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  1. Do you know what the fault code number was? There was a issue on the MP-8's where they were waiting on a software update but that came out last month. We rarely sell a MP-7 around here so we dont get to work on many newer ones.
  2. 2012 MP8 SPN5246

    Have you seen the Mack bulletin SNM 13-022? Message me and I can email it to you. My data on my account here is maxed out and I cannot add any attachments anymore
  3. Glad he found it. It happens a lot as all thoses connectors are the same .
  4. Water leak

    The windshields leaking is common. So much so that water was getting into the fuse panel down by the clutch pedal and there was a big recall to have a big rubber boot/gasket installed on the fuse panel and if water damage was found in the fuse box it was to be replaced. However no fix for the windshields leaking
  5. Got the PTO wires on top of the trans plugged into the wrong connector and the ECM thinks the PTO is on and if the prameters are set to 1200 , thats all she will turn. Thats my guess.
  6. Low air buzzer

    I'm thinking its not on firewall . it's a black box mounted on the back side of the metal support bar that runs from the dash to the door post where the door hinges as on the driver side. It also does the turn signal clicking and power divider buzzing when engaged and engine shutdown buzzer
  7. Do DEF doser volume test and check for dried DEF in flex pipe after DPF. Always replace both NOX sensors. Check batteries and ACM fuse in battery box. Check turbo motor effort hot, if in the 200ish turbo could be a issue. Fuel pressure 55 psi idle and 65 at 1100 rpm. Update the EMS and ACM and cluster software if your able. Pressure test complete intake system. The list goes on and on.
  8. Low air buzzer

    On a RD with an ETECH. there is usually a multi-buzzer that does many functions and and is located by the driver side door post below the dash.
  9. Water in Diesel - 04 CV713 Won’t Start

    Does the engine hours show up in the display on the tach ? If not , the engine ecm is not powering up or the J1939 and other communication lines are down.
  10. Volvo/Mack Chicago training center

    No not yet. However it might be in the parts department and not made it out in the shop yet.
  11. Volvo/Mack Chicago training center

    We got our new tools a couple weeks ago with no explanation on what they were to be used for. Finally had to pull up the new service manual and check them out. It's crazy what Mack sends us sometimes
  12. Very true fjh! If he has a EM-7 300 with 1425 torque( has cam gear straight key way) he might be better to stay where he's at. Plus it looks like to go to 400HP with 1460 torque he would have to change the turbo plus download. If he has the regular E-7 300 HP with 1160 torque ( has cam gear key way offset left) then to go any higher you gotta pull the cam and install straight cam key way, but the turbo and injectors would be the same to the 400 HP level. On either engine to get over 400HP you would need turbo and injectors and off set right cam gear keyway . And of course downloads for all.
  13. Volvo/Mack Chicago training center

    I didn't know they had a clutch driven air compressor option for the volvos till the last class I went to. We got to take one apart , they talked of it and the 2 speed water pump going on the Macks as options
  14. What's the model and last 6 of vin and I can tell you what can be done with just a down load from a dealer.
  15. Fault code 6-7

    Yes it could, best I remember, the code is for the VECU not powering down the engine Ecm correctly. And since your replaced the AC EECU with one-off a AI/ETECH it could cause it.