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  1. Can u set up something to directly glow the plugs.... Run wires straight from the battery to the glow plug bar
  2. I also have a problem.... My wet tank has a lot of oil and sludge coming from it... In fact both wet and dry tanks having this issue.... Plus I can't go over 40 psi.... And no air is escaping anywhere
  3. are the oil and fuel filters universal for the ms200 ms250 ms300 and cs models..... even the mack manager and mack freedom
  4. The truck is in amazing shape...... I checked the wix oil filter online...... It seems to fit the cs200....... Do you think the same filters can work on both your truck and the cs200... Someone told me....just change the oil and filters very regular and on time and that engine lasts forever
  5. Can't stop looking at how clean it looks ..... I love it
  6. Yes I've heard they are quite fuel efficient.... how about the engine parts.... having any trouble finding any?..... how about the filters..... oil and fuel
  7. This truck looks great...... very clean and nice ...... I thought u were talking the cs200 though
  8. Totally agree with you..... I'm about to buy a cs200 too.... and I plan to change the front axle to full air.... just gonna need hoses ... and bigger air tanks .... Keep in touch and let me know how your truck runs...... I heard they are strong and fuel efficient
  9. More than likely the engine is Renault... 6.7 liters.... same as mack E3
  10. I can just imagine how hard it was to drive.... It was slow I can bet
  11. OK cool....yeah Many Mack international freightliners and kenwork are out here..... Still plenty 80s Leyland freighter going strong..... That one is a fav.... The Bedford and Seddon Atkinson kinda rare.... Ice heard many people say they don't like the Seddon Atkinson much because its technical to maintain
  12. Jamaican Bulldog.... The Leyland Freighter still rules Jamaica.
  13. Thanks much ...... I've read the wet sleeve engine are better than dry sleeves most of the time
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