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  1. We have one Athem in our 25 Mack fleet and so far so good , but we had a few minor issues ( which I found out is very common) and one design change made a maintenance item a lot harder to do. First off the all Mack poewrtrain has been great . Only a couple of software updates have cleared up any codes we had. The M-310 trans and Mack rears have been good as well. We have heard of oil consumption issues with the common rail engines but our 4 have been normal. Here’s the issues we see. First , the door control panel that works the mirrors, windows and locks have gone out twice . This is super common, the control panel is actually a ECM and can flash out a error code if needed . Volvo butted in and forced their light control module in on Mack . So all the lights go through this ecm , there are 6-7 fuses that power this contraption . We replaced the fuses with breakers due to on going fuse blowing due to the many random trailers it pulls. Lastly the cabin air filter which was super easy to check/replace/clean is now way harder to access due the rest-design. It’s in the same place but harder to get to . All in all it works every day and I can’t complain any more than that .
  2. On the VMAC 1 engines , they had a 10 degree econovavce which was later bumped to 20 degrees and was carried over to the VMAC 2 engines. The fuel pump was static timed to 5-8 degrees (depending on emissions year) then the econovance would advance or retard the timing as needed. On the ETECH engines, I never found any data on timing
  3. Get the rocker arm bolts replace with th newest part number , get the valves adjusted and software updated as well . And when you drive it just hold it to the floor , you won’t hurt it .
  4. The mileage is calculated and stored in the VECU ( vechicle ecm) . The engine hours are calculated and stored in the EECU ( engine ecm) . Both ECM’s send the data to the dash cluster. Has the VECU been replaced or reprogrammed latley? Does the the speedometer work correctly and is the transmission a Allison or a Fuller ultra shift? On a manual trans the speedometer sensor transmits directly to the VECU. On a Allison the speedometer sensor goes through the Allison ecm I believe.
  5. Only the truck models with the MP engines need programming when replacing the dash cluster. On your model truck , the mileage is stored in the VECU and engine hours are stored in the engine ECM’. You can replace the cluster your self , it’s not hard.
  6. Yes , that’s on the cheap side for a MP engine. When I was working at the dealership, the actual download cost from corporate to the dealership was anywhere from $200 to $1300. Of course the dealership marks that up then add in a hour of shop labor for install.
  7. I sent you a message about a wiring diagram. Hopefully it will show what you need .
  8. Mack came out with a conversion kit to replace the two VMAC 1 ECM’s with a single VMAC 2 ECM . The wiring harness on the engine remained the same as original. Chances are the one of the original VMAC 1 ECM’s failed and the conversion kits was installed.
  9. Here’s the easiest way to tell a VMAC 1 from a 2 on a CH style truck . A VMAC 1 has the engine harness plug iinto the firewall right above the windshield washer fluid jug on the passenger side of the firewall. On a VMAC 2 truck , there is a block off plate above the windshield washer fluid jug . Also , the Econ-Vance is a lot longer on a VMAC 2 and the injection pump almost touches the air compressor, and of course the VMAC 3 is an ETECH style engine with the heat shielding over the individual injector pumps
  10. We alway tried to achieve 33 psi of boost under a pull with the 460 AC engines. I have seen a few go higher but we were happy at 33 psi. Worn out boost pressure relief valve or cracked after cooler or malfunctioning turbo actuator were some of the reasons for low boost
  11. There is a factory valve spring compressor that works awesome , it’s downfall is that the injector has to be removed
  12. We would pull the intake manifold off and drop the intake valve down. Then blow air into the injector hole and blow the little pieces out the intake . Saved us form pulling the head off .
  13. Only saw a few of the stainless cup tips break off. Saw lots of the copper cup tip break off when using the newer style puller. Lucky we held onto the old style tool that taps threads into the cup tip and then uses a pulller that threads into the cup .
  14. Truck created on 2-10-2000, transferred to sales on 2-21-00. That’s all I could get my dealership guy to find.
  15. We saw burned valves , cracked liners and cracked head. To much fuel and clean air and they burn pretty hot.
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