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  1. could you crate that sign and load it on a truck? I would have to get it shipped
  2. Hmmmmm are you talking about wheel cleats that are held on by the LUG nut?
  3. yes what? what is rotted out?
  4. Unfortunately your pictures did not load
  5. I drove all over long before those darn things and the few times i tried they were inacurte but i will find that address on a map Thanks1
  6. do you have any pictures you can post ? You might try having someone pull on the handle with a hook while you rock back and forth a little. dried up grease won't be a problem until the temps are in the teens. you've got a lot of rust along with worn parts try spraying everything on the underside with a good penetrating oil like thrust, kroil or last resort pb blaster
  7. back in '76 it's unlikely the factory installed the fifth whee,l more than likely it was installed by a body builder , it could be a fontaine, holland, asf, or a simplex
  8. if there is a bolt sticking out the side it is a release bolt if it isn't folded over hit it with a sledge hammer that will release the lock bar
  9. are you parked on flat level ground? is the tractor backed up against the king pin? what make fifth wheel is it?
  10. AOC is well hmm how do I put this. A great example of why campaign finance reform is necessary, she's bought and paid for by a big group the twit can't produce a thought she's as stupid as she is pretty if it weren't for politics she would be doing porn!
  11. GOOD! I once stated that we would be better off if we got rid of all of the politicians and put fifth graders in their place this confirms my belief
  12. I'm considering a trip to trucktoberfest but I find two different locations one says it's in Macungie the other says it's in Allentown If anyone can fill me in I would appreciate it
  13. Well I can tell you if a repair shop is properly insured their insurance company prohibits repair of fifth wheels. My insurance company prohibited me from anything related to the fifth wheel because they said it could come uncoupled and a trailer would go careening all over and kill everyone in it's path, I then asked that underwriter if i could replace king pins on a trailer and his reply was yes why not. The underwriters don't have a complete understanding of what it is that they are dealing with.
  14. No I mean that it is necessary to have up and down movement between fifth wheel and upper coupler, you will see a gap if you are not on flat level ground. More than likely with a quarter frame he does not have crank legs but with a trailer that has crank legs you should be able to raise the trailer as much as a half inch above the fifth wheel while coupled.
  15. Scientists have proved that mice and rats raised in the laboratory have smaller brains and smaller adrenal glands than their counterparts in the wild. The scientists have concluded it is because they are given food and water rather than have to figure out how to get it on their own. This is a perfect example of how the welfare system is a failure and there are many other examples of how the welfare system is a failure. Welfare is a Democrat program and if it wasn't intended to destroy and control blacks I will be shocked because that is what seems to be it's main outcome.
  16. Interesting article. I always cringe when i hear about gun control because everyone knows it does not work only law abiding citizens obey the law. In Chicago there is a new State attorney (district attorney in other states) Democrat, black female received campaign money from George Soros she refuses to prosecute property crimes valued at less than $250.00 doesn't ask for bail or only a low bail for people picked up on gun charges that have already been convicted of felonies. This is why there is always more than 2 dozen shootings in Chicago every weekend . The Mayor of Chicago a black female lesbian helped create a state law requiring schools to teach LGBTQ history she claims all of the gun violence is due to young men not knowing how to settle disputes. If she believes that then instead of LGBTQ history why don't she create a law to teach conflict resolution? But what place do I have stating any of that being that I'm a middle age middle class white christian conservative heterosexual male AKA the problem.
  17. well just so everyone understands I lean very far to the right and I agree with the comments made here especially the one stating it's not about democrat or republican rather about right and wrong. how do we know the left is wrong? well for more than 50 years their programs have failed miserably. because only common sense would dictate that mutilating ones body (transgender, transsexual) come from mental illness being gay or lesbian or bisexual should be a persons private business and not taught in schools HELL schools shouldn't teach any sexuality that's the responsibility of parents. we also know that the left is wrong because they are hypocrites,liars, and don't apply logic, common sense, or science to their views and when confronted with logic ,common sense and science they resort to personal attacks. One of the biggest problems we face is that the left infiltrated the school system and many people never learned how to think for themselves which is why they follow the media that doesn't report facts but distorts and omits them and interjects opinion as if that was news and facts. We must all take an active part in the education of our kids and grand kids teach them what every dictator has done on their rise to power and the kids will see that the media has become the propaganda arm of the left and gun control is not for safety but when the politicians seize our guns they will next kick in our doors and seize our real property as easily as they now do with our paychecks. college students don't know how our government works and even less about history and that is how the left is gaining control PLEASE teach your kids and grand kids not only what Hitler did in the death camps but all of the policies of the Nazi party and what other dictators have done in the name of safety and security which ultimately and intentionally had the opposite effect
  18. there should be a gap between upper coupler(trailer) and fifth wheel. adjusting the jaws will take up forward and backward slack. it would be wise to inspect king pin and upper coupler for wear and damage along with the fifth wheel and after 12 years it would be wise to remove the fifth wheel flip it over and inspect for wear on the underside also
  19. LOL but it's them against us regardless of who they are or who we are and the bad politicians know this. I think Julius Ceaser is credited with stating "DIVIDE AND CONQUER" In the grand scheme of things the arguments that are going on today are petty in comparison to what is really important in the vital functions of our great nation. I realize that each side is passionate about their cause and i would expect us all to be so but I believe America as a whole has become to involved in rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic while it is sinking and certainly will vanish beneath the waves and yet WE on both sides are doing little if nothing to plug the leak or pump the water out.
  20. UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL! Think about what that means. Now what is happening to us? Right against left republican against democrat, conservative against liberal white against black christian against gay pro-life against pro choice and on and on. While we that is to say ALL of us here in America are taking sides, pointing fingers, assigning blame the power hungry politicians from both parties are cheating us, robbing us and trying to destroy our beloved nation for their own interests. The sooner everyone of us realize that and start holding politicians accountable the better we will all be. The roads, bridges, sewers, water mains, electrical grids natural gas pipe lines are rapidly deteriorating from decades of neglect and no matter what side you are on those items are a vital part of your life yet I do not hear any politician recognizing this much less talking about updating these systems. If we allow the politicians to continue distracting us we will be living in a third world country, and being what you are and what side you are on will no longer have any importance when your very existence will consume all of your time and energy.
  21. ok which direction does it tilt? is it in need of an air bag for the cab ? does it tilt left, right or towards the back? is it tilting forward? check the cab mounts to see if anything is bent, broken, twisted, deflated, loose, worn, shifted, the older solid mount trucks sometimes would have the left to right channel on the floor in the back of the cab split in btween the mounts and usually the drivers side would sag. is the cab rotted out?
  22. Politicians get too big for their britches, they think we are all too dumb and they are being benevolent.
  23. That would suck because if the guy who bought it did so to resell it i would have gladly bought it from him
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