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  1. On a MP engine, if you have the Davco mounted on the fram rail. The wrong filter part number can be installed and cause the filter to plug way to early. I'll try to get you the correct filter part number Monday.
  2. It should move kinda free but you will feel a klunking noise in it, hard to explain.
  3. I wish I could help but , I've been at this mack dealership for 29 years and have only seen one Freedom truck. The shop bought a bunch of manuals up but we never had one to work on.
  4. We had alot of rear brake problems on some of the last CXN's and CHN's. Something in the rear relay valve/ABS modulator valves was going bad. At the time you could buy all 3 valves assembled together and made for a easy install. All 3 were bolted together on the crossmember in front of the front drive axle like the pic shows.
  5. Better have 4.42 or 4.64 rears and the engine needs to be a AMI370 , AI427 or AI460 before I would even look at it. . Performance even at 460 HP is OK but not great I guess. As far as MPG . 5.3 average is the best I have ever seen but 4.3 to 4.9 is what I see most. Most of my friends are slowly upgrading to GU MP-8's in the last couple of years and are very happy. Amazing what a 100 extra cubic inches does.
  6. As far a regen, a clogged 7th injector or bad AHI module could be the problem. And we have see turbos cause it as well. scan0446.pdf
  7. Behr Fan kits.pdf
  8. Your truck came with the Borg Warner HDMS fan clutch. They are junk and we have changed many of them , sometimes 2 or 3 times on the same truck. Mack no longers sells them. They now have a change over kit to the smaller/better Behr fan drive. You can install the kit yourself but a dealer has to download the new program for the new fan type of it wont work. Also pull water pump and check for slipping impeller.
  9. Finally found it, your daytime running light relay is probably missing or bad(DRL)
  10. What's the last 6 of the vin and model number, that code is not coming up on my list.
  11. Sounds like you replaced everything. We had some FMI 7 injector codes due to engine brake pungers sticking. I'm still looking
  12. Heres what we see on most all FMI 5 injector faults injector Harness end connectors.pdf
  13. You know that the actual fault code was SID number and FMI number?
  14. Ignition solinoid in dash on the VMAC 1 and 2 in the fuse box. And no they don't last long if you use the truck daily. Most of the older trucks around here farm trucks that are only used seasonally so the solinoids last a lot longer. We have tried different ones but the Mack ones last the longest.