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  1. The R is a ‘66. I’ll snap more pics of the L cab next time I’m over that way. Chris lives on one of our local islands here, in Seattle. He is a BMT member but doesn’t spend much time online anymore.
  2. Thanks, mowerman. Yup. Just another day but every day above ground is a pretty good day.
  3. Happy New Year to all! Hoping for better days ahead for everyone. Would there happen to be a BMT member from Washington state who could bring me up to speed on the finer points of DOL/DOT hurdles as applies to owning and enjoying a vintage Mack in Washington state? I let my CDL lapse and well, shame on me. Truck now has collector plates and will be marked NOT FOR HIRE. Thank you, Tom
  4. I just want to make sure she’s on the lighter side of tonnage for collector plates in Washington State.
  5. That light lets you know that air pressure has yet to reach cut off limit. It should extinguish when the air tank(s) have been charged, at which point you can disengage the park brake. It’s picture represents brake shoes locked to drums when illuminated. But it’s always been an indication for me that my bladder is full and it’s time to pull over and pull the yellow handle. Haven’t figured out what the yellow handle has to do with my bladder though...
  6. Hmmm, anyone care to estimate scale weight on a B83SX?
  7. I am trying to work things out with the owner. He says it still runs. It is a 1957 B83SX. Tom
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