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  1. hi.

    i think i found the ground block.

    would it be about 3x4 inch black.  has one nut terminal on one side and 4 terminals on the other side.

    found this under the center dash panel just south of the fuse box.   

    held down by 2 screws.

    i tried a test lite to check for ground or power and i got nothing.  key on or off.

    just dont know if that is the ground breaker box.

    thanks for any help


  2. 3-4 Code ETECH ASET.pdf
  3. Those sensors do just go bad over many years. Replace it and make sure you use the same shims as the old one. We used to add an extra .015 " shim on the older trucks due to camshaft endplay. If problem still happens and its causes a miss/vibration and you have a older ETECH and with the small vibration damper, We in the past have installed the bigger damper and it solved the issue. But first I'd just replace the sensor.
  4. I will say, this is one of the best pulling trucks I have ever road in or drove. The owner picked me up and we took a load of corn to the grainery last friday. Grossed out at almost 98,000 pounds and bad injectors we had no problems in the hills or in heavy traffic. I thought it was awesome but he said it was no where as good as it usually is. Truck is a CHU daycab with a 505 PLUS MP-8, T-310 trans , Meritor rears with 3.21 gears and disc brakes all the way around. Running super singles on the back 445/50 R22.5 . No speed limiting and he dont baby it at all and still getting 6.1 MPG on his trips. I have pulled up some of his other longer and lighter trips and they were in the very high 7's .
  5. I wonder if the Tech is using VCADS/ TechTool or the old VMACIII program to change parameters? We only use VCADS/Techtool on the VMACI, VMAC II and the MP engines. on the ETECH, CCRS and ASET engine we use the old VMAC program wecause its so much faster and easier.
  6. Thank God for extended warranty! LOL. I got this one done in under 8 hours but if I'm not bothered and feeling good and can do one in 6 hours. The kit comes with every thing , cups, injectors, o-ring and hold down bolts.
  7. We only program the engine ECM . Leave the vechicle ECM alone. There shouldn't be any issue as long as your engine/truck is a 99-01 etech
  8. Anytime we see any code with "plausibility " in the definition, it's usually software related. We always update the engine ecm ( EMS) and the after treatment exhaust ECM (AMS) anytime we're troubleshooting a emissions fault. And software updates are covered under warranty for 2 years/250,000.
  9. Any guess in what I'm doing today? 2014 CHU MP8 with 215,000 miles. Vibration under a load (97,897 pounds) . Exhaust brake pistons were tight.
  10. Always remember that these Behr fans never totally unlock and free wheel like an air fan clutch. Also they should never be totally locked solid like an air fan as well. If the clutch/fan is locked solid to the pulley and the only way to turn the fan is to slip the belt then the fan clutch is bad and needs to be replaced. Also in cold weather it can take quite a while for them to disengage .
  11. With the old Mack software , we usually go into switch status and see if the fan is commanded "ON" and also if the AC switch says on. Also the intake manifold temp sensor, if its over 175 it will command the fan on.
  12. Now for something completly different. Still a work in progress as the owner says.
  13. I believe there's a ground breaker under a black plastic cover mounted to the air cleaner housin bracket, this is all the ground to the cab. You might add cab to engine, cad to frame grounds. Worked on very few MR's as all the refuse companies and city owned MR/LE had their own shop's thank god! Lol. I looked for any diagrams that included the Allison and only had what I sent you the other day. We only have 1 old sheet on the VMAC 2 wiring .
  14. You can get a 505 in a GU with a M drive or a manual trans but no can do with the Allison . Big differences in the thermostat housing and cooling piping on a MP engine when you got a Allison trans. However this truck with the 455/ Allison and Mack 4.19 rears works really well on and off road.
  15. We have had very good luck with the Bendix ESP on the Mack since 2004 I believe. One of our big local chicken hauling fleets were constantly flipping over their macks till the Bendix ESP was finally installed. I don't believe they have flipped once since. Sadly our body shop doesn't get to do cab replacements like me they used to. It has worked better than I ever expected . However the Bendix ACC adaptive cruise control is a total nightmare in the macks. The seeing eye is constantly failing and getting out of adjustment . Since it's tied to the cruise control , when it fails the cruise won't work as well.