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  1. It might work. How does the upper piece attach to the lower piece?
  2. I just looked again and there is a second bolt pattern on the top plate which measures approximately 6" x 4.5" center to center. I believe this the standard big bolt pattern shift tower but I don't have one around to verify it. Thanks
  3. Looking for an standard upright shifter to fit a Mack 2050 transmission. The mounting bolt holes are about 3" center to center. Thanks
  4. I ran across this old farm truck on YouTube. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.c...ed/zcPHHEea3lE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  5. Good looking truck Rob. Have you had time to play with it much yet?
  6. 322 Nailhead, but there is also a 401 looking for a good home in the corner of my shop.
  7. I like the look of the tandems too. I'll probably swap the front axle over to Budd wheels for now as don't like the mis-matched wheel types. I think it originally had a OHV 371 cubic inch Continental, but that's long gone. A previous owner installed a Buick Nailhead in it connected to a 4 speed, which is then coupled to the original 5 speed. I'll probably keep it Nailhead powered for now as it actually runs pretty good. Whoever did the swap actually had some decent fabrication skills. I have a 1091 cubic inch Hall-Scott 400 sitting in the shop floor should I become bored with the Nailhead.
  8. Oh well, the Cat got the dog by 2 feet. Going to bed now, I gotta go to work tomorrow.
  9. I hope Bonner's Killer Mack holds on for the win. I have always thought it is the best sounding truck out there.
  10. Rob, while I was driving up to your place earlier this week I started to pass a ragged out Buick Rendezvous. Even though it wasn't very old it obviously wasn't taken care of at all. As I passed I noticed how it was missing several pieces of body mouldings on the drivers side, scratched up, dented up, windows flithy, etc. It ended up passing me just before I got into St. Louis traffic, this time I got a look at the passenger side. The headlight assy. was being held in with multiple layers of duct tape and it looked worse than the drivers side. The real kicker was the Obama 2012 bumper sticker on the rear. I remember thinking "how fitting".....
  11. Went by there Friday, and they finally got the bridge pillar repaired. The right lane and the shoulder had been blocked off since the accident.
  12. Cool old car. Most all the derbys in this part of the country have banned the early Imperials.
  13. I probably won't attempt a full on restoration. It's been modified quite a bit over the years. I'm debating on whether or not to keep the tandems. They are not original to the truck. I'm not even sure which model of Timken worm drive axles it actually has. They seem to be in pretty good shape though, don't have a bunch of slack in them or anything. I know the tires diameters have to be closely matched if I keep them. Do any of you guys recognize them? If I keep the tandems, I'm going to replace the front axle with one that uses Budd wheels. I have one laying around that I think will work fine. However, if I were to find a similar vintage 6 spoke (Dayton Style) single rear axle with hydraulic brakes and a decent gear ratio I'd probably go that route.
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