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  1. Mackpro

    AMI 370 power increase

    What tire size on the rear and what rear end ratio you running ? Hopefully 4.42 or 4.74 in rears if running full size 24.5
  2. Mackpro

    2006 Mack CXN Fire

    Our policy was never reuse a line and alway do a 15 mile test drive after replacing any fuel line and check for leaks at head.
  3. Mackpro

    2006 Mack CXN Fire

    The best fuel lines were the ones on the original ETECH engines , they had the jam nut on the end that went into the head. They never leaked and could be used on the ASET engines as well.
  4. Mackpro

    2006 Mack CXN Fire

    The fuel supply line runs up the driver side of engine but the fuel injector lines are on the passenger side and there are 6 of them. They screw onto the high pressure EUP pumps and then go over the exhaust manifold into the the side of the cylinder heads. They are know to leak and catch fire if reused on the AC engine. The same fuel line is used on the AI engine but they never seem to catch fire like the AC engine
  5. Mackpro

    2006 Mack CXN Fire

    Fuel injectior lines every time. I've personally seen at least 6 engine fires on the 2004-2006 CH/CHN and CX/CXN trucks with the ASET AC engine. The injectior lines are a one time use item. Mack even has a video on them on installing them and all the techs had to watch it
  6. Mackpro

    What turbo do I need? AI 460. Etech 460

    On the AI engine the 427 and the 460 use two different turbos, unknown what series they are. On the ETECH (not CCRS engine) the 427 and 460 use the same turbo part number and it is a S400 series.
  7. Mackpro

    MP7 Rattle at idle

    Yes , I see the writing on the wall, it's time to get out, at least at the dealership level. Fleet maintenance is where it's at if your gonna stay in the field.
  8. Mackpro

    MP7 Rattle at idle

    Yep , been gone 4 weeks now.
  9. Mackpro

    MP7 Rattle at idle

    I believe Mack had us pulling the floor board d out , then pulling the REPTO cover off where you could see the bull gear. If your looking at the back of the engine it's the round cover on the flywheel housing to the right , above the trans , it could also be the idler gear that runs the power steering/fuel pump. You can pull the power steering pump off and check that gear as well. I don't have access to the Mack service bulletins any more or I could send it to you
  10. Mackpro

    SCR performance low

    Was it at a real Mack/Volvo dealership? Could be anything from a turbo to DEF pump to Nox sensors to software update. Without the Tech Tool program and the latest service bulletins it's a shot in the dark.
  11. It's 5years/100,000 miles on emissions now. That's the federal mandate warranty. When I did warranty ( up until 2 weeks ago) the standard engine warranty is 2year/250,000 miles. If the farmers, dump truck guys and garbage trucks stayed under 100,000 miles and 5 years , emissions was covered , even injectiors/cups and turbos.
  12. Mackpro

    Can Mack dealer program ecm for ETECH?

    I am no longer working at a dealership. Due to high turnover of employees at dealerships and the fact the "Grey engines " have not been built in 10 years, most dealerships have no one to do the programming on the older ECMs . It's really tricky in swapping VINs and ECMs and programming over the original files. There is no one left at my old dealership that knows how to do it. Now if you had one go bad they could probably program a replacement but even that would be very time consuming for them.
  13. I don't know , they look exactly the same as each other.
  14. There only 3 different EUP part numbers. One for the early ETECH. One for the ASET AC engine and one for the CCRS and ASET AI engines. HP ratings don't matter regarding EUP's .
  15. Mackpro

    Acceleration Issues

    My fist thought Is clutch sliping. Does the clutch have any free travel at the pedal

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