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  1. Ok, I'm sure there is a way to send a message direct from person to person so off topic conversation doesn't bog down an ongoing topic, someone gimme a hint as to how, or maybe what to look for to do so

  2. I try to buy the Mack Tune Up books every year. My oldest is the 1972-1982 book.
  3. The 300A uses 736GB419M . The 375A uses 736GB419M2. The AI400 also uses the M2's. The AI 427 and 460's use the M3 injector
  4. The FBI Crime Statistics must be racist. 13% of the US population causing 52.2% of murders. I'm not a racist but what can you say? Where I live I'm more worried about the white cracked out meth users .
  5. Heres our conversation. His question " I have a 2005 cv713 vin-013505. I broke a valve last week and trashed a head but got it shutdown fast enought to save the liner and piston. It didnt brake a rocker or bend any push tubes. It did brake the roller on the lifter and kill the lobe on the cam for the exhaust on #5. Can i use a cam out of an ac engine on mine to eliminate the exhaust bump on the ai cam? I would like to swap my ai cam for an ac cam. I dont have an engine brake at all on this teuck. Is 454GC5236A a good one for me to use or 454GC5244." My responce "We have actually never done it here at our shop. My friend who has 2 CV's was waiting for a cam to go down and were were gonna do the AC cam swap. But he traded them in on 2 new GU's so we never got to try it. Whats crazy is that the 5236A cam is $860, the 5244 cam is $1469, the 5246 cam is $843 and the 5247 cam is $1586. I attached the bulletins on them. Wish I could help more . Number one thing is to check the "H" rings ( roller lifter holder)and make sure that it hasn't moved up in the block. If it were me Id try the 5246 camshaft but like I said I have never done this before. " His results "Thanks for your information on the cams. I got the truck put back together a couple weeks ago. I put the 5246 cam in along with a mech pump e7 exh manifold, e7 350 hot side housing on my stock turbo and stage 1 rochester nozzels. Ive dropped egt on the same pulls by 250* and coolant temps from 210 to 190. The truck gives a slight puff of black smoke on the up shift and pulls very strong from 1300 rpm on up. Thanks again for the cam info. Thought i would let you know how things went"
  6. I gave some info to a guy on here who put a AC camshaft in his AI engine. I will post our private message and bulletins on here. His had no engine brake so it made it easier I believe. Best I remember there are 4 different AC camshafts. Camshaft changes and part #.pdf Camshaft changes ETECH ASET.pdf
  7. I have not seen one installed or know anyone who has used one.
  8. Yours shows to be the rectangle OBD connector. Should be right above where the clutch pedal should be( if you had one).
  9. I know the newer Allison's can handle the 505 HP but unsure on the older ones. AI-300A has 1200 ft pound of torque and the AI-375A has 1350 ft pound torque.
  10. They make a AI-300A and a AI-375A just for use with the Allison trans you have . To go the the 375A you have to change to the bigger injectors and get you dealer to do the HP software download. To go to 427 or 460 you will need both turbo and injectors and download. And Im not sure Mack will bump it up that high with the Allison trans.
  11. I tried the resistor thing along time ago and could not get it right. I've seen lots of homemade delet's done but still sets the low EGR flow code going down the road. This is the best thing I have seen on the internet so far .
  12. Monday I'll get my charts out and see if a HP software upgrade is available without changing any hard parts. Sometimes you can go to a 350 with just software
  13. Your vehicle ECM is at Step 9B, you need the Step 12B installed , and there is updates for the engine ECM as well. This will help with throttle response. It shows you have a AI300A with a Allison trans
  14. What's the model and last 6 of your VIN and I can look and see what your software levels are
  15. Yep, you heated the ETECH cam gear in a oven and dropped it on the key wayed cam shaft. Camshafts in the MP motors just lift off the top. I like thoses because you don't have to remove the hood.