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  1. So my serial number is 1001 does that mean mine is the first DM800 or the firs?t 809sx
  2. could you crate that sign and load it on a truck? I would have to get it shipped
  3. Hmmmmm are you talking about wheel cleats that are held on by the LUG nut?
  4. yes what? what is rotted out?
  5. Unfortunately your pictures did not load
  6. I drove all over long before those darn things and the few times i tried they were inacurte but i will find that address on a map Thanks1
  7. do you have any pictures you can post ? You might try having someone pull on the handle with a hook while you rock back and forth a little. dried up grease won't be a problem until the temps are in the teens. you've got a lot of rust along with worn parts try spraying everything on the underside with a good penetrating oil like thrust, kroil or last resort pb blaster
  8. back in '76 it's unlikely the factory installed the fifth whee,l more than likely it was installed by a body builder , it could be a fontaine, holland, asf, or a simplex
  9. if there is a bolt sticking out the side it is a release bolt if it isn't folded over hit it with a sledge hammer that will release the lock bar
  10. are you parked on flat level ground? is the tractor backed up against the king pin? what make fifth wheel is it?
  11. AOC is well hmm how do I put this. A great example of why campaign finance reform is necessary, she's bought and paid for by a big group the twit can't produce a thought she's as stupid as she is pretty if it weren't for politics she would be doing porn!
  12. GOOD! I once stated that we would be better off if we got rid of all of the politicians and put fifth graders in their place this confirms my belief
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