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  1. Only saw a few of the stainless cup tips break off. Saw lots of the copper cup tip break off when using the newer style puller. Lucky we held onto the old style tool that taps threads into the cup tip and then uses a pulller that threads into the cup .
  2. Truck created on 2-10-2000, transferred to sales on 2-21-00. That’s all I could get my dealership guy to find.
  3. We saw burned valves , cracked liners and cracked head. To much fuel and clean air and they burn pretty hot.
  4. The max HP rating for a export MP8 with no EGR is 440. I’ve seen 3 major engine failures on low mileage deleted MP8s . One I know was a 505 , the other 2 I’m unsure on HP. I would feel better if the EGR was not deleted but the DPF/SCR was
  5. Volvo has had the injector cup problem in the D12 and their other engines before the D11,13,16 and MP7,8 and 10 came out. Back in 2008 I went to a Mack engine class on the then new MP engines. In the class there were also techs from some Volvo dealerships. The instructor kept going over injector cup installations. After 4 + hours on injector cups , I asked what’s the big deal with the injector cups, the Volvo techs laughed and said I needed to pay attention because I would be using my new knowledge and they were not kidding.
  6. I believe there are a few service bulletins on the LR climate systems. I’ll message you for details
  7. It’s the piston cooling oil pressure sensor. Same part number as the oil pressure sensor on the other side of the engine.
  8. I’m am not of fan of pyrometers, give me a liquid filled turbo/boost pressure gauge and I find it more helpful most of the times
  9. If your hitting 33 psi of boost then it’s probably not a derate issue due to emissions emissions. Good running MP engines run 33 to almost 40 psi boost. I’ll message for more info.
  10. The early MP equipped conventional truck had a right and left low beam relay. They later did away with them . They are located in the fuse panel by the clutch pedal. They are locate on the bottom far right. They are the small relays one above another. Position R11 and R12 on the fuse panel. There was a recall on the fuse panel for possible water damage
  11. On top of the dash , take the 3 screws out of the triangle shaped fuse panel cover . To the left of the fuse panel there and a cluster of relays and also the flasher. The DRL is usually the tallest of the square relays
  12. If you u plug the turn signal switch does the lights go out? I believe the trolly valve uses the same pressure switch as the foot valve ( by clutch pedal)
  13. T1 need to be twice that before it will start dosing fuel
  14. Mack went through 3 or 4 part numbers/ suppliers of the oil pressure sensors. Mack sent out a bulletin warning that some counterfeit sensors even made it into the parts system. It’s possible you got a bad one
  15. Last I checked, there is no stock at the Mack warehouses and doubt they will be made anymore. Message me your email and I can get you the bulletin. I think it has the earring diagram showing how’s its wired up
  16. Did your T-1 temp every get hot enough to alolow the 7th injector yo start dosing fuel?
  17. A 1994 350 VMAC takes 313GC5205P1 injectors. A non VMAC 350 takes 313GC5188P12 injectors
  18. A 1994 non VMAC EM7 300 takes 313GC5188P10 injectors. The reman number is same but add a X at the end
  19. Is it V-mac or non-V-mac? On the 300 is ask for e-7 300, em7-300 and e7-300 v-Mac and all 3 use different part numbers
  20. If a CXP you can press and hold the button under the dash display and it will reAd out the MID codes
  21. If air fan clutch. You should have 12 volts going to the fan clutch solenoid straight from the fuse box. The other wire ( ground) goes to the engine ecm. The engine ecm makes the ground internally to disengage the fan clutch. When the engine ecm sees hight coolant temp , high AC head pressure or high intake temp it opens the circuit ( takes away the ground ) and the fan clutch engages.
  22. What kind of fan clutch ? Air or electric?
  23. I know they come with 10/30 in them but unsure of the brand . At one time it was Delo 400.
  24. The fuel supply pump is mounted to the power steering pump then the power steering pump is bolted to the timing gear housing. If it leaks fuel out of the weep hole where the two bolt together then I would replace the complete unit. They call it a “tandem pump” . There is a service bulletin on replacing the complete unit versus just the fuel pump due to an alignment problem that could occur causing the fuel pump to go out again.
  25. Only the top O-ring on the Mp injectors is used . There is a mark on the fly wheel for top dead center . You can also look in the front of the camshaft. It has a TDC mark on it too.
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