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  1. Prowrench


    I have sent a info request to the Mack museum back in February but haven't heard back looks like the steer is at least 20k and the drivers are at least 55k 9:10 ratio
  2. Prowrench


    In 1966 the DM 800 splayed out here is mine 20200719_113833.jpg
  3. aluminum frame all straight from front to back, I will try and get some more pictures tomorrow, glad I can help
  4. here's a few pics of the frame horn and hinges
  5. I will get some pictures next time I am playing with the truck. The fenders on that truck are bolted to the hood, nice feature to expedite repairs and keep cost down. designed back when turning a profit wasn't the only consideration of manufacturers.
  6. here's my LCF 500 361 gasser Allison AT-450 trans
  7. I have not had a chance to clean anything yet but I believe the "300" was 285hp
  8. the drag winch is just sitting there it is going on my 64 C615
  9. there is white paint under the windshield gasket I will check under a light in a day or 2
  10. I don't understand that thing myself The company that owned it cut the tandems off and hooked the driveshaft to a rock crusher
  11. yep! this is the way I found it and took it home
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