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  1. I didn't say he was legal! Lol . No , not coal. I'll try and pull his trip records next time he's in the shop and post it here. It always seemed to me that you were hurting the engine when running that low of RPM down the highway, but these MP8 engines seem to love it.
  2. My buddies 2016 CHU 505 Plus with a T310 trans and Meritor 3.21 rears , disc brakes all around and super single tires does a very good job even grossing 99,000 pounds when I rode with him a week or 2 ago. And gets regular 7MPG. Stay away from the twin Y ride, I've seen lots off handling issuses and pics of mangled brackets during hard emergency braking. 2017 common rail sweet spot RPM.pdf
  3. If you plan on keeping it yes. How many miles are on the engine? What's your oil usage? But I would first find out the reason for over heating. Pull the screen out out the "Y" pipe and pull the water pump off and check the water pump housing for putting . Have radiator cleaned and check fan clutch operation. Is it a air fan or electric viscous?
  4. UPS

    Really their just a getting a different cab. Same Cummins Westport engine, Eaton trans and Meritor/Eaton axles as used in the Macks.
  5. Heres something to think about when choosing your rear gear ratio. This is then sweet spot RPM's for the 2017 common rail engines. And yes , skip the the MP-7, resale sucks. Get the MP-8 with the 445 HP. As Jim said above, the extended warranty is cheaper below 460 HP. If your going with Eaton trans, get the higher torque model because if later you decide to bump it to 505, Mack wont turn on the download if you have the smaller Eaton trans. We are selling lots the the disc brakes but you cant get the Mack axles with them. The Meritors are lighter any way and unless its a logging truck (CXU/CHU) we rarely put Mack rears on CXU's or CHU's. 2017 common rail sweet spot RPM.pdf
  6. I'm glad you found it !!
  7. Is it a power steering box? Some of the older TRW boxes have lots of play until the the engine is started. I think it was the HF64.
  8. Looks like if you unplug the 7th injector you should have .5 to 3 ohms across the 2 wires . Same if you plug the 7th injectors in and check at the bottom plug on the engine ECM on pins 45 and 62. There are no books on troubleshooting these anymore all in the Mack Tech Tool program now.
  9. 7th injector bad or harness to it bad
  10. On the early ones that sat on top of the dash we had lots of them get zapped when jump starting. The later ones mounted on the RH side of dash seemed better. We still lots of both that don't work. Matter of fact , I haven't seen one of the early ones that still works in about 10 years
  11. We see lots of split aftercoolers on GU and CHU's. Usually the bottom tube is blown out. Pull up your boost guage on your GuardDog display and see what your boost is under are a hard pull. Should be at least low to mid 30's and as high as 42. A sticky VGT turbo, a bad boost pressure sensor or a problem with your EGR valve/ flow sensor can cause poor MPG. My buddies 505 plus CHU with 3.21 gears more or less idles down the interstate at 1250 rpm. He gets in the 7 mpg range and the day I rode with him , he Grossed at almost 99,000 pounds. From what I have seen in the last few years , it's all in the rear gears. The MP 8 engines have the power to to run the high gears now. A logging customs here has a 505E CHU with low rears gears for use in the mud and woods. The paper mill here closed a year ago so now hes hauling different products and mostly interstate. The 1700+ rpm is killing his mpg. I think 5.2 was his overall and 5.7 in cruise. Gotta get thoses RPM down
  12. I hope out members from the Netherlands are ok tonight. I seems the Turkish immigrants are massing and rioting in Rotterdam .
  13. Engine ECM's should be the same. ECM location and engine harness could be different as the 2001 might be the LSR ( Left Side Redesign) where the engine ECM is mounted on the left side of engine up high on the intake manifold. The 1999 should have the ECM mounted down low on the right hand side. You gotta watch as some time in 2002 the CCRS ETECH came out and used different ECM part # and EUP's and injectors were different. However they looked almost the same. I have seen 2002's that have the early ETECH and some that had the CCRS engine. We gotta 1999 CL in the shop now that someone put CCRS cylinder heads on and now getting fuel in the coolant. The CCRS heads have no fuel return passages because the CCRS injectors dont return fuenl. By using the ETECH injectors in the CCRS heads the return fuel has no place to go except past the injector cups into the coolant passages. Just because they look the same dont mean it will work.