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  1. Could be my new racecar hauler...
  2. I saw it on Facebook marketplace a few months ago, it was in Tuckerton NJ?
  3. I saw that tractor on the “In the weeds” Facebook page months back. Pretty cool looking!
  4. Looked good, what was he asking?
  5. Someone must’ve bought and trying to flip it. Was up for 5k for a long time
  6. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/400490664580149/?referral_code=undefined not mine, just stumbled across it. Manchester, New Hampshire, asking 5k
  7. Like the green tractor with the drop bumper and visor
  8. Dan Thomas just posted L stuff on vintage truck marketplace, he’s in California? edit:- he’s in Oregon. Maybe he can help you out
  9. Have to check the front passenger side frame rail for a stamping
  10. Anyone buy this truck? It was just reposted with a title for 1500, ads been taken down.
  11. Not exactly right around the corner, but pretty clean and straight 89 here in southern NJ. Just posted an hour ago. 1989 Mack Superliner - Commercial Vehicles - Mullica Hill, New Jersey | Facebook Marketplace https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1493394191051833/
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