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  1. Wow. 40 years old and looks pretty decent still.
  2. She’s throwing S048 M136 ! 02 03 and S048 M136 ! 01 05 can some one enlighten me please. MackPro?
  3. Ok. Thank you. It runs horrible. I clear it and it is normal for a bit then it comes back and runs bad again.
  4. She’s throwing code 5002 m128 01 05! can someone please help? MackPro?
  5. I'm going to stop my Mack to grab a camshaft sensor. Parts was calling a engine speed sensor? Do you know what 5047 M128 01 01F is?
  6. Mack mp8 titled 2008. Built in 07 cxu613
  7. mack fault code 5021 m128 01 03F and mack fault code 5021 m128 08 08f
  8. Can someone tell me what the following fault code is for? mack fault code 5021 m128 01 02f
  9. Never mind. Sound it was spot lvl
  10. Anyone know what this code is? Mr. Mackpro? PP326 m128 03 11F
  11. Found the issue. Wires have been pinched behind a bolt when tightened.
  12. ThanksMackpro. I'll give it a shot.
  13. Can I check with a voltmeter? If so do you know procedure?
  14. Coolant was drained. And I'm having a heck of a time getting air to workout. But looks like a wiring issue is likely the cause.
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