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  1. that's exactly what I mean but I never experienced that on the newer springs
  2. I'm thinking you are correct padded dash, new style suspension and add depth to the cab. I'm guessing the change in the suspension was due to the fact that the old multi leaf would cause your foot to bounce the throttle at 45 mph not 44 not 46 but at 45 and what a pain that was, couldn't give it more throttle unless you shifted to 5th couldn't drop r's otherwise you'd be too low
  3. Looks like a big block MoPar 🧐 with a lousville bumper I wonder is this factory?
  4. A DM is different than an R I'm just trying to figure out what year the change took place, I'm willing to bet it was when square fuel tanks changed to round.
  5. Well I guess I should have worded my query differently. The older R's had a multi leaf that was pinned in the front and was a slipper at the rear, at some point the R's started using a "taper leaf" which was commonly 3 leaves pinned at front and the rear of that spring pinned to a shackle and the shackle pinned to the hanger drawing is the old style on R's photo is new style What year was the change on R's? the rear spring hanger is very different and maybe the front That's what I'm guessing wish i could pin down a year
  6. WOW what a challenge it would be to restore that truck
  7. A small bit of insight I never cared for anyone's diagnosis I always do my own, however I have always been appreciative of a driver/operator that has a good understanding of how their truck works because that helps me in my diagnosis. Example if you feel a vibration it's very helpful to the mechanic if you know that it's in your steering wheel, seat, gear shifter, clutch pedal, accelerator pedal etc. Any way welcome and i hope you find this forum helpful and a valuable asset as I do
  8. I wish I never sold these trucks, but didn't have a place to keep them first one was my 1970 R had a 237 and a 5 speed with a cammelback, square aluminum tanks, aluminum air tanks, and aluminum brake shoes no maxi brakes rather a drum on the back of the trans 1980 U- Model 300+ 5 speed ST taper leaf rear suspension 1989 R688ST E6 350 Mack 9 speed 38,000# camelback RD frame rail 187" wheel base 11r24.5
  9. UPDATE found the rails I need same wheel base which is a + also some extra's left on they were afraid to nick a hole with the torch
  10. not sure but I know a concrete guy and he says 9 yards is all they will put on a truck unless you're a regular customer then it's 10 but for those big projects they always load 11
  11. this mixer may look common where it's from but around the Chicago area it looks naked without a booster axle nice pic
  12. This is the most comprehensive response Thank you. It does conflict with what I've been told I researched my 686 before i purchased it and my local dealer said the vin indicates it was built with a Econodyne 350 Hopefully iI will hear from the Mack museum and get the VRI thank you again
  13. Ok the 688 factory built Mack 9 speed, the 686 according to two dealers Econodyne 350 and 6 speed not looking to argue just trying to figure out what 685 686 and 688 are but i keep receiving conflicting info and the dealer doesn't know I emailed the Mack museum and haven't heard back this curiosity has me chasing my tail
  14. is there a link to that info? my dealer is unable to provide any info
  15. That's what I'm guessing wish i could pin down a year
  16. HMM? well I previously owned an "89 R688 with an Econodyne 4 valve 350, and currently own an"87 R686 with the same engine and according to mack and the vin the "87 was built that way.
  17. well I previously owned a 1980 R686 with the 300+ tip turbine and i previously owned a1989 R688 with a 4 valve 350 Econodyne and currently own a 1987 R686 with a 4 valve 350 Econodyne so that's in conflict but i do appreciate your response
  18. Thanks. What can you tell me about the differences between R685, R686,R688
  19. Prowrench


    https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/hvo/d/elgin-mack-fuel-injection-pump/6955425459.html I hope this works for you It's been on here a few weeks
  20. I watched a video which was a national geographic documentary on the Macungie factory. The documentary was in the recent past as they covered the Titan quite extensively. The Mack employee installing the bulldog explained that gold bulldogs go on a pedigree Mack and Chrome goes on a mixed breed or in other words one with components other than Mack. I purchased a 1970 steel dash R model in the early '80s which had a gold bulldog and I was led to believe back then that the gold bulldog was for Thermodyne engines and the chrome bulldog was for Maxidyne engines. Can anyone clear this up?
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