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  1. Paul contact Seats R Us in Brisbane they have the dies to heat stamp the vinyal
  2. i put a tip turbine on my 350 4v and i make 30 psi under full load ,i run a 300+ turbo and it starts making boost off idle and never had a issue with excessive exhaust temps. the only reason for going to tip turbine was the bonnet clearance to inter cooler. so i cant see why you would make more work for your self for no extra gain.
  3. over 15/16 years, it was moved last year. it was pretty well rooted when i looked at it 14 years ago
  4. Yep it is a Series 2 Superliner and it's powered by a KTA Cummins ,it was here in Brisbane and now it is in Toowoomba being rebuilt
  5. AZB755V8 , Sorry mate some things get lost in translation between Australian sayings / slang and the rest of the world ,for example "my mob [my family] your mob [your family] or can be a company/ business /group ," REPCO which is a parts co much like your NAPA. " Don't go to REPCO ,that mob are a rip off" i hope that kind of explains it. Tylden Heritage also does a Bulldog similar to what is used on the rocker covers in alloy ,i haven't seen one yet to judge the quality of the item ,it is 48x 44 mm not chromed ,$ 16.40 AUD . They also do F700 , R600 , R700 , R800 badges For $190 .00 AUD fin
  6. AZB755V8 There is a mob here in Australia already making the chromed V8 badges for $155 .00 Aussie dollar or you can buy them for $55.00 unfinished. i have bought 4 for my 797, 2 for the truck and 2 spares ,they are good quality badges .i used to do high end restos and these would be up there for quality. Ian Lee w.w.w.tyldenheritage.com.au have a gander at his site
  7. James , they were r700's cummins powered nh270,i grew up in the territory i used to see these rigs often . that film was released in 71.
  8. James ,there was three r733 r700's brought into the country for use on Mt Bundy mine in the Northern Territory in 67
  9. Vlad ,that first photo is a New Zealand built RB ,the bonnet was designed and built in kiwi land. it used the CH grille and headlight units .the bottom photo is a Series 2 Metroliner , Aus designed and built
  10. pull the countershaft cover and check to make sure you have a internal spline
  11. not all 10 /12 speeds came out with the internal spline in the counter shaft to take the rear mounted pto
  12. paul ,5/16 th for plug welding , spacings should be 1 " a part for the turret ,all other spacings 1 1/4 . like i said paul i'm only a phone call away to talk you through it .steve
  13. Paul, do you still have my number? I can talk you through what you need to do, as i did my apprenticeship {panel beating} repairing these old girls for Buntine.
  14. no cyclone for us ,just the rain depression .i'm 1800 klm south of Mrsmackpaul, the cyclone hit about the middle. how you holding up Paul?
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