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  1. I'm lost without the Mack Museum. Does any know where I can get wiring schematics for the Mack C model which was built between 1963-1965 I specifically am looking for wire colors. Thanks in advance.
  2. https://www.govexec.com/feature/gov-exec-deconstructing-deep-state/
  3. those in power and in bureaucracies that are planning and scheming behind the scenes to destroy AMERICA and turn OUR great nation into a dictatorship!
  4. Material Service Corp. was a Chicago company started by Henry Crown he sold to General Dynamics but had held a majority interest in General Dynamics
  5. I agree 100%.Unfortunately for WE THE PEOPLE, the LEFT and the DEEP STATE are dug in like tics on every level and so they are gaining momentum. President Trump has been sent by GOD because his love of OUR great nation is more valuable to him than power,or money and this is precisely why the LEFT and the DEEP STATE are working so hard to destroy him. It is clear that President Trump is trying to give this great nation and the control of it back to WE THE PEOPLE and to do that he has to destroy the DEEP STATE.
  6. I found this colossal truck in Downers Grove yesterday
  7. I found it on truck paper I was always a fan of the MB
  8. awesome a great reason for me to paint it blue
  9. WOW thanks for the info! was the entire cab blue?
  10. I know they had a ton of MB single axles
  11. underneath the red is dark blue paint and this tag led me to believe it is a post office truck however I do acknowledge it could have belonged to anyone of numerous government agencies. When the Mack museum reopens I will request info from them. Unless the pick up ramps had been welded to the frame of the post office trucks they may have been removed there are extra holes back there indicating that there was formerly ramps that had been unbolted and removed.
  12. sorry no inside pics it has a Mack ENDT672 225HP. with a road ranger 13spd and 38k Camelback
  13. I think it's an old post office truck I will know for sure when the Mack museum reopens
  14. The cab is in very poor condition and the wrecker body is in bad shape but the wrecker itself is in really good shape nothing worn out ,bent, broken or missing. I found a good one that's for sure
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