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  1. this is the one!!!! what is this a brochure? what year I'd like to see a side view Thank you so much!!!!
  2. I'm new to this forum and I came here seeking info. My guess about some people is maybe they don't have anything to offer so that's why they don't. There has been a handful of folks posting pics trying to help myself and I certainly appreciate it. Although I have been wrenching for 40 years I've been unfamiliar with Mack and away from Mack for 25 years since I sold my trucks and focused on wrenching so I find this site helpful. As far as politics and political correctness, (THERE IS A TIME AND PLACE FOR EVERYTHING) BMT is the place to discuss old Mack trucks, old trucks and related interests. There are forums available for political views as well as many other interests if one has the desire to express themselves in those areas. MACK The Greatest name in trucks!!!!!!!!!
  3. My email is richbanaszak@yahoo.com if you send a pic there i would really appreciate it Thanks Rich
  4. I have drawn some stripes on a picture that roughly illustrate the stripes I remember from the 80's calendar I'm hoping this jars someones memory keep in mind the stripes would be on a solid background not the two tone I have drawn on
  5. The Bicentenial paint scheme is really cool always wanted to get a '75 or '76 R Model and paint it with that scheme
  6. I've always loved the B Model that's next on my list
  7. As you can see i always hug my truck I'm a touchy feely kinda guy about trucks
  8. You Know It!!!! and never ask me if I'm listening LOL
  9. It's cool when you know the history of the truck I had 3 macks which i purchased locally and knew the history of infact i knew the original owner of the third one an '89 R688ST. I have to track down the info of my most recent purchase since i bought it from an out of state dealer.
  10. The more i learn about women the more i love my truck
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