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  1. Saw one or two of their CNG trucks northbound on I-81 on Monday.
  2. Hey, then I can look for it next time I'm in Wall!
  3. glitchwrks

    Real Swift

    Next week he'll be under one of those wonderful low overpasses in Boston 😄
  4. glitchwrks

    Can drivers read ?

    New product idea: proximity modules for road signs that text the driver the info on the sign :p I bet they have emoji for most types of roadwork even.
  5. glitchwrks

    Real Swift

    Looks like he barely cleared the pump canopy, too!
  6. glitchwrks

    Can drivers read ?

    Quoted For Truth :) Can't stand that either.
  7. glitchwrks

    Giant Macks in the Artic

    Interesting read about one young man's service and adventures on the DEW line: http://www.dewlineadventures.com/
  8. glitchwrks

    Can drivers read ?

    A lot of people do seem to blindly follow the GPS. Back home, they got so tired of truckers getting stuck down at Little Beaver State Park (WV) they put up signs telling them not to follow the GPS. We had another one, closer to the farm, trying to get from Hinton to Princeton and decided to take what everyone calls The Hoover Highway (gravel one-lane built during the depression). The Hoover Highway is fun enough in a straight truck, this guy managed to get halfway down the mountain with a load of shingles before he got too far over on the shoulder and the shingles went over. I hear everyone in Mountain Creek has a new roof now :p
  9. 160 mile trip down to Blacksburg for some stuff from the surplus auction. No problems, even did fine on the grade on I-81 south up to the Christiansburg exit. Glad we got started early, it's getting hot out there! Amy had to run over to Our Daily Bread and grab a bottle of Evian and a chocolate croissant -- she said it seemed appropriate in a French truck 😛 The fan clutch seems to kick in around 180 *F and cut out at 160 *F. It cycles maybe every 5 minutes on the highway, more on hills. Anyone know if this is normal for Midliners with the Renault 5.5L diesel? The fan tried to eat the radiator at some point in this truck's life, wondering if it's just reduced cooling efficiency due to the loss of some tubes. Truck never gets over 180 *F.
  10. glitchwrks

    How much fuel does a Caterpillar ARD head eat?

    I'd like to see an actually scientific, end-to-end study done on how much this actually reduced pollution, not just at the exhaust of the piece of equipment but along the entire chain. I'd bet that after you factor in the added production costs, supply chain costs of delivering extra fuel, refining costs, etc. it's at best a wash. Talking environmental factors, not dollar factors -- we already know that's a loss 😛
  11. glitchwrks

    Brake pedal sound

    The Chevrolet C65 log truck will do that sometimes, we've determined it's the double check valve on that particular system. Same if you hook up a hose and use an air tool off of it.
  12. glitchwrks

    Selling products that don't exist.

    Sad to hear that about both Warn and Summit. Another positive experience with Jegs, I've bought parts from them for several years. Everything has always shipped promptly, I've had them overnight parts for emergencies too.
  13. glitchwrks


    That was one of my and my brother's favorite little kid books growing up! They still sell it, we saw it set up with little toy steam shovels at one of the book stores around here not that long ago.
  14. glitchwrks

    Mack Midliner Questions

    Apparently filters are one thing that the Mack parts guys do still carry for the Midliners, or there's a Mack cross to something newer. They put actual Mack filters on mine at the truck shop.
  15. Put 400 miles on the truck, US-501 to US-29 down to Winston-Salem to pick up a robot arm for a friend. Truck did fine! Got around 12 MPG apparently, better than the little Isuzu box truck I had, and the empty weight of the Midliner is about equivalent to the GVW of the Isuzu! Headlight dimmer switch is apparently backwards, or the plugs in the headlight sockets are. No gauge lights work. Had to buy a can of WD-40 and spray down the pivot points on the driver's seat...it started squeaking something awful. Truck will apparently do 70 MPH no problem, but it's up around 2300 RPM so probably not great for fuel consumption. We were around 60 MPH most of the time, on the open highway. Anyone who has come up US-501 knows you're not going the speed limit there 😛 Amy took a couple pictures of it at the fuel depot north of Danville on US-29, pretending to be a real truck:

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