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  1. I have seen starter draw to high and pull voltage away from ECM and cause crank no start. Check volts at ECM durning cranking. Needs around 9.5 volts min to start.
  2. If you ever get th ECM to power up. There is a big cap nut on the front of the fuel pump that faces the fan . . It is 1 " or bigger. Remove it and stick your finder in the hole. Turn key on and push throttle pedal to the floor, you should feel the rack push your finger .
  3. I forgot, being a 96 it's a VMAC-2 with 1 ECM. I have attached the VMAC-2 troubleshooting service manual but sadly there is no "Crank no start" troubleshooting info in it like the VMAC1 and 3 manuals. It does have some ECM info in there though. VMAC 2 manual.pdf
  4. Jump across the big solinoid in the fuse box ( assuming its a pre-ETECH truck). That should power up both ECM's
  5. Looks like DPF Diff sensor showing high soot, Look at MID 128 PID 81 FMI 12 2008 MID fault codes.pdf
  6. Nice restro project. My first hot rod boat was a 16' jet boat with a 455 Olds bored .125 with lots of Mondello Olds performance parts in it. Sold and bought bigger boats at the years went on. Now im in a " minivan of the sea" . Tri-toon with a decent motor on the back that has seen 41mph . Now if it would just stop raining every weekend.
  7. If you can't shut off engine and the throttle pedal won't work and your idling at 900 rpm , the vehicle control unit VECU has lost coms with the engine ECM on the 1939 data line yellow and green twisted wires
  8. Install some coolant shut off valves on the heater hoses on the engine if you don't already have them, it should help a lot.
  9. Speedometer older models.pdf
  10. Part # is 243AX6F
  11. It's push on fuel return line. The very early 98/99 ETECH engine has them coming off the back head. They later moved the fitting to the front head.
  12. I remember replacing lots of the copper pump washers on the early Robert Bosch pumps. The new replacement washer was steel. I still have the socket for it. The later pumps had no washers at all
  13. Pressure regulator part # is 21458307. Its located in front of head facing fan. Takes a 7/8" wrench to remove. Other possible causes, injector cups or fuel filter stand
  14. We see alot of early ETECH air compressors fail due to clogged coolant port on rear of engine . If the head of the air compressor is rusty and looks like the paint is cooked off of it then the head gasket of the compressor could be blown causing coolant push.