

    Might be last day of boating season for us however next weekend looks promising. Hurricane Irma is gonna dump some much needed rain here and raise the lake levels up some. I hope to squeeze one more weekend out! When your making monthly boat payments , it's hard to put it up for the winter.
  7. bundy58

    It's standard procedure here to update the software in the engine ECM, DEF/SCR ECM and dash cluster when engine and emissions fault codes are logged. Lots of times the new software solves existing issues and can prevent future issues. I have never see theses updates cause low power complaints. However there is two possible ways things can go wrong with software downloads and I have done them both. First. Make sure TechTool is restarted for truck it's plugged up to. A couple of times I didn't close out the job card I was on and went and plugged it into a different truck. TechTool thought i was still plugged into first truck and if I were to do any programming ,the data from the first truck could have been put into the second truck. The other way ( and this happen the other day), all the ECM's in the truck are programmed with the VIN of the truck they originally came from. If the dash cluster , Vecu , engine ecm or DEF/SCR ecm were swapped from another truck, the VIN's won't match. This shows up when you first plug up to TechTool as Mis-matched hardware. You then have to choose which VIN you want to choose, of course you pick the one on the door. If you choose the other VIN , your truck now get programmed as that truck. In these cases your 505 truck could be programmed to 415 . Dealer should be able to go to "product information " in TechTool and confirm HP and that all Vins in ECM's match what's on the door. That said , we sold a 505 hp CHU to a customer and he used it for a week and loved it. Next week he comes in and says it has no power. We test drive and confirm it. Long story short , we install new turbo and injectors and EGR valve. Still no better. Come to find out , owner changes tires and wheels to full size 24.5" and didn't tell us. It threw the computer off so bad it killed the power. Changed the revs per mile in ecm and all good .
  8. bundy58

    I do lots of ECM programing at a dealership. Tell me what ya got
  9. Pictures of the Week

    lol not really, it's usually packed tight and you gotta be real close to see anything. Here's my tri-toon with wife and friends
  10. Pictures of the Week

    Us and 4 other boats took a boat trip to a bar on the water and ate lunch then back to our usual hangout beach. Hopefully upgrading to a bigger boat next year. Going from a 21' to a 22-23' but the big difference will be going from a 150hp to a 250-300HP outboard. There are tri-toons here with twin 450 HP outboards on them. Small monthly payments! Lol
  11. Pictures of the Week

    Nice day on the lake, sadly TVA is dropping the water to winter levels by next week so we only got maybe 3 weeks left of boating here, however today was a good day regardless. Lots for food , drink and scenery! By the way. Every pic I post I actually take . It was a very good day
  12. mack truck

    Should be a "netural start relay" that lets the starter circuit work when in netural. Im thinking its mounted by its self down by the VECU in the kick panel under the fuse panel but not sure. Very few Allisons in CV's around here
  13. 2011 mp8 codes

    SPN fault codes.pdf
  14. Diagnostics

    I think it will still work but no updates. I think its $200 a year.
  15. Injector Low voltage

    However is your harness is not flaking apart like most then you can replace the ends Harness injector terminals.pdf