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  1. try looking here... pho# on page3.. http://www.bigmacktrucks.com/index.php?/topic/25201-lots-of-mack-parts-need-a-new-home-soon/
  2. Gents, sorry to have not answered lately. Been real busy outta town for the most part, but, worse was I could see but not log in..now it works,weird.. Mary is going to start allowing people to visit and go thru all the parts. She has a price list for the larger items/trucks, but she will price stuff, its hers anyway. She may ship some, but smaller stuff. Anything large,, cabs,etc ,, you guys would have to coordinate. 775-267-2445. Please, be reasonable about stuff, she might junk it before giving it away. All this stuff is south of CarsonCity,NV. If I can be of help, and am around, will be gla
  3. #1 - get rid of the electoral congress, they tell you who we voted for, even if we didnt #2 - doesnt matter who they are, or what party,, vote them ALL out,, do the same next time. maybe they'll get the hint who's in charge, and they wont be there long enough to do much damage #3 - hope and pray the military upholds their sworn duty to defend the constitution from all terrorists against it, foreign AND domestic. Lots of ammo being stashed by the govt, and lots of equip being moved around to weird places. #4 - everyone pays the same minimal amount(percentage) of taxes. Remeber the rich are alr
  4. dover, the B's are not being parted, sold whole only.
  5. Regrettably, Roy passed on July 4th, his freedom from pain day. Here is a bunch of what is left. Note that this stuff is as is, where is. She may ship the smaller parts, but the big ones, you come and get. She will not ship outside the US. Cash only, certified check for the trucks(or cash). http://s276.photobucket.com/albums/kk30/kidnv/Roys/ I haven't had time (or Robs help...lol) going thru it all yet, let alone it's close to 100* out here, but will get there. Even found a set of aluminum drop-ins, which I had never seen before, but they are cracked. Note, that if it needs taken apart to get
  6. speweik, yes, a couple.. http://s276.photobucket.com/albums/kk30/kidnv/Roys/UnkCabL/ http://s276.photobucket.com/albums/kk30/kidnv/Roys/LcabGrn/
  7. rob, mostly asphalt out here..
  8. sure is takin ol Ray a LONG time to get there..................................... he musta had 8.56 rears in that superliner Rob...
  9. still got other stuff for you to go thru and sort out Rob......................... others wanna know whats here.. the list..............?
  10. Well, its on its way. It will need new batteries. We charged with two trucks, and almost got it. Then we filled the air tanks from Rays' superliner, then pulled it toward the hill. Ray got outta the way, Bruce coasted it, then dumped the clutch. It hummed for a bit, then caught hold the last 5' before the flat, and started. Bruce proudly drove it out to Rays' dropdeck, and backed it on. Below is a pick of it loaded, and Roys kids and grandkids as they watched it go. They were glad it wasnt gettin melted, but were sad to see his history go..
  11. For all of you who knew Roy Collier of Minden,NV.. I hate being the bearer of bad news but, Roy passed yesterday the 4th. Anyone that knew him, knew he was a logger and a Mack fanatic. Real good guy, and will be missed. Some will remmebr his most prized possesion....
  12. Larry, nope, we aint seen him out here. Wont answer my calls or emails either... probly still po'd I didnt get the Mack started for him.. (found stuff I didnt wanna short)
  13. nope, he aint been here yet. cant find him either.. figure he's in a fed prison for messin with the wrong tower..
  14. so.................... I guess we never found Rob ?
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