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  1. As far as the “Turbo “ pipe ( pipe coming off the turbo) The very first CV’s with regular ETECH’s ( very few made) their pipes were 5” in diameter all the way down under the cab to where they necked down to 4” where the flex pipe slid on . On the CV’s with the AI engines, the turbo pipe necked down to 4” right behind the turbo. The original ETECH pipe is still available through Mack and will fit the CV’s with the AI engine but is really tight. I used this pipe for a buddy’s 2005 CV and chopped off the 4” necked down part and did a full 5” flex and fab’ed up some elbows to a full flow 5” in/out muffler. We experimented with some software (. 427 Australia file) along with the exhaust but he sold the truck before we could see if it helped the performance.
  2. The dealerships have access to CBR “ Case Based Reasoning “ . They can type the VIN in and the fault code and it comes back with the latest fixes for the fault. This newest info is not usually put into PTT Tech Tool until a big update is done . We check for PTT updates daily. See if your local dealer can run the fault code numbers in CBR.
  3. My buddy who is still at the dealership said It looks like in the past , the engine ECM data files and software has been updated several times. And the dealer did install the correct file for misfire/ white smoke . To get your old file back the dealership would have to request it through their E-service email system with corporate. Hopefully the dealership and corporate can get it swapped back
  4. On some , there is a fuse directly plugged into the back of the radio.
  5. What the last 6 of your VIN Wilbur. ? There was a “ White Smoke / Misfire” Service file up to and includeing the 2000 year models.
  6. Also the dealer can submit a HP upgrade request . Corporate will respond with what HP levels are available. Depends greatly on the transmission torque rating and truck model and what was available at time of manufacturing.
  7. When hooked to the truck with Tech tool / PTT. Click on the “Test” icon , then click on “Service and Maintenance “. Then “ Product Information “. Click on Engine Control Module “ . It will show current HP rating . Or look at engine label on valve cover. When a HP upgrade is done , the dealer is mailed a new engine label .
  8. Usually it’s the engine ECM has died . See if you can read the engine hours in the display under trip data . If just dashes shows up and no numbers then there’s a good chance the ECM is fried. Hopefully is just a fuse though but be prepared for a ECM
  9. The turbo and EGR valve and egr cooler has to come off . You run the risk of turbo or EGR valve bolts breaking off in the turbo or exhaust manifold. Plan on getting a new exhaust manifold. Plus the oil lines going to the EGR valve might be frozen. It’s not a fun job at all . However, I’d much rather do this than a Bull gear job. But that’s not saying much .
  10. There is no coolant in the oil filter housing . Sadly it’s probably the side cover/oil cooler gasket leaking . Seen several leaking . Early Mp8 side covers had a grove machined in them for a rubber string o-ring . Later the grove was eliminated and a standard metal/rubber gasket was implemented. Best I remember Mack quit making the original style gasket and cover . We always upgraded to the new cover and gasket when they leaked or had issues. Also the big square o-ring between the water pump housing and side cover has been know to leak. But it’s well forward of the oil filter housing .
  11. On a 2001 non - CCRS 460 ETECH. Your peak torque come on at 1200 rpm and holds till 1500 then starts slightly dropping at 1600 down to 1850 where it’s drops to nothing. Good news is , peak horsepower comes on at 1600 and holds strong till 1850 then drops like a rock. ,
  12. And yes that is the correct sensor
  13. There is a pass through connector right on the driver side of the oil pan
  14. If you don’t have the Step 12B Software in your Vechicle ECM then your ok to replace it with no issues. If you do have the new software then it helps to have it calibrated.
  15. That’s gonna be a hard one. 2004 CX’s were an oddball year. They were the first year for the Aset engine and crammed it into the narrow CX frame . They were the only year to use that round connector to connect the engine wiring harness to the chassis/cab harness. Starting in the 2005 the wide fram CXU ( and CHU) came out and the round connector was replaced by a rectangle connector.
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