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  1. If air fan clutch. You should have 12 volts going to the fan clutch solenoid straight from the fuse box. The other wire ( ground) goes to the engine ecm. The engine ecm makes the ground internally to disengage the fan clutch. When the engine ecm sees hight coolant temp , high AC head pressure or high intake temp it opens the circuit ( takes away the ground ) and the fan clutch engages.
  2. I know they come with 10/30 in them but unsure of the brand . At one time it was Delo 400.
  3. The fuel supply pump is mounted to the power steering pump then the power steering pump is bolted to the timing gear housing. If it leaks fuel out of the weep hole where the two bolt together then I would replace the complete unit. They call it a “tandem pump” . There is a service bulletin on replacing the complete unit versus just the fuel pump due to an alignment problem that could occur causing the fuel pump to go out again.
  4. Only the top O-ring on the Mp injectors is used . There is a mark on the fly wheel for top dead center . You can also look in the front of the camshaft. It has a TDC mark on it too.
  5. We have tried putting o-ring kits in the CCV blow by filter spinner thing . But they usually still leaks oil so we now replac the complete unit. It kinda high dollar I believe, around a grand I think.
  6. It’s a ETECH E-7 300hp with a T2060 Mack 6 speed trans. Buil 1/21/1999. Mack rears with 5.02 gears. 44k rear camelbacks and showing a 14.3K front axle
  7. This truck has the first generation ETECH engine and is a 355/380 Hp with 1560 foot pounds of torque. Eaton rears with4.11 gears. And the smaller fuller 10 speed trans. Built on 6/7/2000. The Mack warranty data base purged all the old warranty records on this truck and pretty much all Mack’s with a grey motor. I would be shocked if it has the original camshaft in it .
  8. Mackpro

    Mack MR model

    Last year I still saw new MRU’s with manual transmissions. Theses were all concrete pumpers . I believe it’s due to the driveshaft driven concrete pump used to pump the concrete up the boom piping. A small local county refuse service here still orders a new a MRU every 4 years and they are always Mack’s manual transmissions.
  9. That Vin doesn’t sound correct. The last 6 should start with a 0. You might be looking at the sequence number instead of the Vin. For some reason Mack starting putting “sequence “ number stickers on the door jamb and things got mixed up a lot back then
  10. What’s crazy is that when I was working at a Mack dealership, we couldn’t get them either. We had to rob them out of new trucks and copy them on the copy machine and stick the originals back in the trucks.
  11. You got a regular ETECH 460 engine, not a CCRS 460 which is good in this case. Late 2001-2003 were CCRS ETECH engines. These were improved versions of the engine you have now. The ones that were 460 HP had a waste gate turbo that’s caused lots of boost pressure issues. Lucky you don’t have that engine. The engine you do have is known for cracked and leaking intake manifold gaskets . They now make steel core gaskets that correct this. Yours really sounds like there might be some electrical issues though. Is the red X or yellow lighting bolt come on the dash when the issue occurs?
  12. If you took the actuator off the turbo you need the Tech Tool program to calibrate it and re-install it correctly.
  13. My buddy ordered another GU/GR last week and it will be 9 months. He always orders custom colors and lots of options plus Allison trans if that matters. Some of the big dealers can bump you up into their already assigned stock slots and speed it up some so I’ve heard.
  14. Yours is a 415 HP. In 2009 the biggest MP8 you could get was 485. The 505 didn’t start till 2010 with the DEF/SCR engines.
  15. All the new trucks with the new Anthem style dash (includes the GR series) now have the dreaded LCM ( light control module) that’s was brought over from Volvo. This further complicates the usual simple troubleshooting of lightning issues you might have . I have not tore into the dash but there’s a good possibility the DRL override harness is already there.
  16. It’s a kit from Mack that converts only certain VMAC 1 ( 2 Ecm’s) trucks to VMAC 2 ( 1 Ecm) . I’ll see if I can find the bulletin.
  17. We had several bad reman injectors that caused a similar issue. Truck would start and run fine for about 2 seconds and die. On a few we saw fuel in the oil , some we didn’t . We put 60 psi air pressure into the the fuel galley in the side of the head and capped off the pressure relief valve. Sprayed the injector plungers and body down with soapy water. We also bumped the engine over and re-checked with plungers up and down. This was on non common rail engines though. What’s last 6 of vin and model
  18. I definitely agree in your situation. We have one new Anthem at our plant and when I plugged into it to set up road speeds and PTO settings , there was almost 600 different changeable parameters . And they are not usually in any particular order so it might take a little while to search through and find it .
  19. Quick question, on the expansion tank on top of your radiator. On the drivers side of it, is the pressure cap on it blue or black? The problems ones were blue, the updated ones are black. I got the service bulletin but I cant post it here due to size but will PM you .
  20. This feature can be turned off in parameters with Tech Tool. I see it as a safety feature and like it however some people don't. I wish it was mandatory on cars as I've had several close calls during heavy rain storms and low visibility where people fly down the interstate with no headlights on.
  21. Being you have a ASET AC 380/410 HP, you already have the same turbo as the 460P engines. If you have a good local Mack dealer that does HP conversions , all you need is the 460 injectors and the factory 460P download. But , if your 380/410 is running correctly you should have 1660 FT LBS of torque and around 23-31 psi of boost pressure under a hard pull. The 460p has the same 1660 torque but 483 HP and around 33 or more PSI of boost.
  22. There is a service bulletin on coolant push on early MP engines. It might take me a day to find it though
  23. Did you pull the cam roller for the #6 EUP and check if for flat spots. Any smoke from exhaust? If so I’d remove #6 injector and loosen the rear rocker arm shaft allowing the valves to close and using a rubber tipped blow gun. Blow air into the #6 cylinder and listen for air coming out intake , exhaust and crank case. That way your ruling out compression issues.
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