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  1. service manuals

    What year model would that engine be? I might have what you need
  2. AC 427 intermittent low power

    You got the dreaded 4-5 code which can be a pain to fix. 37 psi is up there . Usually 33-35 max. A turbo calibration on the laptop might show what's wrong.
  3. MP8 power upgrade?

    Ive been meaning to give you a hollar about your XT file. I've finally returned back to work after a long extended vacation.
  4. 2012 MP8 Injectors

    The part # is says on my tube is 22618326 and it says Volvo all over it.
  5. 2012 MP8 Injectors

    I'll look when I get to work but it is the Volvo pink stuff. We actually cant order it for some reason as it seems it's a Volvo only part number and we're Mack only. Our other dealership is a dual dealer and they get it for us. Don't forget the loctie activator that you spray on first.
  6. 2012 MP8 Injectors

    Depending on emissions year model you can program injectors under " calibrations". However all models you can do it under Programing then parameters
  7. 07 mack granite cv713 dump truck

    If it has the double U-joints on top of the gear box. Loosen the bearing retaining plate between the U-joints a little and drive it around the yard and see if that helps. The Bearing might be bound up on the shaft.
  8. Cup seals & injectors??

    If you have the hard start problem but engine run fine , the sealing surface on the injectors sealing surface to the cup could be pitted to the point that it wont reseal with just a new cup. Mack has guide lines on this. Pretty much , if the sealing surface is pitted you replace the injector.
  9. MP8 power upgrade?

    On the MP engines , Mack charges the dealers any where from $200 to 1500 for the download then the dealers will usually mark them up a little. 95% of them seem to be in the $200 range ( dealer cost). The dealer submits a request form to Mack via E-service ( email type program) and Mack responds back with the available HP levels that engine can be raised to and cost to do it. We do about one a week.
  10. MACK E7 427 CX 613

    Im voting freeze plug fell out of end of rocker arm shaft. Also, the bottom stud on the exhaust manifold on every ETECH style engine is drilled all the way into the push tube bore. Oil can leak past the treads and make it look like oil is coming out of exhaust manifold. A missing plug on the rocker arm shaft ( they just fall out sometimes) can flood the top of the motor with oil and cause too much oil in the push tube bores and oil seepage.
  11. MP8 power upgrade?

    In cases where there is the small Fuller trans, we do the 505E download where you get the HP but not the torque. It helps. We havent ordered anything with a Fuller in a long time because of this issue. Jumping up to the higher torque Fuller is quite a bit more money when ordering new.
  12. Blink Code

    Engine brake front and rear head. Check and make sure the wire is plugged into each valve cover, if so , pull valve cover and make sure ground wire is not broken on solinoid
  13. Injector Cups Mp8

    If it has a DEF tank it has the stainless cups
  14. MP7 with surge

    Check turbo motor effort when hot. And do open and closed test on the turbo. Make sure they go to 0% to 100%. We have seen sticking turbo vains cause weird issuses
  15. mp7 Regen issue

    It should try to start a rolling regen at 100 to 106% . And same with a parked. Was the soot ratio reset at time of DPF filter replacement? Bad turbo could be causing soot build up. Mack usually wants us to remove pipe from turbo to DPF and do a "snap throttle" test to see if the engine smokes bad when reving it up. Remember , if your having high NOX problems, the truck will ask for parked regens to read the NOX levels to see if its clean enough to keep it from 5 MPH derate. If your soot ratio is not high and its asking for regen then its usually NOX related.