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  1. Hi Jeff, I come here a few times a week to see what's new. This is yet another source of info. Rich


  2. Prowrench


    well Im not looking for anything specifically I just would like to have the books formy DM800
  3. Prowrench


    I have sent a info request to the Mack museum back in February but haven't heard back looks like the steer is at least 20k and the drivers are at least 55k 9:10 ratio
  4. Prowrench


    In 1966 the DM 800 splayed out here is mine 20200719_113833.jpg
  5. aluminum frame all straight from front to back, I will try and get some more pictures tomorrow, glad I can help
  6. here's a few pics of the frame horn and hinges
  7. I will get some pictures next time I am playing with the truck. The fenders on that truck are bolted to the hood, nice feature to expedite repairs and keep cost down. designed back when turning a profit wasn't the only consideration of manufacturers.
  8. here's my LCF 500 361 gasser Allison AT-450 trans
  9. I have not had a chance to clean anything yet but I believe the "300" was 285hp
  10. the drag winch is just sitting there it is going on my 64 C615
  11. there is white paint under the windshield gasket I will check under a light in a day or 2
  12. I don't understand that thing myself The company that owned it cut the tandems off and hooked the driveshaft to a rock crusher
  13. yep! this is the way I found it and took it home
  14. it needs alot but even if it is not one of those "Golden R Models" I will restore it
  15. It ran a few years ago and the paving company that had once owned it cut the tandems off and hooked the driveshaft to a rock crusher
  16. So I bought a locally famous truck I believe it is one of the 300 R Models painted gold back in '73 to promote the Maxidyne 300 engine. If the Mack Museum ever re-opens I'm sure they can tel me for sure. There's plenty of gold paint everywhere that's for sure, I wonder if W Smith cartage painted their chassis gold back then?
  17. Management signed those contracts! Nobody held a gun to their head! I have had employees and I have been a union member I am 100% for the protection of a union! Yes there a re corrupt union officials get your head on straight we don't live in UTOPIA! YRC is poorly managed and that is why they are in trouble NOT because they are a union shop. Instead of all of these MEGA companies being allowed to gobble up competition and then they become so big they "CAN'T FAIL" the federal government shouldn't allow all of these mergers and acquisitions so if a smaller company failed it wouldn't be necessar
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