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  1. E7 eng brake

    Yes they only make the high volume pump now . 315GC466MX is the part number
  2. E7 eng brake

    You are correct. We would repair the o-rings on the solinoids and solinoids if bad. Add the anti-drain back screws on top of the rocker arm shaft and may be the high volume oil pump. But anymore than that and the owners usually gave up and wouldn't spend the big dollars for the external oil line kits and the upgrade rebuild kits.
  3. Heres some new specs on the Pinnacle daycab ( old CHU model) fuel tanks specs. Looks like only round tanks and no "D" tanks listed. PINNACLE CHU FUEL TANK.pdf
  4. Thought I'd add this new info I got on the Anthem ( and I assume all conventinal models) radio controls and Copilot. Looks like Mack has renamed the Guard Dog back to the original Copilot . Anthem CO-PILOT-P7605.pdf Anthem RADIO COMPILATION.pdf
  5. E7 eng brake

    Early ETECH Jake brakes we known to be weak or just quit all together after 500,000 or more miles. Adding the update kits, external oil line kits and the high volume oil pump would restore them from the dead and make them stronger. But at a high price and most guys around here said to hell with it and didn't install the update kits. I think I put on one external oil line kit. Biggest issue we saw was bad solinoids/o-rings and the freeze plug falling out of the end of the rocker arm shaft. Oil pump high volume SB219008.pdf
  6. E7 eng brake

    The oil lines and updated parts did help the Jacobs brake after the engine got some miles on it. Jacobs conversion oil lines sb266015.pdf Jacobs external oil line sb266013.pdf
  7. E7 eng brake

    Even when new, the ETECH Jacobs brakes were so weak that the later trucks had the option of turning on the air fan when the engine brake came on to help slow the truck. This parameter was turned on in the VECU software, we rarely turned it on.
  8. Superliner Engine cross member

    No luck here. Part number is correct but comes up in red and won't let me search for it at other dealers
  9. Superliner Engine cross member

    You got last six of VIN? I can do a dealer search and see if any are laying around at a dealer somewhere
  10. Does anything Volvo does ever make any sense? That's my only answer. Lol. Actually someone told me the reason but I forgot,
  11. Mack came out with this bulletin about all the different M-drive models. Direct drive, overdrive and HD version. M-DRIVE COMPILATION.pdf
  12. I got this the other day on the new Anthem if anyone was wanting to know specs on fuel tanks. Shows measurements with the round tanks and the "D" tanks. ANTHEM_FUEL_TANKS.pdf
  13. I get asked alot about how the Mack rear drive axles work and which one pulls and how the power divider works. Mack just came out with this new Bulletin that explains it better than I could ever. I was gonna post it in the "Driveline" section but I figured it would be seen more here. Rear Drive axle power divider how it works..pdf
  14. Napier Deltic

    Looks very cool. Probably way ahead of its time, but gives me a headache just looking at it! LOL
  15. 2000 ch613 heat gauge

    Check the ground breaker next to the wiper motor on the fire wall.