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  1. We have an 89 superliner V8 12 speed that was in a flood now the clutch won't release. any ideas on how to free it up?
  2. 1993 e7 400 in a superliner. want to see if I can bolt the quad box to it. just for fun. not a working truck. I just like a good challenge.
  3. do you know what clutch Mack was using with them?
  4. does anyone know the last production year for a Mack quadraplex trans?
  5. we have a 2013 MP10 in a Titan. it won't build boost past 30psi, and falls flat on its face. It has been back to mack on and off for over a month now. Injectors changed, turbo changed, egr changed and some sensors. any input here would be great help.
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