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  1. is it possible to get a 5 inch muffler for my Rd? maybe something off a cl/ch model. thanks Roger
  2. Bought a project truck, a 93 e7 400. it is missing cylinder heads. I have found a pair casting number 07732GB5341m. does anyone know if they would be correct for my application? chassis number pmo15652 thanks Roger
  3. OK. so bought the truck, it has rod knocking, what year motors would be a bolt in operation? I know the electronics changed pretty regular in that era motor. Would a 95 e7 400 be a close fit? I realize these are referred to as older models, But to a guy who grew up with thermodyne then maxidyne with my last truck an 85 had an E6. now 20 years later I am back at it again, Thanks Roger
  4. Looking to buy a 93 RD688 from a distance, seller says it is a 400 hp E7, is this a Mechanical or electronic controlled motor?
  5. any idea on what drivetrain components will be available? I assume the mp10 is priority motor was wondering about trans/rearend and supesion choices.
  6. frames are single 3/8,they are set up as 4 axle dumps, used in biulding of log roads. I have not been around these paticular trucks all there life but I believed they were overloaded on a regular basis. replacement rails are Mack rails pre drilled to back of cab.
  7. here are a few photos of recent replacement frame rails and trunion stand on 5 of our 99 RDs, big job!
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