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  1. When was it parked? 1986?
  2. Pretty cool to see Robert De Niro drive a B, even if it was a CGI scene.
  3. Your in Jersey, you know this could be a tabernacle/chattsworth garage set up
  4. I believe it’s still at Mike’s dog farm, I still would love to have it too. I just don’t have the coin to give it a proper resto, maybe if I stopped playing with race cars and Harley’s, I’d have some cash in the bank
  5. If you really want to get a motor out, you could always do it like this...
  6. Your garage/tool set up and truck knowledge doesn’t seem that bad... gonna be a cool truck when you get it done.
  7. We are going to need pictures... good to hear!
  8. These were posted over 5 years ago... sure they’re long gone
  9. I was checking out your truck at Trucktoberfest, very very nice tractor! Sorry I didn’t introduce myself
  10. He’s not talking about shipping to Delaware....
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