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  1. If love to find out what motor I have rob
  2. I can easily see the air compressor right on the pass side of the motor in front of the turbo and behind the intake. I'll pull the exhaust line off and see if there is pressure coming out, I have a feeling there isn't.
  3. Truck is a few miles away from me in a field so getting shop air there is almost out of the question. Just find it hard to believe that everything worked fine until I replaced 4 fittings and now it doesn't build hardly any pressure. I'll see what I can find later today, but I do t have hardly and experience with air brakes.
  4. So I bought a 89 midliner a couple weeks ago with a couple bad air brake fittings. Even though it had leak, it still built over 100psi. So I get new fittings, and replace the old ones with new ones, get it all together and go to test it. I can only build 10psi at half throttle, and as soon as I let off the gas it dropps to zero. I can't find any leaks or hear any. Nothing changed besides 4 new fittings. Any help is appreciated
  5. Where do I buy metric air brake fittings? Can't find anyone local who had them and Google search comes up with nothing.
  6. Working on the air brakes on a 89 cs300p, full air system, and had leak under the cab so I found the leak at a aluminum manifold, one of the fittings had rusted and started leaking. So I took the block out and in the process, I snapped 3 out of the 5 fittings on this thing. Looks like all the hose on this truck is 12mm ? Where do I get fittings and can someone tell me what that aluminum manifold piece is called?
  7. Thank you for clearing this up, i will be working on it tomorrow and trying to start it after its sleep of 8 years. Ill look and see what cylinder head it has.
  8. Individual cylinder heads or individual valve covers? So there is a 175hp and 210hp renault engine, but also a 210hp and 220hp mack engine? Hopefully i got that right.
  9. Trying to identify the motor in a Mack Midliner I'm working on, it's a cs300p, and i was told that the 200 series had a 175hp Renault diesel motor, and the 300 series had a 210hp Mack diesel motor. Can anyone confirm this? Also trying to find out what can be done for more power, as in turbo mods and pump mods.
  10. Thanks man, I called them and I was on the phone for an hour the guy in the parts section was very helpful and was as interested as I was. Turns out it is cs300p but he couldnt give me any info on the motor this is all the info he could find: 05/01/89 build date 21,000 rear 12'000 front 75 gal fuel tank. He did give me some # regarding the engine: MIDR062030B00007649EK He also said I better hope it runs good because parts are getting scarce
  11. Sorry I don't understand the reference could you explain?
  12. Forgive me if I'm posting this on the wrong ace as this is my first post. Ive always been around bigger equipment, but never really old macks. I need as much help as I can get because I have no idea what model this truck is or if it's even from American originally. The Vin sticker says something about France. And I need to know what motor is in this thing, someone said something about scania motors? Any information is helpful.
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